Season 6 Episode 12

Everybody Loves Hugo

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Apr 13, 2010 on ABC

Episode Recap

Flash-sideways timeline (2004) A man speaks over a retrospective slide and movie show of Hugo Reyes's life, describing his success at establishing Mr Cluck's empire. The master of ceremonies, an unaged Pierre Chang, announces that a new paleontology wing of the Golden State Natural History Museum is being named for Hugo Reyes. Hugo is introduced as the Man of the Year. He stands up while the audience applauds him. After the ceremony, Hugo walks out with his mother, and his trophy, a T-Rex silhouette done in frosted glass. His mom says everybody loves Hugo except women and that he needs to meet a girl. He says he doesn't have time. She then tells him she has set up a lunch date with a neighbor of friends, Rosalita. The next day Hugo is waiting at a Mexican restaurant, Spanish Johnnys when a blond woman walks up and call him by his first name. Hugo jumps up saying he wasn't expecting someone so pretty. She says that she is not Rosalita, that she is Libby and that she is not his blind date and that she saw him from across the room. He asks how she knew his name. She takes his hands and asks whether he believes that two people can be connected like soulmates. She asks whether he remembers her. Hugo asks whether he should remember her. The doctor from the Santa Rosa Mental Health Institute interrupts and takes her away. Hugo sees the van from the institute pull away. Hugo moodily orders a family size bucket at a Mr Clucks store. As he eats he sees Desmond looking at him. Desmond comes over to him and asks if he knows him and whether he was on Oceanic 815. Desmond points out that Hugo is eating a lot of chicken and Hugo explains that he eats when he is depressed. After Hurley tells him the story of the awesome woman he met at the restaurant, who has one problem, she is crazy. He explains that she said they already knew each other and that Hugo would remember. Desmond tells him he should follow his gut and try to find where she thinks she knew him from before he gives up on her. Desmond leaves when his order comes up. Hugo goes to the Santa Rosa institute to meet Libby. The doctor is reluctant to let them meet because Libby has issues with reality. Hugo writes a donation check for $100,000. Hurley meets with Libby. She wonders why he has come to see her if he doesn't remember her. When he asks where she thinks she knows him from she admits the explanation will not make sense. She says that when she saw him on TV a lot of memories came rushing back from her life, except that it was another life. She says there was a plane crash, that she was on an island and that they were there and they liked each other. She also believes he was at this clinic. He still doesn't remember, but he asks her if she wants to have a date. She agrees. Later on a beach, Hugo and Libby set up a cheese picnic. She says that being at the beach with Hugo is familiar, like a date they never had. He asks why she would want to be with him. She tell him it is because she likes him, they kiss tenderly and Hurley has vivid visions of the time they had on the island. He hesitantly says to Libby that he thinks he remembers stuff. He says he doesn't think she is crazy after all. Desmond watches from a car nearby and drives off. Locke is pushing his wheelchair across the school parking lot, watched by Desmond in his car. Ben knocks on his window asking what he is doing. Desmond spins a story about moving to the neighborhood and looking for a school. Desmond keeps his eye on Locke and dismisses Ben politely. Desmond starts his car, races across the parking lot and runs Locke in his wheelchair down. Ben rushes to Locke's aid. Locke appears to be seriously injured but still alive. Original timeline (2007) Hurley's group Hurley is at the survivors' burial ground at Libby's grave. He says he wish he could talk to her but Ilana interrupts him and asks if he is ready to go to the Black Rock where they will get dynamite to destroy the plane. Illana says she isn't sure that it is the right thing to do but it is the only move they have. Hurley tells Ilana that Libby was murdered before his first date with Libby. The Whispers precede Michael's appearance. Michael says that he has come to stop Hurley from getting everyone killed. Hurley asks why he should trust Michael as he murdered Libby but Michael says that it doesn't matter because if Hurley blows up the plane a lot of people will die and because people are listening to Hurley now it will be his fault. Jack arrives and hurries him along. At beach camp Ilana arrives saying that they must make it to Hydra Island to destroy the plane before nightfall. She tells Richard that she has four sticks of dynamite from the Black Rock. Hurley overhears and says he doesn't think it is a good idea and especially as the dynamite is so unstable. Ilana says she must do this to protect them but Hurley asks how blowing up the plane will protect them. Ilana says that that "thing" won't be able to leave. She repeats that Jacob said Richard knows what to do and that he said to blow up the plane. As she is saying that the "thing" is evil her pack with the dynamite explodes, killing Ilana and knocking Hurley and the others down. Hurley goes through Ilana's possessions and finds a small bag, looks inside it and then keeps it. Richard tells Hurley that now they must get more dynamite or Ilana's life will have been in vain. Jack says the message may be that the dynamite is too dangerous to handle. He adds that he has promised Sun to get her off the Island, but Richard says that he wished he hadn't made that promise and that Jack could blame it on him. Hurley speaks up authoritatively saying Richard is right and that it is the only choice they have, he looks Jack in the eye and asks him to trust him. After a long pause Jack agrees. As the group treks to the Black Rock Ben cynically says Illana, hand picked by Jacob to protect the candidates, tells them who they are and then blows up. He adds that the Island was done with her and he wonders what will happen when it is done with them. They arrive at the Black Rock and realize Hurley is not with them. Hurley comes running out of the ship calling to them all to run and the Black Rock is destroyed in a huge explosion. Richard demands to know why Hurley did that. Hurley replies that he is protecting them. Richard storms off saying that that's it, we are all dead. Miles asks Hurley why he did that and Hurley says that Michael told him to, and that Michael is one of the dead people who come and "yell" at him. Miles asks whether Hurley just does whatever the dead people say. Richard prepares to go to the DHARMA barracks to get grenades and explosives. Jack suggests they should talk about it, but Hurley says that he knows what they need to do and it is to go talk to Locke. Ben asks whether he is trying to get them killed and Hurley points at the person whose idea it is, saying Jacob says that they have to talk to Locke. Richard is disbelieving and tells Hurley to ask Jacob what the Island is. Hurley walks toward the place where he pointed and as he stands alongside Richard he says that he doesn't have to prove anything to him, that he can either come with him or keep trying to blow stuff up. Richard calls him out as lier saying Jacob never tells the people what to do. Richard adds that "if that thing leaves the Island, it's over ...everything". He asks for help to destroy the plane. Only Ben and Miles join him. Jack says that if Hugo says to talk to Locke then they talk to Locke. It is night, Sun write a note to Frank asking whether they have made a mistake and Frank says "probably". Hurley asks what they should say to Locke and Jack says not to worry because Locke will do most of the talking. Hurley looks trouble and turns to Jack saying he didn't see Jacob back there. Jack says he knows and explains that ever since he got Juliet killed that all he wanted to do was to fix it, but he knows he can't ever fix it and as hard as it is to let other people lead he thinks that maybe the point is to let go. Hurley repeats that to go and see Locke is his idea but Jack makes it clear that he is going to trust Hurley just as Hurley asked. Hurley add that he has no idea where they are going. Just then the Whispers sound. Hurley says he thinks he knows what they are and asks the group to wait. Nearby Hurley finds Michael and asks if there are others like him. Michael says that they are the ones who can't move on. Michael shows Hurley where Locke's camp is and when Hurley asks if there is anything he can do Michael simply says that he shouldn't get himself killed. He also says that if he ever does see Libby again to tell her that he is very sorry. Locke's/MiB's group "Locke" is working on a wooden stick. Sawyer asks him if he is fashioning a spear, but "Locke" says he doesn't know but when the time is right it will tell him. Locke explains to Sawyer and Kate that they are waiting for Hugo, Sun and Jack to join them, just as they were able to return to the Island all together, to leave it has to happen the same way otherwise they will not be able to leave "this god-forsaken rock". Kate says that she doesn't see the others joining them as Sayid returns from his mission. Sawyer approaches Sayid but Sayid simply asks to speak with "Locke" in private. Sayid tells Lock that Widmore didn't see him but that his people did and that he didn't see the point of killing them when he had what he came for. He then reveals Desmond tied to a tree. "Locke" apologizes for Sayid tying him up. Desmond says he doesn't blame him, but as he has nowhere to run to there is no need. "Locke" accepts it as a good reason against captivity and cuts his bonds. Locke asks why Widmore brought him to the Island. Desmond says that he was kidnapped so he will have to ask Widmore and that he was thrown into a wood shack and blasted with a huge amount of electromagnetism. Locke asks how he would know what he was blasted with and Desmond replies that he knows from experience. "Locke" asks if Desmond knows who he is and Desmond says that he is John Locke. "Locke" sends Sayid away saying that he is going to take a walk with Desmond. He offers his hand to Desmond and pulls him up saying that there is something he would like to show him. Locke asks to be reminded how long Desmond was in the hatch pushing the button. Desmond says he did it for three years. Reflecting that here is Desmond back again "Locke" says that if he didn't know better he would say the Island has it in for Desmond. Desmond says that there is nothing special about him and that the Island has it in for all of them. Locke agrees and sees the boy standing nearby. Desmond asks who it is but Locke says to ignore him. As Desmond looks at the boy, the boy catches Desmond's gaze, smiles and runs off. Locke leads Desmond to the Well. Locke drops a torch down the well and shows that it is very deep, he then explains that the well is very old, that it was built by hand by people who were looking for answers. They had noticed that compass needles spun at points like this location. He says that digging the well did not give them answers. He says that he has shown Desmond the well because Widmore is not interested in answers, that he is only interested in power and that he brought Desmond back so he could help Widmore find what he was looking for. Desmond expresses hid doubt that that is the only reason Locke has brought him to the well. Locke thinks aloud as to why Desmond isn't afraid. Desmond asks what the point of being afraid is. Locke pushes him into the well. Locke returns to the camp and tells Sayid that they don't have to worry about Desmond anymore. Hurley walks into the camp. Hesitantly he calls for a truce so that no one is killed. Locke gives Hurley his knife and his word. Frank, Sun and Jack then come into the campsite. Locke only greets Jack and they stare at each other. Jack shows concern, "Locke" shows satisfaction.
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