Season 6 Episode 12

Everybody Loves Hugo

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Apr 13, 2010 on ABC

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  • One of my favourite episodes of the season so far.

    Each week you can see these sideways stories are going to have a very important conclusion, this one was one of the best side stories yet, we saw Hurley finally have that date with Libby. Still it didn't explain why Libby was in the mental hospital at the end of "Dave". On the island we saw a divide with Jack's group, I always love the scenes where they part ways because I always know something great will be lying around the next corner, sadly we wont see what this is until next week. The Black Rock was destroyed by Hurley, sad to see this set out of the show but there are only 5 episodes left so it don't matter, I'm just always impressed by how good the ship looks. We also saw Michael return ON the island this time and he explained what the whispers where. Alot happened in the episode I haven't even mention, Desmond down the well, Desmond crashing into Locke on PURPOSE and the final scene with Jack and Locke. Awesome episode.