Season 2 Episode 4

Everybody Hates Hugo

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Oct 12, 2005 on ABC



  • Trivia

    • Goof: Before Sawyer is retrieved, the pit is covered by leaves and surrounded tightly by tall grass. However, after, there are no leaves on top and there is a lot of bare ground surrounding the pit.

    • This is the second episode this season to start with the playing of a record. When we hear a record being played in the first episode of this season (Man of Science, Man of Faith), the focus is on the contents of the hatch. In this episode, the focus in part (and Hurley's dilemma) is on the contents of the pantry.

    • Sawyer sarcastically asked Jin to pee on his wounded shoulder. In "Hearts And Minds", Hurley wanted Jin to pee on his wounded foot.

    • Numbers: 8

      Sayid says the magnetic anomaly is around 8 feet thick.

    • Numbers: 23

      Libby says that there were 23 survivors in their group.

    • Island events in this episode take place on November 6th 2004.

    • Number: 8

      Randy accuses Hurley of eating an 8-piece chicken meal.

    • Number: 16

      The lottery announcer says that this is the 16th week without a winner.

    • Goof: Before Sun buries the bottle, there is shot of her holding the bottle and you can see that she is not wearing a wedding ring. The next shot, however, shows a wedding ring on her finger. You can see that after the bottle is buried that the ring is, once again, missing, however, in this instance it is intentional.

    • In the episode "Exodus, Part 2" when Kate is pulling back the fuse line to blow the hatch she says "that's as far as it'll go," meaning they had used all the fuse. However, in this episode Hurley uses that same fuse line when he was going to blow all the food up.

    • The symbol on the tailies hatch is an arrow.

    • Numbers: 8 and 16

      When Hurley and Johnny drive past the gas pumps in the flashback, you can see that some of the pumps are numbered 8 and 16.

    • Walt is on the milk carton as a missing person in Hurley's dream.

    • In this episode, we see that Locke's boss in "Walkabout," Randy, was, at one point, Hurley's boss at Mr. Cluck's.

    • In a flashback, Hugo is at a record store listening to Drive Shaft, which is classified in the "One-Hit Wonders" section. This is the band that Charlie used to be in.

    • Hurley's lottery ticket changes from when it is first shown to when it is shown later.

  • Quotes

    • Hurley : Let me tell you something, Rose. We were all fine before we had any [he pulls chips off the shelf] potato chips. But now we've got these potato chips and everybody's going to want them. So Steve gets them, and Charlie's pissed - but he's not pissed at Steve, he's pissed at me... And I'm going to be in the middle of it. And then it's going to be: well, what about us -- why didn't I get any potato chips? C'mon, help us out, Hurley. Why did you give Kate the shampoo? And why didn't I get the peanut butter? Then, they'll get really mad and start asking: why does Hugo have everything, why should he get to decide? Then they'll all hate me. I don't know what to do.

    • Randy: This is last night's surveillance tape. Reyes, you owe the company for an 8 piece dark meat combo.
      Hurley: I didn't eat 8 pieces!
      Randy: You want to watch the whole tape? Oh, and while you're here, how many times do I gotta to tell you those napkins cost money, alright? It's 2 per customer 2. We're not made of money here at Mr. Clucks, Reyes. I'm not made of money. Are you made of money? Because if you're made of money... maybe you don't want to work here. So get it together. What... is that a problem, Reyes?
      Hurley: Dude, I quit!

    • Charlie: The hatch. What's in it?
      Hurley: Uh, nothing, really.
      Charlie: You've been out there an entire day and night looking at nothing?
      Hurley: Well, I guess it's kind of like a bunker, you know, from World War II, only newer.
      Charlie: What's in it?
      Hurley: I don't know.
      Charlie: But somehow you know it's a bunker?
      Hurley: Well... I guess someone told me.

    • Jin: Hi there Hurley.
      Hurley: Jin you're here.
      Jin: I sure am.
      Hurley: Dude, you speak English.
      Jin: No, you're speaking Korean.

    • Charlie: (To Hurley) Are you gonna lie to me? Are you gonna lie to the baby?

    • Carmen Reyes: Yes, Jesus can bring you a new car.
      Hurley: Well maybe I don't want to change. Maybe I like my life.
      (telephone rings)
      Carmen Reyes: That must be Jesus.
      (answers phone)
      Carmen Reyes: Yes it is Jesus! He wants to know what color car you want!

    • Johnny: (to Hurley) Not only will I stay gold, Ponyboy, I'll drink to it.

    • Carmen Reyes: Yes, it must be something you ate, because you eat basura, and you don't exercise.
      Hurley: I do exercise.
      Carmen Reyes: Falling down is not exercise! The only time you move is to lift a drumstick from the bucket. Everyday is the same thing, work, TV, chicken. You have to change your life. You think someone else will change it for you? Maybe if you pray every day, Jesus Christ will come down from heaven, take 200 pounds, and bring you a decent woman and a new car.

    • Ana Lucia: I said no talking.
      Sawyer: He was talking to me.

    • (Jin says something in Korean - points to Sawyer's shoulder)
      Sawyer: Ah, yeah. Why don't you pee on it?

    • Sawyer: Well, let me break it down for you, Mikey. Right now, Rambina and her buddies are trying to figure out what to do with us. Until they make up their damn mind there ain't nothing we can do.

    • Sawyer: Ain't life grand. What I wouldn't give for a cup of water right now. (Jin says something in Korean. He motions to Sawyer to lift him up again.) No way. No more human pyramids - just forget it.

    • Ana Lucia: When I tell you to do something, you do it. I say move, you move. I say stop, you stop. I say jump, what do you say?
      Saywer: You first.

    • Ana Lucia: What you got there?
      Saywer: Nothing.
      Ana Lucia: A rock? You looking for some revenge? You got three seconds to drop it.
      Eko: Ana
      Ana Lucia: One, two...
      Saywer: Now, hold on... (Ana Lucia punches Sawyer, who falls to the ground) You didn't say "three".

    • Randy: You want to tell me something, Reyes?
      Hurley: Uh... No.
      Randy: You sure about that?
      Hurley: Uh... Yeah.

    • Kate: You happen to find any shampoo in here?
      Rose: Yeah, there's some right over here.
      Hurley: Uh...Kate, you can't take it...
      (Kate takes shampoo)
      Kate: Thanks, Hurley.
      Rose: It's just one bottle.
      Hurley: That's where it starts.

    • Charlie: Oh, and the time you told me you were worth 150 million dollars?
      Hurley: It's 156 million.
      Charlie: I'm sorry, I must've confused it with the 900 trillion I'm worth, myself. And this baby's made of chocolate and lollipops, so if you'll excuse us, I'm gonna flap my wings and fly off this island!

    • Sawyer: She's bluffing, that gun's only got one bullet she ain't gonna waste it. (gets hit in the head with a rock) OWWW son of a...

    • Charlie: You know I never thought this would happen, but it did. You've become one of them.
      Hurley: One of them?
      Charlie: Them. The man..management. I thought we were friends? You've changed man.

    • Locke: You want to tell me why you've been following me Charlie?
      Charlie: Yeah, it's quite simple John, there are a lot of secrets around here and I'm tired of being at the bloody kid's table. I got Claire's baby back. I didn't go swanning off to the Black Rock on the bloody A-Team mission, but I would have if someone had asked me. So, I think I'm entitled to some sodding answers around here.

    • Hurley: (opens a box of chocolate) Apollo bars. Ever hear of these?
      Rose: No. But, candy is candy.

    • (in the hatch)
      Jack: Hurley, who else did you tell?
      Hurley: No one, I swear. Dude, it's a big job, I needed help.
      Rose: Hello, Jack.
      Jack: Hey, Rose.
      Hurley: She's cool, she won't tell anyone.
      Rose: Honey, I don't even know what I would say.

    • Kate: Jack told me about your job. At least we have jobs again, right?
      Hurley: Hooray, for us.

    • Kate: You fell asleep?
      Hurley: No. I was just resting my eyes.

    • Michael: Hey, I think they're trying to figure out what to do with us.
      Sawyer: I think they're gonna eat us.

    • Hurley: Dude, promise me something
      Johnny: Ok, what?
      Hurley: Promise me that no matter what happens, we'll never change...this will never change.
      Johnny: Okay....

    • Eko: It was a misunderstanding.
      Sawyer: A misunderstanding's when you bring me lemonade instead of iced-tea.

    • Sawyer (to Ana Lucia): ...Not until I see my friends first!
      Michael: Oh, so we're friends now?

    • Jin (to Hurley): Have a cluckety-cluck-cluck day, Hugo.

    • Bernard: Hi. Back where you guys... eh.. Where you came from... Is there a woman named Rose there?
      Sawyer: Black chick in her 50's?
      Bernard: (nodding) She.. She ok?
      Michael: Yeah man, she's ok.
      Bernard: Ohh...(crying)... Thank you.
      Michael: Michael. I'm Michael.
      Bernard: Thank you... Michael. I'm.. I'm Bernard.

    • (Johnny and Hurley singing "You, All, Everybody")
      Johnny: Drive-shaft. More like Suck-Shaft.

    • Sawyer: Howdie boys. Thanks for the rescue.
      Michael: Everything is cool. We had a talk and they believe we were on the plane too.
      Sawyer: Swell. Guess we could all sue Oceanic together.

    • Sawyer: You want me, hotlips? You gotta come down and get me. (Ana Lucia drops the top back, shutting Sawyer inside) ... Bitch.

    • Charlie: It sounds a bit nutty.
      Locke: It is what it is.

    • Mike: I thought you said there were 23 of you...
      Libby: There were....

    • Hugo: Guess who gets to be the bad guy? And to say 'no, you cannot have peanut butter' to the cute blond and her poor island baby.

    • Ana Lucia (Stopping right in front of thick vegetation): We're here!
      Sawyer: What are you gonna do? Beam us up?

  • Notes

    • Hurley asks Starla to attend a concert by the Brooklyn-based musical group, "The Hold Steady". Writer Edward Kitsis is close friends with Hold Steady frontman Craig Finn.

    • When Hurley wins the lottery the announcer on the TV says "That's right Mary Jo, because this is the 16th week without a winner". This is the voice of executive producer Carlton Cuse.

    • Tito, Hugo Reyes' grandpa, is a cameo appearance by the special effects supervisor, Archie Ahuna.

    • This is the only episode of season 2 with every regular actor.

    • A deleted scene shows Charlie trying to wake up Locke to interrogate him about the Hatch. Charlie then complains to Claire about how there are a lot of secrets about the Hatch. Claire points out that Hurley is just on the shore line near where they are sitting and Claire leaves for her walk. This scene would later lead to Claire finding the bottle with the messages.

    • A deleted scene shows Libby talking to Sawyer from above the pit and she questions him about whether he was indeed from Flight 815. Libby then gives Sawyer a bottle of water and leaves. Libby is never actually seen in this scene but is heard.

    • A deleted scene shows Ana Lucia giving out food to the Tailies in the Arrow Station, while Sawyer, Jin and Michael look.

    • International Airdates:
      - Denmark: February 1, 2006 on Kanal 5

    • The Polish premiere was on September 21, 2006 on TVP1.

    • Although they both played evil lawyers on Angel, this is Daniel Dae Kim (Jin) and Sam Anderson's (Bernard) first screen appearance together (Daniel Dae Kim's character was introduced shortly after Anderson's character was killed by vampires); incidentally, David Fury, who wrote and produced several Lost episodes, was also a writer on Angel. And Josh Holloway, who plays Sawyer, was in the opening scenes of the series premiere of Angel, as one of the first vampires Angel stakes on that show.

    • Music: "My Conversation" by Slim Smith and the Uniques (During Hurley's dream); "Up On the Roof" by The Drifters (while Rose is with Hurley in the store room.); "Easy Money" by Billy Joel (the song can be heard in Johnny's van).

    • This is the first appearance of Sam Anderson (Bernard).

    • This is the first appearance of Cynthia Watros who plays the role of Libby. She and Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje (Mr. Eko) were added to the main credits.

    • A Hurley-centric episode.

  • Allusions

    • Braveheart: When Hurley and Johnny are caught by Randy playing a prank with gnomes in his front yard, they run away and Johnny screams "Freedom!", echoing William Wallace in this movie.

    • Sawyer: Right now Rambina and her buddies are trying to figure out what to do with us, so until they make up their damn mind there ain't nothing we can do!

      Rambina is the feminization of the name Rambo. It is a reference to John Rambo, the titular character of the Rambo movies, played by Sylvester Stallone.

    • Charlie expresses disappointment to Locke over not being asked to go on the "A-Team mission" to the Black Rock, a reference to NBC's 80's action show, The A-Team.

    • During the flashback, Johnny refers to Hugo as "Huggy Bear," the name of the street informant on ABC's early 70's police show Starsky and Hutch.

    • Sawyer: You want me, Hotlips? You gotta come down and get me. This is aM.A.S.H. reference. Hotlips was what a lot of people called Maj. Margaret O'Houlihan after the PA incident in the movie.

    • Sawyer: What are you gonna do? Beam us up?

      This is a Star Trek reference. In the popular sci-fi series, people are teleported - "beamed" - from location to location.

    • "Not only will I stay gold Ponyboy..."

      This is an allusion to the S.E. Hinton novel "The Outsiders", as well as the Robert Frost poem "Nothing Gold Can Stay" about changes that Ponyboy mentions in the book.

    • Title: Everybody Hates Hugo.

      The title is a reference to the popular CBS sitcom Everybody Loves Raymond that ran from 1996-2005 on CBS. The series starred Ray Romano where his character was "loved." This could also be a variation of the 2005 UPN series Everybody Hates Chris, which is in turn a spoof on Raymond's title.