Season 1 Episode 23

Exodus (1)

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM May 18, 2005 on ABC

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  • Exodus (1/2)

    The season finale approaches and questions are answered as tensions rise with the survivors that join Danielle in the jungle and the survivors who seek rescue on the launched raft.
  • Awesome.

    Rousseau arrives at the beach to warn the survivors that the Others are coming, and tells them more of her own story. She was pregnant when she came to the island sixteen years ago but the Othersâ€"their arrival heralded by a column of black smokeâ€"came and kidnapped her baby, who she has not seen since. A column of black smoke is soon seen in the distance. Jack, Locke and Sayid tell Rousseau about the hatch, and their need to open it, perhaps with dynamite. Rousseau offers to take them to the Black Rock to get some dynamite. Jack, Locke, Kate, Hurley, Arzt and Rousseau arrive at the Black Rock, a large slave ship stranded inland. Meanwhile, Charlie gathers messages to put in a bottle and the raft sets sail. In flashbacks, several of the survivors are shown in the final hours before the flight. I love this episode, I love the start where Walt is hiding from the French chick. The Others are coming, Run Hide Or Die! I love the scene where everyone is trying to move the raft, and then the black smoke starts. I love Jack and Sawyers scene on of the best scenes ever when Sawyer tells Jack about his father. I love the scene where Walt gives Vincent toShannon and when Vincent tries to follwo the raft - so sad. I also love the Jin and Sun scene.
  • The first part of the Exodus Season Finale doesn't leave a dry eye in the house. Powerful, emotional and epic.

    Exodus Part 1 is a truly impressive opening to the final 3 hours of Lost Season 1. What first makes an impression is how the flashbacks are altered for this episode, which makes watching this and the next episode that much more enjoyable. All the characters get a flashback moment and that is a good move by the writers. If the flashback structure was getting a bit tiresome this set will feel fresh and interesting. All the flashbacks are set on the day that Oceanic 815 took off on its fatal flight. We see how many of the characters connected themselves with each other, even before the crash, like Sayid and Shannon, which was kinda of weird, looking at that now as they are almost lovers. Like "Numbers", this episode feels like an Indiana Jones movie in miniature. A mission group, consisting of Jack, Kate, Locke, Hurley, Artz and Rousseau, journey to the Dark Territory, to find dynamite from the Black Rock. The purpose of this journey is to find the only means to blow open the Hatch. The reason: the Others are coming!
    After most of the episodes focusing on character relations and their personal issues and vendettas, often with frustrating results, Danielle walks into the survivor's lives and forces the issue that danger faces them on the island and that they'd all better wake up and face up to it.
    It is this episode that makes you understand why the writers chose to focus on the characters alot of the time previous to this. It suddenly shocks the survivors who have been rather blaze about the whole "mystery island" concept since their arrival, and gets them all to focus on the problems of the island rather than themselves.
    It is great to see Danielle back after Numbers. She is such an enigmatic character and adds to the mystery of the island. She also gives the survivors the dilemma of whether to believe her or her interpretation of events on the island.
    This episode is full of little revelations but most importantly begins to connect the dots between past mysteries and current ones, offering some kind of closure on many issues. One closure relates to character when Sawyer opens up to Jack about his conversation with Jack's father, Christian, which we saw in Outlaws. Sawyer was a surprise in this episode. He may be redeeming himself. He certainly seems to be becoming more helpful and offers to help with the Raft. There could be an ulterior motive, of course, but some of Sawyer's behavior seems quite genuine. When the raft launches the sight of Sawyer and Michael shaking hands in jubilation is emotional and unexpected.
    We get an answer for what the Monster could be, though we don't see it. Danielle says it is a security system protecting the island. Even though we don't know why the island needs protecting, it still makes sense.
    And we discover that the Black Rock is actually a ship, washed ashore.
    For all the character and plot line revelations, the real highlight of this episode are the final moments when the Raft is launched. The first couple of times I watched this I was almost crying. It is beautifully constructed to epic proportions that you refuse to believe that you're watching a 45 minute TV episode. This moment could almost be the final moment of the series, and it almost feels like the weiters were backing themselves up with a couple of episodes that felt like the end of the series, rather than the end of Season 1, just in case they couldn't do any more episodes. I think they knew that there would be more prior to making this episode but still feels that this was the anti-climax to the series.
    This was an impressive first part. The second part may blow it out of the water but this episode stands on its own very well.
  • Season One Finale Part One!

    There are flashbacks of various people before they got onto the plane. Jack meets Ana, Shannon and Boone cross with Sayid, Sawyer is taken on the flight as punishment, Kate is with the marshall, Sun and Jin get a bite to eat, and Walt and Michael have a little trouble getting along.

    Danielle comes to the camp to warn everyone about "the Others." They are coming to kill them. She says that at the sign of black smoke, it means they're coming. Sure enough, black smoke rises. Jack, Locke, Danielle, Hurley and Artz make their way towards the ship with dynamite, in order to open the hatch. On the beach, Michael and everyone else help get the raft into the water. Sun and Jin make up. Jin, Sawyer, Michael and Walt set sail.

    This was a great episode! I love the ending sound of the Lost logo! I'm glad Jin and Sun made up! This episode gets a 10 out of 10!
  • More flashbacks of the survivors' of plane crash lives.

    Let me just start off by saying that I really liked this episode. It was definitely a very exciting episode and a great way to start the two part season one season finale. I loved the all of the flashbacks of everyone's lives, especially the flashbacks of Sawyers life. Since Sawyer is one of my most favorite characters on the show, I really enjoyed his storyline in this episode. Jack's storyline was also very interesting to me. I really enjoyed Jack's flashback of the day that they all boarded their plane that crashed. All of the flashbacks in this episode were great. As a whole, I thought that this was a very well written, well acted and well made episode by everyone involved, and I'm looking forward to watching part two of the season one season finale.
  • MAnage To Had some Greats Moments!!!!

    I don´t Think that this episode deserves to have a 9 or 10, this is due to the fact that a 9 episode have more great moments or stands out of other episodes in general, with great Cliffhanger, mystery, some death, or something totally new and reveling.

    This episode was all about goodbyes. The all episode was predictable, so what could be made? Emotional moments and that is exactly what the writers created.

    Sawyer Way to say goodbye for Jack was Great, emotional and now Jack Know what his father was thinking of him before he died.

    Sun and Michael goodbye was cool. Walt and Shannon Scene was one of the very good ones.

    And then Sun and Jin very emotional goodbye, if there is someone that can communicate this type of emotions is Jin and Sun.

    Other than that, you know that the Others are coming, but nothing happened yet, only the monster attacked again, which is kind boring, repetitive and fiiler type Scene.

    The Flashbacks was more about sharing information, like what they were doing before entering the plane?
  • Two points of departure; hope and failure weighing them down

    One thing Lost does masterfully is the season finales, even when it's divided into three parts, where we actually start getting some answer--- about the island and the people on it, old and new. 'Exodus, Part 1' is particularly revelatory when it comes to Rousseau, who breaks her solitary confinement to deliver an ominous warning.
    When she shows up, even though only a few people know her by sight, they know enough to thinks she bears bad tidings, and she isn't quite there. She reveals how her team ended up on the island and what happened afterwards (later episodes will prove that she was telling the truth), and that one week after giving birth to her child (Alex was a girl), she saw black smoke and the Others took her. Basically, they have three choices--- run, hide or die. Jack still isn't convinced of this, until we see a warning sign of black smoke. This leads to Michael accelerating his plan to launch the raft, and Jack trying to get the hatch open. We then receive a couple more revelations. Apparently, the hatch is news to Rousseau, and now Jack asks her another question-where does she get her explosives? The answers is the Black Rock---- which she now reveals is an old slave ship containing dynamite. This now opens a whole new set of questions we still haven't gotten any answers to --- how did a ship get so far inland? How old is it, and how is it that the dynamite has managed to stay stable on it for hundreds of years? This leads to Jack, Locke, Kate and Hurley following Rousseau to the black rock, where they eventually encounter the monster--- which Rousseau now argues is the island's security system. This explanation holds a certain amount of water, and it seems that is has been under people control, though again, we won't learn much about it until Season 3 at the earliest. As the raft moves towards its being launched, there are some rather remarkable scenes, particularly intermeshed with flashbacks of the survivors just prior to boarding Oceanic 815. The most shocking is Sawyer, whose full name we finally learn--- James Ford, as well as why he was on the plane in the first place--- apparently, he head-butted an Australian politician in a bar fight, no doubt taking out his frustration for the murder he committed earlier. But it's the last scene between Jack and Sawyer that's the revelation. Jack gives Sawyer one of the guns for protection--- the first real pleasant exchange they've ever had. This leads to Sawyer making his revelation about how he met Christian in a bar. Ironically, this is followed by his saying "Small world, isn't it?" In season 2, it's going to become much clearer how small the world the people on this island were from actually is.

    Jin and Sun also have their first real scene together since Sun revealed to everybody that she spoke English. In it's own way, the revelation is quietly powerful,--- Sun desperate not to lose her husband, and Jin, who feels responsible in ways we didn't realize. Like Hurley, he thinks the crash was some sort of punishment , as to how he behaved towards Sun all the years of their marriage. Sun's final gift to her husband is one that helps reconcile them, and is a key to the evolution of their relationship in future seasons.

    We also get flashes of how Kate felt towards the Marshal before the
    Crash, and how badly Michael and Walt were getting along before the flight left. The only person who hasn't seemed to have changed at all in the last forty five days--- she's just as whiny and manipulative as she ever was. Which is why it comes as something as a huge shock when Walt goes to her and leaves Vincent in her care. We know that Walt has flashes, and that Vincent is a protector, so perhaps Walt knows what coming and wants to keep her safe. Fate is not without irony, because Vincent is exactly what ends up making her vulnerable for one key moment in Season 2.

    Also critical in it's own way is Jack's flashback. For one thing, he's tossing back drinks, and considering the way he was drinking on the plane, it looked like he was really getting drunk. Considering how his father died, is it possible that the island did something to save him from himself. Given what we will finally see of him when he gets off, there's a very good chance of that. But equally important is the woman he meets--- Ana Lucia, who was also on the flight but not among the survivors on the beach. As we learn from her ticket, she was in the tail section, which up until now we've assumed was destroyed. But since no one ever seems to meet by chance, we wonder if there's more to it than this. We'll learn why in season 2.

    The episode seems to have a measure of finality, as the first real split in the group takes place, when the raft finally launches. There is a lot of cheering and hurrahing as they sail off ---- but then Vincent runs out into the water after it. Does Vincent know that Walt is in danger, and that's why he's trying to protect him? And Walt weeps as the raft sails away. Is he just upset about losing his dog, or have his vision given him some hint as to the fate of the people on the island? Even with the majesty of the final moments of 'Exodus, Part 1', we have a definite feel of foreboding that one or both of those groups are headed for danger. We're just not sure where it's going to come from, and when it does, neither group will be prepared.
    My Score:9.5
  • Season 1 finale part 1.

    Lost is filled with classic episodes and its first season contains as many as most series do during the entire run. Season 1 of Lost is as good as early Seinfelds and I cannot think of anything else to compare it to as it is absolutely in a league of its own.

    Just the perfect combination of suspense, mystery and a little bit of comedy. Every character was interesting and looking back we truly witnessed something special throughout their evolution.

    Lost is the one show you can count on to never disappoint you during a season finale. The only thing you will be upset with when the episode is over is that you have months to wait before the next installment arrives.
  • Black Rock/Drive Raft

    Todo tiene un final, todo termina. Danielle llega diciendo que "The Others" are coming, y que es mejor que rajen de ahí si no quieren comenzar con las clases de arpa. De ahí que los jefes, John y Jack, se pregunten si no sería una buena idea volar la tapa de la escotilla y meterse todos adentro. Y apurar la salida de la balsa, empleando en eso a la mayoría de los sobrevivientes. Aaron corre peligro por vez primera. El humo negro se manifiesta por primera vez? Qué será de ellos? La balsa podrá llegar lejos? Memorable escena de Vincent despidiendo a Walt.
  • Arzt: You want to keep a secret, don't tell the fat guy.

    Rousseau arrives at the beach to warn the survivors that the Others are coming, and tells them more of her own story. She was pregnant when she came to the island sixteen years ago but the Others - their arrival heralded by a column of black smoke - came and kidnapped her baby, who she has not seen since. A column of black smoke is soon seen in the distance. Jack, Locke and Sayid tell Rousseau about the hatch, and their need to open it, perhaps with dynamite. Rousseau offers to take them to the Black Rock to get some dynamite. Jack, Locke, Kate, Hurley, Arzt and Rousseau arrive at the Black Rock, a large slave ship stranded inland. Meanwhile, Charlie gathers messages to put in a bottle and the raft sets sail. In flashbacks, several of the survivors are shown in the final hours before the flight. Great episode full of tension my head nearly exploded with excitment during this episode and then it left me waiting for the second part great build up to the excellent finale. 9.6 out of 10.
  • Stairway to heaven?

    Exodus 1 is a truly awesome episode. Considering that the previous 2 episodes were pretty darn dull, this episode couldn't have been any better.

    I loved the flashbacks this episode - showing the key survivors situation before they got on the plane. This will carry onto the next 2 part of the finale. It just made the episode feel really epic. And it was.

    While there wasn't any kind of revelation apart from Rousseau claiming the Others are coming, the episode felt packed.

    To avoid the others, Jack and co comes up with a plan to open the hatch by going to the Black Rock to gather dynamite. Meanwhile Michael and co hurry up to get the raft going. The highlight of the episode to me was when Jack and co arrive at the Black Rock. Realizing it's a ship in the middle of the jungle from the 18th century... neat. Another highlight is when Sawyer tells Jack that he met his father before he died. Very emotional, amazing acting by Josh Holloway.
    And finally, the third highlight is the ending with Michael, Sawyer, Walt and Jin sailing off. Emotional also, and what a beautiful score by Giacchino!

    While it felt like a setup episode, it was so emotional and compelling, it could've worked as the season finale.
  • Part 1

    I don't know if I am the only one but that French lady Danielle freaks me out. She looks crazy. Danielle comes out of nowhere obviously interested in Claire's baby. Locke realizes that the only possible way they could get into the hatch is if they used the explosives that Danielle has to blow the door off. ARTZ volunteers his services but sadly get blown up by the explosive his is supposedly an expert on. How ironic! Sun make an English translation book for Jin so he can learn t communicate to everyone else, they kiss and make up. Michael, Walt, Jin and sawyer say the good byes as the sail off on the raft.
  • This is when things get even more exiting!

    Rousseau surprises the survivors by coming to the shore and gives them a warning that the others are a coming. Jack orders the survivors to go to the caves and leads a group to retrieve dynamite from the black rock, that Rousseau told them about to open the hatch. After the black smoke appears from the other side of the island; the signal of the others arrival when they took Rousseau's baby as she said, Michael's raft sets sail. This fist part of the finale was amazing and irritating as you can't help but wonder, who are these others and why they are going to attack them? It's such a well written and a reveling episode.
  • One of my favourites!

    Rousseau warns the survivors that "the Others" are coming. Jack sends the survivors to the caves and leads a group to retrieve dynamite from the black rock to open the hatch. Michael's raft sets sail after the black smoke is seen from the other side of the island. Flashbacks of various castaways show their moments at the airport leading up to boarding the plane. This was a good first part of Exudos and was very entertianing but the next part of the finale is still much better.
    When ever I watch this episode I always watch it with the second part.
  • The Others are coming.

    Rousseau warns the survivors that "the Others" are coming. Jack sends the survivors to the caves and leads a group to retrieve dynamite from the black rock to open the hatch. Michael's raft sets sail after the black smoke is seen from the other side of the island. Flashbacks of various castaways show their moments at the airport leading up to boarding the plane. This was a good first part of Exudos and was very entertianing but the next part of the finale is still much better.
    When ever I watch this episode I always watch it with the second part.
  • "...this guy, Christian, said that he wished he had the stones to pick up the phone and call his kid. Something tells me he never got around to making that call."

    There’s little doubt, in my mind, at least, that this episode outdoes every other this season in terms of emotional content. Along with the season finale, this episode exemplifies what Season 1 of Lost has been about-the characters on the island. While there is the mystery of the show inherent throughout, the characters take center stage in the last two episodes of the year.

    This episode is much more of a setup to the next episode than it is a stand alone episode. Each of the storylines will be expanded upon in the season finale, but their beginnings have been brilliant. The return of Danielle Rousseau is, once again, a joy, and Mira Furlan is excellent again. Her threatening message sets the tone for this episode and the next-the Others are coming, and they don’t mess around. The story of Alex’s kidnapping is very sad, and the audience immediately thinks of Claire and her new baby. Claire doesn’t have much of a role in this episode, but will become much more important in the next one. The fact that there are 40 people to hide from the Others makes for another problem-where to put them all. The hatch is the obvious answer, but how to get into it? The solution is surprisingly simple-dynamite.

    The group’s trek into the jungle, ending in the discovery of the Black Rock, is excellent, and very exciting. The presence of Arzt is a surprise, although it makes for a hilarious scene involving his first name. The storyline really just serves in introducing the one in the season finale, because nothing really happens here. Aside from an encounter with what we now know as the security system, there isn’t really a lot of substance here, not even in the acting. Kate, despite having a flashback (which really just serves to review her story thus far), is almost nonexistent here. Jack’s most emotional scene, I think all season, has already occurred and he’s not much of a presence on the jaunt either. Arzt is absent for a lot of the walk, and Hurley is just there to provide comic relief. Locke and Rousseau are the most interesting, especially since it seems Locke knows more about the monster than he’s letting on. This lack of interest in the dynamite storyline will be destroyed in the next episode, and since this episode serves as a companion to the next, the problems don’t stand out as much as they would in another episode.

    The rest of the camp has their attention focused on the launching of the raft. This story is much more interesting, as all the emotion comes from it. There are a ton of good scenes, and the first thing that comes to mind is Sawyer telling Jack about meeting his father. The scene could go terribly wrong, as it’s a very sad and emotional scene between two guys. However, Josh Holloway and Matthew Fox deliver knockout performances, and make this scene one of the most emotional, and the source of my starting quote (I would have used Rousseau’s spiel, but I think it’s been overdone). Sawyer looking around for Kate before the raft sales is also sweet, as it echoes what Kate had done earlier in the episode. It’s nice to see Sawyer starting to care about people as much as they care about him. He’s nice to Jack and Kate, and there’s nothing for him to gain from it. Another of the more touching scenes is Walt giving his dog to Shannon. Vincent can’t go on the raft, so it’s a very valid question-what will Walt do with him? The answer is a surprisingly sad scene, and I think Maggie Grace and Malcolm David Kelley, though not the best actors on the show perform the scene very well. Shannon is still terribly depressed about the loss of her brother, and I like how that parallels her flashback (note: this episode is Shannon’s first flashback-that’s pretty weird), where Boone asks what Shannon would do without him. It’s nice to see Boone again, even though he only died three episodes ago. The scene near the very end of the episode, when Vincent tries to follow the raft, is also pretty sad. It’s interesting to note that Vincent usually runs away when danger occurs-he’s by Jack, Kate, and Charlie in the pilot episode, just before they encounter the monster in the cockpit, and he runs away from Walt just before the polar bear attacks in Special. When we see what happens to the raft in the next episode, maybe Walt should have taken Vincent with him.

    The most touching scene in the entire episode, though, is easily Jin and Sun making up. It sounds sappy and stupid on paper, but when it’s filmed it nearly breaks your heart. The acting by Yunjin Kim and Daniel Dae Kim is possibly the best it’s ever been, and they’re not even speaking English. The two characters clearly love each other a great deal, and their last chance to say goodbye is done perfectly by the writers. …In Translation suddenly becomes one of the better episodes of the season after this scene, because without it, there would be no emotional makeup, and Sun and Jin saying goodbye to each other would be much less moving.

    The flashbacks are also excellent, and I love how they were done for the last two episodes of the season. Instead of trying to focus on one character in this ensemble cast and trying to tell another story opposite the amazing island ones, the producers just decide to give brief flashbacks for each character in the cast. The best part about these flashbacks is that they give us a chance to think about how the characters have changed over the season, and the characters’ changing was the main point of the first season. We see Walt trying to get away from Michael, but the two are probably closer than Walt and Brian ever were. Jack’s flashback doesn’t really show a big change, but features a conversation with a woman named Ana-Lucia. This conversation will be very important in Season 2. Like I said, Kate’s flashback just served to review her past, which is rather complicated, and Fredric Lane does an awesome job in his very brief scene, making it very memorable. Sawyer’s flashback is good, with a little humor, but also a very cool moment that I always look for. Watch how Sawyer’s cocky grin evaporates when the police guy says his real name. It’s a reminder of who Sawyer was, and he’s been trying to get away from that. Sun’s flashback allows us to remember that we didn’t think she spoke English earlier in the series, and we now know better. It also shows how insensitive some people are to other cultures. Shannon’s flashback provides a great glimpse at life with Boone, and Sayid had a flashback that was deleted from this episode. It can be found on the extras of the DVD, and it features Sayid trying to pick out a tie for his meeting with Nadia. It’s very sad to think about how, while the island has helped so many people, it’s actually been a bit of a problem for Sayid. Thank God Shannon was there, though.

    The last act of this episode is sheer brilliance. Aside from the Sun and Jin conversation, the last five minutes, featuring the launch of the raft, are excellent. Once again, there’s very little dialogue, but it makes the scene even better. The looks between Sawyer and Charlie and Sun and Jin are both nice little additions, and the score by Michael Giacchino is a masterpiece. The music builds and crescendos and it really makes the viewer feel hopeful-the raft is working, we’ve witnessed the first major exodus of members of the camp, and everything seems good. The music achieves that perfectly, and especially the last notes, played over the black smoke. It reminds us that nothing good lasts for long on this island.

    This episode is the starting point for the amazing season finale, but what a starting point it is. The acting, music, and most of all, emotion, is perfect, and this is definitely one of the best episodes of the entire season, possibly the whole series. All I can say is get ready for the season finale, because it’s even better.
  • My favorite LOST episode!

    Exodus is in my opinion, the greatest Lost episode ever made. I love the story of this episode. One thing that I absolutely love about it, is the way that they did the flashbacks. For both Exodus 1, and Exodus 2, the flashbacks fit so perfectly showing us who these characters were right before the crash, and who they are now. They are totally different, mostly better. The raft launching is one of my favorite scenes in Lost history. It is so emotional and beautiful. I can't describe how much I love this episode. Everything about it is absolutely brilliant! There are so many emotional scenes. The scene with Walt giving Vincent to Shannon always causes me to cry. Also, the scene right before the raft launches where Sun and Jin tell each other goodbye is so beautiful. This is such an amazing episode! I hope to see more like it.
  • Review

    The first thing that jumped out at me in this episode was the lack of focusing on only one person for the flashbacks. Instead, the writers opted to show the flashbacks for several of the characters just hours before they got on board flight 815. I thought that the change it up flashback stories was actually kind of cool, giving us a different perspective on things. Hopefully the finale will do the same but for the survivors that didnt get a small clip in this episode like Hurley and Locke. The island scenes werent anything amazing. The group of people leaving on the boat had some okay scenes and the hike to the Black Rock was just building up to the finale next week. I thought that the best scene of the episode was Sawyers monolouge to Jack about how he had met Jacks father before getting on the plane. The emotion that Jack showed and Sawyers speech really made this episode something special
  • great episode.

    Danielle Rousseau visits the camp warning the survivors about the others who are also living on the island. Michael, Jin, Sawyer and Walt prepares the raft for sailing. Danielle's intentions of helping the survivors stirs suspicions when she kidnaps Claire's baby. This episode shows Charlie helping with the recovery of the baby. It's a great episode, I really enjoyed watching it. This episode closes all the story for season 1, it's really entertaining. Season 1 was really great, I'm looking forward for season 2. The writers did a really great job with this season, next season should be a spectacle to see.
  • Danielle: "You have only 3 choices - run, hide, or die."

    Danielle shows up at the camp the morning that the raft is to be launched. Everyone wakes up, and she issues them a warning- that the Others are coming to attack them. She says they will see black smoke, and that she saw black smoke the day they came and took away her baby, Alex. Jack chooses to somewhat ignore her and focus on getting the raft launched. With the help of all the survivors, they are able to push it on logs about halfway down to the water, until it slips off one of the logs and the mast breaks. Michael begins yelling at Sawyer, but everyone looks up into the sky to see a pillar of black smoke rising from the other side of the island.

    In flashbacks throughout the episode, we see everyone doing various things at the airport. Jack is sitting at a bar, having a drink with a woman named Ana-Lucia. Kate is with the Marshall, who is trying to check in all his guns. Shannon is with Boone, and of course they're argueing. Sun overhears an American couple saying nasty things about her and Jin. And we also see Michael and Walt at a hotel, early in the morning, and Walt clearly doesn't want to leave Australia with Michael.

    Jack decides that it's time to figure out how to open that hatch, so that they can hide everyone inside if the Others attack. He, Locke, and Hurley show the hatch to Danielle, who claims she's never seen anything like it on the island before. She decides to lead them to the Black Rock, where they can get dynamite to blow open the hatch. They return to camp, and Jack tells everyone what the plan is. A man, Dr. Arzt, insists on coming on the trip so that he can help them handle the dynamite, as it could be extremely dangerous. Jack goes into the jungle to give Sawyer a gun to bring on the raft with him. Sawyer is making a new mast for the raft, and decides to tell Jack about how he met his father in Australia. With that, they wish each other luck, and part ways. Saying goodbye to everyone else who will be leaving on the raft, Jack, Kate, Locke, Hurley, Arzt, and Danielle set off into the jungle. Kate is clearly upset that she didn't get to really say goodbye to Sawyer, who was still in the jungle.

    Later that day, Walt decides to let Shannon take care of Vincent for him, as Walt doesn't want to bring him on the raft. Shannon agrees to watch over him. Sawyer comes back with a new mast build, and the raft is ready to set sail soon. Jin and Sun finally make up and come back together, and of course both are very happy. But Jin is still going to leave on the raft, so that he may get himself and Sun rescued. Charlie is also putting together some messages and putting them in a bottle, so that the people on the raft can take them with them.

    In the jungle, the group of 6 are about the enter what Danielle calls The Dark Territory. It really is dark, seeing as how our old friend the monster makes a reappearance, attacking them. Locke stands still and keeps Hurley with him, while the other 4 just run and hide. Eventually, the monster leaves, and they head deeping into the jungle, until the reach the Black Rock- an old sailing ship?

    Everyone says their final goodbyes, and the raft is pushed into the water, setting sail. Vincent tries to jump on board, but Walt tells him to stay behind. Sun stands, watching Jin, and you can tell that she loves him. The raft heads out into open water and, looming ominously in the background, is a tower of black smoke, rising into the sky.

    What a great episode... one of season one's best. It's the set up of an epic. The raft launches, and a group heads deep into the island to get dynamite and finally blow open that hatch! It's also nice to see Boone again, even if it is only in a flashback. This episode marks the end of the beginning. After this we get into the real good stuff of Lost. This episode kicks it all off in classic fashion. The acting in this episode is supurb, and all the characters are very emotional. But that won't last, though- with Exodus (2), we get into some real action adventure stuff, which this episode does a great job of foreshadowing.
  • its odd to say that the season finale's part one is only a setup episode, but believe me, this is 'only' a setup episode... but a damn good one.

    Rousseau appears again, she tells the survivors the others are coming. Definitely, they are. We can see a black smoke, somewhere at the other end of the island. So Jack has an idea: Open the hatch. Maybe it could be used as shelter.

    Rousseau has an idea what to do: get dynamite from the Black Rock, blow up the hatch, and that's it.

    The survivors start trekking to the Black Rock, which is an ubercool boat,a very old boat. It is really great to include such thing.

    Things soonyl get worse when Dr. Arzt blows himself up while handling the dynamites. The survivors also have brief meeting with the monster.

    Finally, the rest of the survivors help the raft team to get onboard, and after a mistake though, but everything goes fine.
  • The French woman -- Danielle Rousseau (guest-star Mira Furlan) -- shocks the survivors by showing up to the camp with a dire warning about "the others" who are on the island, and she leads jack, kate, locke, arzt and hurley to the black rock.

    this episode was amazing. the best parts of this episode are. when roessuea tells the survivors the others are coming, which added tension, when the raft sets sail and the part were they see black rock and it ends up been a prison ship in the middle of the jungle. the funniest parts of this episode are: when arzt runs back because hes scared, and when hurley cant get his name right, and arzt ends up calling him an idiot. great first part to the series finale. the best part was the monster where it chases them but locke stands still and it goes away.
  • first part of season one finale

    finally we get an episode in which the flashbacks are not focused merely on one of the characters. the flashbacks in this episode focus on what many of the characters were doing during the time before the flight took off. we also get to know more about the french lady and see some more of the island after a search party leaves the beach to find explosives to get into the hatch before the others come.
  • Here comes the last few events of season 1

    Exodus part1 is an exceptional episode beacause it take all the events through out seaon 1 and starts to develope and explain them. Although not all the questoins will be answered in the season finale, (especially not part 1) it's still a great episode.

    I love this episdoe because it shows all the relationships between the characters, like Sawyer telling Jack about his dad. It is all heart warming to see the conpanignship between all the characters, and the difference between the pilot and the season finale.

    While Sawyer, Walt, Michael and Jin set sail, and Locke, Jack, Kate, Hurley, Artz and Rousseau set out to find dynamite to blow open the hatch. Exodus really is the beggining of a whole new world for LOST.

    Rousseau: The others are coming, you have only three choises; Run, Hide or Die.

  • The Black Rock is a fascinating find but also an extremely problematic one.

    While there are many things worth discussing in this episode, the Black Rock is the obvious thing:

    It looks like it might be an 19th century ship but doesn’t resemble any ship of the period I could find, for one – 19th century ships usually had lines of portals along the side. Dynamite was invented in 1866 which dates our ship to late 1800’s which agrees to the obvious explanation that this ship was headed to the Australian penal colony, carrying both convict labour, mining equipment and dynamite which was heavily used for mining. Jack etc are able to enter the ship and walk around but between the heavy rainfall on the island and insects, the wood should be rotted through. Not only are they able to walk around but the ship is almost completely intact. The obvious explanation for the ship’s presence is a tsunami/rogue wave but the only visible damage is a single broken mast. There is no waterline on the hull, no algae etc which would grow on any ship, particularly a wooden one but the hull is completely clean. This ship has maybe been here for a hundred years but there is minimal growth on it, particularly since the ship is made of wood, the ship should have been completely overgrown. Now all of this could be pure carelessness on the part of the producers – the ship just doesn’t belong there when you think logically about it. It’s highly unlikely it’s part of the larger conspiracy in season 2 about Dharma, the dynamite is very convincing and you wouldn’t be able to transport that much highly unstable dynamite around, just to make the ship look right, not to mention the bodies.

    My first reaction was delight when I saw it but now, much much later, I realise the ship just doesn't make sense. The writers probably never intended for Lost to get as complicated as it has in season 2 so this makes me think that they never thought the fans would give that much thought to it but given the immense detail of season 2, the fans find themselves, myself included, examining many things with greater attention than when we just watched season 1 for enjoyment.
  • the french girl shows up to warn everyone about the others

    it's about time the producers developed the plot. this is the first time that more than one person has had a flashback. even though they are pretty meaningless, the plot was pretty cool. anyways, the french girl shows up again and tells them that the others are coming and that black smoke is always a sign of their arrival. however, the smoke didn't seem to be that far away. if they were planning on killing everyone, why didn't they just rush the beach and kill everyone before going to the caves and killing everyone there? i mean, they really weren't that far off.
  • Life of the many survivers.

    I enjoyed this season finale it's really good way to end the season and its great to see all the characters flashbacks come together to see them all getting on the plane and to see the French chick again that was great and to finally see what the Black Rock is.
  • The real emotional climax of lost: series 1.

    There are so many emotional moments in this episode, Jin and Sun getting re-united. The raft leaving, both moments that got me choked up. And i'm a lad. Some interesting developments, Danielle not seeing a hatch (despite the 16 years of island exploration), The monster "appearing" which Danielle labels a Security System.
  • Part 1 is much more revealing and better than part 2, but part 3 revealed alot more. Here In Australia we got Exodus in 3 parts. Part 2 was split into two over 2 nights.

    I really loved this episode alot, I found it really emotional with Jin and Sun's goodbye.

    Now Danielle, what the heck were those marks on her arms, I'm sure we will learn more about them since in part 2 Claire actually gave them to her in what appears to be a flashback, I'm hoping we will learn more about what happened to Claire when Ethan took her in season 2.

    Other than that the 3-part final (or 2 part if you dont split part 2 in half) was great, but can they really keep us guessing with all these secerts for long, but I'd say if they did reveal alot in the final, it would loose viewers and people will tune out.

    Anyway a 10/10 for this episode.
  • The action is getting more and more fascinating! Read on...

    That was great! This episode contains two fabolously connected topics with each other: trying to launch the raft and an ill-omened sign, black smoke. It keeps in strain up to the last minute! The group must be separated to three smaller ones - there's no time to be wasted: the others want to screw Claire out of her infant and, supposedly, according to Danielle, thay're gonna to kill the other castaways. Because of that they must find the safer shelter ... maybe it would be the misterious hatch?... I'm looking forward to find out what will happen next. What about the raft? And Danielle's expedition? There is so much questions and no answers. But somebody said nothing occurs without a reason...
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