Season 2 Episode 4

Everybody Hates Hugo

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Oct 12, 2005 on ABC

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  • Lost returns to the Traditional format in splendid fashion.

    Everybody Hates Hugo is solid episode. After the opening trilogy of episodes, which were filled with mysteries, revelations and theories, along with suspense, special effects and super-charged action sequences, it was time for Lost to settle down for a bit.
    Also, it was necessary to return to the wider scope of the series and to return to the full cast rather than focusing on small groups on their seperate adventures. This episode was the perfect way to re-introduce life on the beach.
    Following on from the mystery-heavy Numbers, many thought that Hurley's second flashback episode would be equally packed with revelations relating to the Numbers and the mystery of the island or indeed the Hatch. In a shorter season the writers may have followed up Orientation with more info of the numbers related to the Swan Station computer and Hurley's connection to them. But of course Lost isn't just about mystery and it certainly isn't just about the Hatch or the DHARMA Initiative, nor the numbers.
    So it would come as a surprise to many that the Numbers are referenced in an explicit manner.
    Its rather how the Lottery win itself, rather than the numbers, that change Hurley's life and his character.
    It shows that Hurley may have a food problem and putting him in charge of the Hatch food inventory could be disastrous. Even Hurley sees his faults, which is interesting as he is about the only character who seems to fully realise their flaws and the only one who tries to sort them out for himself, rather than relying on help from the others. His life may spiral out of control sometimes but it seems he has alot of self-determination and self-control and so can easily overcome obstacles, despite his fear of the Numbers that crop up around him.
    For those with a love for the character-based episodes there is something for everyone in this one. There is an awkward but sexy moment between Jack and Kate in the Hatch shower, which will have "Jate" fans smiling.
    But it is the final moments of the episode which are the highlight. Lost has done many montages and they all work. But only two so far have almost brought me to tears. Exodus Part 1 was the first, which sae the leaving of the raft. And now this one where Hurley dishes out the Hatch food to the survivors. Then we meet Rose's husband Bernard, who happily weeps with the news that Rose is okay.
    As with Numbers the Hurley flashbacks are entertaining, though not as shocking as the former, but tehy are never dull and the momentum is kept.
    For those that don't watch Lost just for the mysteries, this is a wonderful addition to the series and a fine way to return to its "quiet" side.
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