Season 1 Episode 23

Exodus (1)

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM May 18, 2005 on ABC

Episode Recap

Walt's in a hotel room when he turns on the television to watch his favorite television show. It's 5:23 in the morning and the noise wakes Michael up. Walt throws a tantrum and he and Vincent begin to walk down the hotel hallway before Michael drags him back. [Walt] "You're not my father!
Nature calls and Walt wakes up. As he feels the sweet release, he notices Rousseau walking into camp. They make eye contact, and Walt yells for his father and wakes everyone up. Sayid calms everyone down. Rousseau zones out as she stares at Claire's baby. [Rousseau] "The others are coming." She tells of how she and five team members crashed on the island 16 years ago. She was 7 months pregnant then, and would eventually deliver the baby alone. Rousseau was with the baby for one week when she saw black smoke. That same night she saw black smoke, they came and took her infant, Alex. So let's do the math…assuming she didn't deliver early, the rest of her team were dead within two months…and that's all before she even saw the others. [Rousseau] "Now they're coming again. They're coming for all of you. (…) You have only three choices. Run. Hide. Or Die." I don't know about you, but I'm pretty spooked right about now.
Jack and Locke discuss the merits of Rousseau's claims, but Jack chooses to focus on launching the raft. Jack enlists every last castaway to help with the raft. As they're launching, there's a snag that delays the launch. Michael blames Sawyer, always the scapegoat. They don't argue for long as Walt points towards the sky. Black smoke is rising in the distance, just as Rousseau forewarned. Jack, Locke, and Sayid want more information from Rousseau, but she's told them all she knows. [Rousseau] "You have a bigger problem. I can vanish into the jungle, but I'm just one person. You have 40 people. Where will you hide them?" Jack and Locke give each other the sexy eyes as they both think about the hatch. They take Rousseau there, thinking she might know what it is, but she's never seen it before. Let's not forget the fact that they're locked out of the hatch anyways. Locke brings up the topic of Rousseau's explosives, and suggests using them to open the hatch. Fresh out says Rousseau, but she knows where they can get more – the Black Rock in the Dark Territory.
Jack is at the airport bar when an attractive Hispanic female approaches. She brings up Jack yelling at the check in counter about his father. She says she's on his flight, he says his father died of a heart attack. [Hispanic female] "No ring 'cause you're single or because you don't like wearing one?" [Jack] "You asking me if I'm married? (...) No, not anymore." If this is news to you, I'm right there with you. He was married as of "Do No Harm." She introduces herself as Ana-Lucia, and says she's all the way in the back of the plane. Jack's seat is 23 B, hers is 42 F.
Jack tells the others he has a plan, and that it involves going to the jungle. He instructs the others to do all they can to help Michael launch and then to wait for him at the caves. Our local science teacher Arzt approaches Jack and tells him he knows what he's up to. [Arzt] "You wanna keep a secret, don't tell the fat guy." He tells Jack there are risks to handling dynamite that old and he wants to come along to supervise. Michael's directing repairs on the boat when Sawyer offers his services, but Michael directs him to take a seat. [Michael] "No offense. We just work faster this way, okay."
Sawyer is in a police station is Sydney. An officer reminisces to three days ago, when Sawyer was there for getting into a bar fight. He informs him that on that occasion, he head butted one Warren Truss, Minister of Agriculture, Fisheries, and Forestry. Sawyer claims he was the victim, but the officer claims he has witnesses. [Officer] "Do you think this is funny, James." The smirk off Sawyers face dissipates at this revelation. "James Ford. Assault, wire fraud, identity theft, bank fraud, telemarketing fraud…" [Sawyer] "This going some place?" [Officer] "You're not even worth what it would cost us to incarcerate you. Which is why you're being deported." Also, he's banned from ever setting foot in Australia.
Sawyer is chopping at a big tree in the jungle. Jack approaches and hands him a gun. [Jack] "You're the only one on the raft who knows how to use one. (…) Just in case." Jack continues on his way before Sawyer stops him. Finally, Sawyer decides to tell Jack about the night he shared a drink with Jack's father. Basically, he tells him Jack's father told Sawyer he loved his son and was proud of him.
The marshal is checking his five guns with security as Kate, in cuffs, sits quietly. The security guard asks why he needs five guns, and about the toy plane. [Marshal] "This belonged to her childhood sweetheart, who she got killed a couple of years ago when she was on a run. (…) Well, somewhere along the way during the three years that I was chasing her, she starts calling me, at my house, and whining on about her mitigating circumstances. But what she's really doing, is taunting me. So, I tell her I have what's-his-name's little toy airplane, in a safe deposit box in Mexico. (…) That's the one thing in the whole world that Kate does care about. She has no attachments. And I think she's telling herself she needs it, to atone for killing her boyfriend, what's-his-name." Kate's heard enough and attacks him, but he shrugs her off easily (she is cuffed). "And that, is why I need five guns."
Kate tells Jack she wants to go with him to get the dynamite. Charlie is collecting messages to put into bottles. Locke doesn't put a message in though. Jack says goodbye to the raft's crew. Kate asks about Sawyer, who is nowhere to be seen, and she has to leave. Therefore, we don't get to see a goodbye between them. Locke notices scratches on Rousseau's arms and asks how she got them. "A bush" she says. As they reach the jungle, Rousseau sees a dark flag on a tree and announces they have reached the Dark Territory. [Rousseau] "This is where it all began, when my team got infected, when Montand lost his arm." Arzt doesn't like this information and cowardly leaves on his way back to the beach. Sawyer returns to the raft bearing gifts. He's brought a perfect mast, "Cut and measured to length." The rain starts to pour as our survivors continue their trek towards the Black Rock. They all take notice as Arzt runs towards them screaming "Run! Run! Run!" We hear a howl in the background accompanied by mechanical sounds. Whatever is after them, whether it's animal or machine, it is invisible. Jack, Kate, and Rousseau book it and hide near some trees as Locke, calm as a kitten, chooses to stay put. He insists Hurley stay still with him. The 'thing' heads away from them as the rain stops. [Kate] "What was that thing?" [Rousseau] "It's a security system. (…) Its purpose is that of any security systems: To protect something. [Kate] "Protect what." [Rousseau] "The island." Rather than going off alone again, Arzt decides to go along for the dynamite. Walt approaches Shannon and tells her to take care of Vincent, and that Vincent will protect her.
Shannon is laying down at the airport terminal doing a crossword. Sayid walks up to her and asks her to keep an eye on his bag. Sayid walks away and Boone walks in. He wasn't able to get them into first Shannon and Boone squabble until she sees an airport security guard. "Some Arab guy just left his bags in the chairs downstairs and walked away."
Sayid has prepared some goodies for the raft courtesy of the Beechcraft. He gives them a radar emitter and a flare gun with a single flare. Rousseau and the others have reached the Black Rock, which is a really old ship, like one from "Pirates of the Caribbean."
Jin and Sun are eating a meal at the airport terminal. An obnoxious woman sitting behind them starts talking about them in English. The man seems like a pleasant fellow though, and he says "Don't knock it. Their divorce rate's 20 times lower than ours." Sun understands though, so let that be a lesson to the rest of us. Sun spills coffee on Jin and he goes to the bathroom to clean up.
Sun approaches Jin with a booklet. She's prepared a list of simple English words spelled out phonetically. Jin gets emotional and apologizes to Sun, who reciprocates. Jin is really emotional at this point. " I'm in this place because I'm being punished. I made you suffer… (…) I have to go because I'm going to save you." They embrace and get into a heated make-out session. All the survivors (sans the ones at the Black Rock) have come together at the beach to bid farewell to the raft and its crew. Scott gives Michael a hug…or was that Steve? Charlie gives the bottle filled with messages to Sawyer. They all applaud as the raft sets sail. In a moment which will undoubtedly make dog lovers happy, Vincent swims after Walt, but he sends him back. As our shipmates sail out, the black smoke continues to rise.
The credits roll.
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