Season 6 Episode 12

Everybody Loves Hugo

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Apr 13, 2010 on ABC

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  • As the show nears its conclusion the story in both timelines moves forward significantly here.

    I was expecting more of a character driven slower paced episode this week, as more often than not that's what you get from a Hurley episode. However this episode really moved the story forward in both universes, but was it all entertaining?

    The episode stared well with a very familiar voice introducing Hurley. That we got no more information about Dr. Chang than seeing him in the opening was a little annoying, but was still a cool introduction. So for all that Hurley now thinks he's blessed not cursed, it turns out he hasn't had any luck in love. His mother trying to set him up is a fairly common plot point, but Lost manages to have its own great spin on it.

    The return of Libby was great, and her and Hurley were as adorable on screen together as they had been in season 2. While we didn't get any solid answers about Libby's backstory from the original timeline, we did get a bit of closure between her and Hurley. As far as this week's walk down memory lane went we saw the Santa Rosa Doctor from season 2 again as well as the hospital itself again. It was very cool and all worked well for the story too.

    On the island things were heating up as Illana and co began their plan to blow up the plane. Illana's complete disregard for handling the dynamite was a bit unnerving, but I guess she believed that she couldn't kill herself the same way Richard couldn't. Of course she was very wrong. It was probably the weakest death for a main character on the show and it seemed that they just wanted to write her out. There are only about six episodes left so I'm guessing this was the writing team admitting that Illana maybe shouldn't have been upped to a series regular. Her death had a slight feel of Nikki and Paulo to it as they wrote her out without ever really expanding her character. I'm not sad to see her go, but it's annoying that they couldn't do more with her character.

    And from one character who died in an explosion to another. Michael returned which was a bit of a surprise considering the actor didn't leave the show on the best terms with the crew as far as I was aware. Harold Perrineau wasn't quite at his best here, but I guess all he really had to do was give exposition and he did it fine. He also led us to an answer for one of the oldest mysteries: the whispers. Considering we always hear them when the Others are around the explanation about coming from the dead didn't really fit. It makes enough sense, but I wish they could've thought of something better. Still any answer is better than none and there are quite a few to get through.

    On Locke's side of the island he had to deal with the return of Desmond. How Des didn't see Locke throwing him down that well coming I'll never know, but I think it's fair to say the superb Scotsman will survive. They may have semi-randomly killed one main character this week, but they wouldn't bring back Des just to kill him two episodes later, would they? And despite being billed as a Hurley episode Desmond seemed to hijack it by having a few flash-sideways scenes of his own. The way the transition was done between the two was very well handled. Mainly as it was a superb scene between Hurley and Libby that led into the reveal that Desmond hadn't ran into Hurley by chance (as if there was any doubt). The kiss between Hurley and Libby was great and combined with Hurley's glimpse of the island reality made for a superb moment. It also answers why Daniel could remember the island by just seeing Charlotte, but Sawyer didn't when he saw Kate.

    It's great to see the payoff for last week's episode begin so soon after that, but I feel Hurley deserved a full episode to himself. I suppose this is the problem with only having 16 episodes, with a full 22 each character could get more of the screen time they deserve. Of course the upside of having a dual-centric episode is the faster pacing, which is almost always something I'm a fan of! The final scene where Desmond ran over Locke was incredibly shocking. Is there more to it than simply Desmond trying to make Locke remember the island? It was a very brutal moment, especially when Locke's head clearly cracked against the windscreen.

    So it wasn't exactly what I was expecting, but I guess part of the fun of Lost is that it keeps you on your toes! It certainly wasn't perfect and they seem to have broken a couple of thematic rules (Desmond getting two episodes in a row). However the plot moving forward in a big way was great. Plus everything Hurley says is brilliant. The humour and innocence Jorge Garcia brings to the character is superb and him taking charge worked while feeling true to the character. Plus we all love explosions! And nothing says "final season" like blowing up a landmark that's been on the show longer than half the cast!
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