Season 6 Episode 12

Everybody Loves Hugo

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Apr 13, 2010 on ABC

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  • Boy in the jungle. Stay away from him!

    I don't think I have a prop I love more on this show than dynamite. I was starting to like the Ilana character, but I can't say I'll miss her. Now she joins the illustrious company of Leslie Arzt in the 'coolest death possible' club. They get a membership card and a cool pen.

    I loved this episode. Hurley is another one of those characters who's flashbacks haven't been of particular interest to me, but this week, Everybody Loves Hugo does for me what all my favorite Lost episodes do: delivers tension and intrigue and slips in a really poignant scene to come away with basically a complete package that utilizes the whole cast. This felt like the type of episode we get right before the 2-hour finale. The characters are set on very clearly defined goals, that sometimes, (and in this case WILL) inevitably be in conflict with another character's big objective.

    Alterna-Hurley is basically Bruce Wayne-ing it up with his Chicken empire and his philanthropy projects and charitable donations. The only problem in that Bruce Wayne comparison? Hot chicks. Hurley is a train wreck in the ladies department. Mama Reyes (loved her again) sets Hugo on a blind date- who stands him up, but that leads to a really cool scene with... Libby! I confess, I was likely pre-programmed to love this episode before hand because I knew we'd be getting The Great Libby Explanation this week. Did we actually get that answer? It depends on what your question was. I wasn't one of the "How did Libby end up in the nut house?" people. The answer was obvious: Because she's nuts. My question was "Will Hurley ever find out?" and to my delight, was got the answer in spades. (As to why or how Libby claimed to be a shrink? That one may be left to the ages. Perhaps she was just lying?)

    Anyway, Libs told Hurls that she "knew" him, seemingly from another life- cue Desmond! His role seems more clear as a sort of shepherd for characters between the two worlds, but where all this is ultimately leading is still do be determined. determined. Newly enlightened Des urged Hugo to investigate Libby's curious claim, and in no time, Hurley was back at Santa Rosa mental. His scenes with Libby here and at the beach (nice cleavage) are the best they've ever shared together. Jorge has come a long way from eliciting more than just laughs at his mere presence. At least from me. Libby kissed Hurley on the picnic they were never supposed to always have, and like last week, it triggered his island memories! "Woah...Dude...!"
    Unlike most viewers, I've mostly loved these "sideways" stories from the start, and would be perfectly happy if they kept going, even without a clear island connection. But now that they are intertwining, it's becoming even more interesting. On the island, a (refreshingly) relaxed Desmond sees no point in being afraid anymore. There was a lot to read from Fake Locke this week. I've noticed moments of hesitation from him when answering people's questions. As if to imply he's thinking of just the right thing to say; In his conversation with Kate about how the 06 needed to be together to come back and they need to be together to leave. When he asked Desmond, "Do you know who I am?" Des said, "John Locke." Then, a telling reaction. What is he thinking?! Damn you O'Quinn! lol
    I'm loving New Desmond, but Smokey is getting frustrated. "Why aren't you scared?" Throw someone down a well. Scared now? Awesome.

    Also, just want to add: Loving New Sayid. Less like a zombie this week and more like an emotionless machine. He's like Smokey's assassin-bot. A terminator. Over in the Heroes camp (I've been watching Survivor)its weird to see the people behaving so leaderless. Especially with Jack right there! He had my second favorite scene of the night in his moment with Hurley about trust. Loving New Jack. And New Hurley himself, who stepped up in somewhat of a leadership position. He made a great move destroying the ship (Lost without The Black Rock? This show really is coming to an end!) and his confrontation with Man in Black was perfect. "Um...Hey" Richard (all panicky again) is still going to figure some way to stop that chopper and keep MiB from escaping. Miles is going with him. And New Ben. That leaves the Candidates to follow Hurley, and yes, except for Jin with Whidmore, they've all been reunited. The big mystery answered was by Ghost Michael (whoop whoop!) and his revelation on what the whispers are: Lost souls who can't leave the island. Hmm. Kinda anti-climatic, I know. It's funny, this was such a big deal earlier on, but I think most people didn't really care about that one anymore. I didn't. But still- major mystery solved. Its cool. Funny though, since that was one of the original theories anyway.
    It was sad, too, because this is Michael's fate, and he had such a sorrowful face. Poor guy. A great episode through and through. You can't go wrong with running over someone in a wheelchair! In the last Other-verse note, Desmond totally took a hit out on handicap Locke after school, but not before Dr Linus could insinuate that Des was creepily spying on kids. All of this was awesome. Especially telling was Desmond's responses to Ben's questions. Looking for a school for his son Charlie. Who doesn't exist in that reality, but does in the other! Does this mean he is fully aware of his consciousness in both worlds? Will his sacrifice that Widmore asked mean giving up Penny and lil Charlie in one life, in hopes of being reunited with them in Sideways? Why did he try to kill that Locke? Still evil? Petty revenge? As I said, a great episode through and through. One of the best of the season.