Season 2 Episode 4

Everybody Hates Hugo

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Oct 12, 2005 on ABC

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  • We learn more about the bunker, more about the people that are holding the raft guys, friendships are tried and tested but resolved with a nice jar of peanut butter - hmmm wonder if that would solve all problems in the world. LOL.

    The episodes starts off with Hugo in the store cupboard of the bunker, gorging his way through bits of everything and then Jin appears speaking english at Hugo, which he comments on, only to be told that he's speaking korean and then a man in a chicken suit is standing next to him.

    We have flashbacks to where Hugo falls after seeing that he won the lottery, when asked about it he does not tell his mom, he just puts the ticket into his pocket, the same thing occurs when he is at work, he just keeps quiet about it - even from his friends.

    The others that are still at the bunker are looking around, trying to understand things, Sayid is trying to figure out what is behind the thick concrete that is causing so much magnetic interference. Hurley is getting quizzed by Charlie but he can't say anything about it.

    The raft guys are still down a pit, but the buy and girl comes back and wants Jin to climb out, Sawyer tells him not too and she aims the gun at his head and then he has no choice, he says the same thing when its Michael's turn, Sawyer gets a rock thrown at him for his cheek. Then as Sawyer refuses to climb out, he gets the top closed on him, only for it to be opened later and him to climb out willingly.

    Sayid and Jack explore the underside of the bunker, trying to find a way round the thick concrete ways but there is no way, he mentions to Jack that the only time he has heard about concrete being poured so thickly was after Chenobyll. But they still explore the different bits and pieces along the way.

    Jack puts Hurley in charge of the food storage, but he doesnt really want to knowing that it will cause many problems and be the result that all will hate him in the process. He flashes back to the day that he quit his job, as did his work buddy, them hanging out for the day, then the look on his friends face when it was discovered that it was Hurley that was the mega lottery winner.

    Jin, Michael and Sawyer are taken by the others to where the rear-end survivors are camped, there was 23 of them, but when they get there they discover that there is alot less than this number, they also are in some sort of underground bunker complex, or maybe the pipeways of the other bunker, we will see on that score.

    Charlie finds out the truth by following Locke and getting him to tell him, then he accusses Hurley of being one of them, after Hurley said that he couldn't get a jar of peanut butter for him, even Claire. Because, that what will start all the troubles and cause everyone to hate him.

    He leads Rose to the bunker, as she has been doing the washing by hand, perhaps in the vain hope that there will be a super-sized washer and dryer, or maybe as she is one to keep her business private. Hurley later decides that as he can't please everyone and that he doesn't want to be hated, that he would blow up all the food using one stick of dynamite!!! Rose talks him out of it, then Hurley has a talk with Jack and tells him it is the only way, then we see that the only way is to give out all the food in one go, let people eat it all, so there is no way of playing favourites. Of course he gives Charlie a jar of peanut butter.
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