Season 6 Episode 12

Everybody Loves Hugo

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Apr 13, 2010 on ABC

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  • A Vintage Episode of LOST

    Man the writers are really honkering down now on what has been, to me, the only uneven thing of the season: plot. What ensues in this episode is a full bag of good writing, questions, answers, character-development, and several shocking moments.

    Those reasons above are the main reasons I really love this show and for the 4th or 5th episode this season (including The Substitute, Lighthouse, Ab Aeterno, and Happily Ever After), we got all of them in one hour. I don't know about most LOST fans, but this has been a really successful season to me thus far and it will only get better. The only thing I would have had to toughly critique the writers on is the uneveness of the plot. There have been moments where the plot seemed like it would be in full gear and others where it felt like it was totally slowing down and I believe the main reason for this is the intricate handling of the flash sideways stories. The writers have taken greater care of these stories than most people think and the main sign of this is that the overall plot development and flow has had to be compromised at times so the relevence of the flash sideways could be fully realized. Now I hope everyone has their seatbelts on because starting last night, LOST is in full throttle toward the end game. Expect answers, plot development, and great character moments in the next four weeks as we prepare for the mega finale event that I believe will be awesome!!

    Now a few more thoughts on last night's episode: "Everybody Loves Hugo". This had to be the best sideways story yet besides last week's "Happily Ever After" becuase it not only had a good story, nostalgic moments, and plot development, but also because of the intrigue. Desmond's mission is now in full swing and it started with making sure that Hugo received his revelatory moment with old island timeline girlfriend Libby (who I was so glad to see return to the show last night!). It ended with Desmond knocking flash sideways Locke to high heaven with his car, which it is my thought that he did this either to jolt Locke's island timeline memory or to make sure that Locke isn't used for bad again. But I really think it is more the former than the latter. I have seen some reveiews where people are pondering if Desmond, now fully conscious of both timelines was seeking revenge of Locke and I would have to disagree. Desmond is at a point in his character arc where he is beyond all petty things such as anger, fear, and revenge. He now only wants to fufill his purpose. Also, great job by the writers who smoothly yet quickly moved the island plot foward as we saw the shocking Ilana death moment, the blowing up of the Black Rock by Hurley who I cant believe that no one saw through his lies before Richard did at the destroyed Black Rock, and now we have both sides, besides Widemore's group all in one setting. We also saw a very important and fascinating moment last night when the MIB takes Desmond to the well and tries to persuade him to come over to his side and he uses answers as his angle. This is the first time I have ever seen the MIB at a loss for angles. With every other character if he had not persuaded them to join them, he at least instilled fear in them, but with Desmond he could do neither. This ultimately scared him, and had to use his trump card which was to get rid of Desmond for the time being by throwing him into the well. Overall, great episode with a major answer of the whispers in the jungle, even though it may have been a little sloppily handled. And prepare for what I believe will be a monumentous episode of LOST next week (why else would we have a two week break after that episode; LOST just loves leaving us dangling for more) and I've heard it might be a Jack-Centric episode.