Season 1 Episode 23

Exodus (1)

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM May 18, 2005 on ABC



  • Trivia

    • Storyline Goof:In his flashback with Ana Lucia, Jack tells her his seat is 23B. However, in an earlier episodes he asks Rose if she remembers him, and calls himself "Seat 23A". 23B is actually the seat he changes into in order to keep Rose company while her husband is in the bathroom.

    • When the group spot the black smoke for the first time, a close up of Claire is shown with rather large bushes behind her. However, when we see a wide shot of the scene, Claire is amongst a crowd of people and there is one, single tree behind her.

    • The raft ended up leaving with 4 people: Sawyer, Walt, Jin and Michael. 4 is one of "The Numbers".

    • Walt is watching Power Rangers: SPD. However, that show premiered on February of 2005, while the flashback is from September of 2004.

    • Numbers: 23 and 42

      Jack and Ana Lucia are sitting in seats 23 B and 42 F respectively.

    • In the pilot Walt had really short hair when he came to the island, but in their flash back he has longer hair and that's the day before they got on the plane.

    • GOOF: At 7:49-7:50 of the episode you can clearly see members of the film crew. Specifically the cameraman.

    • During this two-part episode, there were 2 flashbacks that were cut. In one, Claire talks to the pilot about why she is traveling (she mentions the adoption and the psychic), and he ends up saying "I'll make this a pleasant flight". In another, Sayid is picking a tie to wear for when he sees Nadia. He has a little chat with the female clerk, and she chooses a yellow one, but the security guards that talk to Shannon take him before he can buy it. He remembered that after he sees Sawyer using his tie to tie something to the raft.

    • Rousseau had 4 scratches on her arm, just like Ethan had in "Homecoming". 4 is one of "The Numbers".

    • Island events in this episode take place on November 4th 2004.

    • Goof: When Walt and Michael are arguing in the hotel corridor, the "Exit" signs are the wrong color for Australia. They should be white letters on a green background.

    • Goof: As the camera flies over and around the raft, you can clearly see the cable which is towing it.

    • It is revealed that Sawyer headbutted Warren Truss, the Minister for "Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries" in Australia. There is a Warren Truss who was the Minister for "Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries," but since this episode was aired, Truss was elected deputy leader of the "National Party," the junior coalition government party, and has moved on from that portfolio to become Transport Minister.

    • Jack finds out about his father talking to Sawyer back in Australia when Sawyer tells him about a doctor he met in the bar and what he wished he could tell his son, but didn't have the courage to do so.

    • At the beginning, when Walt wakes Michael up, the time on the clock is 5:23! Yet another instance of Hurley's numbers popping up.

    • Before the raft sets off, you see Locke, Jack, Kate, Hurly, Artz and Danielle walking off to the Black Rock. In the following scene, you see Locke help Michael, Walt, Jin and Sawyer push the raft into the water. Locke is in two places at once.

    • In a flashback scene, Sawyer is with the police and the police place his airline ticket on top of a file with a State Police emblem. There is no such force called the State Police in NSW. police.nsw.gov.au shows the actual emblem and title of the NSW Police which would really exist.

    • While at the airport, Shannon complains about not getting a first class seat and says, "Excuse me for not being pathetic enough to want to sit next to a crying baby for 15 hours." In the episode "Do No Harm," Jack's father complained about being stuck next to a "screaming kid" in first class.

    • Sawyer tells Jack about the night he met Jack's father at a bar in Australia. He specifically mentions his name (Christian). If you go back to the "Outlaws" episode in which they meet, Jack's father does not give his name to Sawyer at any point.

    • When it shows Shannon's flashback when she and Boone were at the airport, it shows Boone with a black eye. He received it in Australia from Shannon's boyfriend. However, there is one little problem: Boone never had the black eye after the plane crashed!

    • What Rousseau called "Territoires fonces" should be pronounced "Territoires foncés", and it should have be called "Territoires sombres". "Foncé" would be used to describe a color for example.

    • As the dog jumps in the water, you clearly can see the cameraboat on the right side of the raft.

    • The radar that Sayid gives them to put on the raft is a forward looking (ie one direction) phased array radar that is probably from the nose of one of the planes. However, the radar display is a PPI display showing a full 360 degrees.

    • In the scene where Danielle first arrives at the camp and is telling her story to the survivors, Claire's baby alternates from being wrapped in an airplane blanket, to not being wrapped in anything, to being back in a blanket again.

    • The dog shown in the flashback at the hotel room is clearly much older (about the same age as is this episode) and not as young as the dog that arrived to the island when it was a puppy.

    • When the black smoke appears everyone is moving to the back of the raft. In the next shot they are all located at the side of the raft.

  • Quotes

    • (Kate walks up the beach. She heads over to Jack, who is packing his backpack)
      Kate: So you're heading out?
      Jack: Yeah.
      Kate: (hesitantly) I was thinking that I might go with you...for old times' sake. I want to help.
      Jack: You won't be here for the raft launching.
      Kate: Yeah, well, I'm, I'm not very good at goodbyes.
      Jack: Grab your stuff.

    • Sayid: Danielle, what are you doing here?
      Danielle: The others are coming.

    • Arzt: You want to keep a secret, don't tell the fat guy.

    • Shannon: Excuse me, sir?
      Airport cop: Yes, ma'am.
      Shannon: Hi, um, some Arab guy just left his bags in the chairs downstairs and then just walked away.
      Airport cop: Can you describe him, please?
      Shannon: Um, Arab.

    • Shannon: Excuse me for not being pathetic enough to not want to sit next to some crying baby for the next 15 hours.

    • Hurley: Uh, where's Arnzt?
      Arzt: It's 'Arzt', you idiot.
      Hurley: Dude, I thought you were dead.

    • Dr. Arzt: (to Hurley) And some of us have actually lost weight while we were here. Now, would you mind telling me where you're hiding the cards because I can't figure.

    • Hurley: He just... exploded... in front of us.

    • Sawyer: About a week before we all got on the plane I got to talking to this man in a bar in Sydney. He was American, too. A doctor. I've been on some benders in my time, but this guy - he was going for an all time record. It turns out this guy has a son - his son's a doctor, too. They had some kind of big time falling out. The guy knew it was his fault even though his son was back in the States thinking the same damn thing. See, kids are like dogs, you knock them around enough they'll think they did something to deserve it. Anyway, there's a pay phone in this bar. And this guy, Christian, tells me he wishes he had the stones to pick up the phone, call his kid, tell him he's sorry, that he's a better doctor than he'll ever be. He's proud, and he loves him. (Jack starts to tear up) I had to take off, but something tells me he never got around to making that call.

    • (After part of the raft breaks off)
      Michael: I can't believe this (giving Sawyer a dirty look.) Can't believe it.
      Sawyer: What are you looking at me for? It's not my fault.
      Michael: You missed a lever.
      Sawyer: Because you couldn't keep the raft going straight.

    • (We see Sawyer chopping down a bamboo pole. Jack enters.)
      Jack: Lumberjack.
      Sawyer: Excuse me?
      Jack: I never asked you what you did back in the real world, so I'm taking a wild guess—lumberjack.

    • Walt: I think you should take Vincent.
      Shannon: Are you serious?
      Walt: He'll take care of you.
      Shannon: What makes you think I need a dog to take care of me?
      Walt: Vincent took care of me when my mom died and nobody would talk to me. They pretended like nothing happened. So I had to talk to Vincent. He's a good listener. You could talk to him about Boone if you want.
      Shannon: All right, but only until you get us rescued, okay.

    • Hurley: Whoever named this place Dark Territory.... genius.

    • Locke: Where did you get those marks?
      Danielle: Bush.
      Locke: Mean bush.

    • (Sawyer singing Bob Marley)
      Michael: You singing Bob Marley?
      Sawyer: No. (little pause) Why? You like Bob Marley?
      Michael: Man, who doesn't like Bob Marley?

    • Charlie: (describing the "message in a bottle" theory) You know-'Dear Mom', I'm on the island, everything's fine-unless, of course, the black smoke people turn up-love, your-name-here. It's for when they get rescued, so they can contact your family.

    • Ana-Lucia: Your dad died.
      Jack: I thought you didn't hear what I was yelling about.
      Ana-Lucia: I was being polite.

    • Locke: Where did you get your explosives?
      Danielle: Dynamite, at the Black Rock, in the Dark Teritory.
      Hurley: Well that's three reasons to go there.

    • Cop: You're a blight. A stain. You prey on the weak and needy. Tell me James, how do you live with yourself?
      Sawyer: I do just fine.

    • Danielle: You have only three choices; run, hide or die.

    • Arzt: You know what? I'm going back.
      Jack: Hey. I thought you wanted to help.
      Arzt: Yeah, I wanted to help, but that was before Montand lost his frickin' arm.

    • Hurley: So, Arnzt.
      Arzt: Arzt.
      Hurley: Yeah, Arnzt. Your name's hard to pronounce.
      Arzt: Well, I know a bunch of ninth graders who have no trouble saying it.
      Hurley: Fine. I'll just call you by your first name. I know it from the passenger manifest.
      Arzt: No.
      Hurley: Why not? I think Leslie's a bitchin' name.

  • Notes

  • Allusions

    • Sawyer's real name is revealed to be James Ford. James Ford was an American civic leader and business owner in southern Illinois at the turn of the 19th century. Despite his clean public image, he was also secretly a river pirate and the leader of a gang that would come to be known as "Ford's Ferry Gang". They would hijack ferries and flatboats with tradable goods from local farms coming down the Ohio River.

    • Gina and Jeff notice Sun spilling coffee on Jin. As Sun then jumps up to help him, Gina remarks that it is Memoirs Of A Geisha come to life. This is a novel by Arthur Golden, published in 1997, that later became a 2005 movie.

    • The TV show that Walt watches in the Sydney hotel room is Power Rangers SPD, a popular children's program.

    • Episode title: Exodus

      Exodus is the second book of the Torah (the five books of Moses. The Exodus refers to the departure of the Hebrew slaves from Egypt and its Pharaoh under the leadership of Moses. As a result of this meaning the term "an exodus" has come to mean a departure of a great number of people.

    • The Black Rock being revealed as a slave ship raises some interesting questions. From what era did it come? Looking at the ship it appears to be a multi-masted steamer from the late 19th or early 20th Century, when ships used a combination of sails and coal powered engines. It is way too modern to be from the "classical" period of African slave trade, which was mostly on the west coast of Africa and had been outlawed by most countries by the early 19th century (The US in 1864). According to Locke it was probably headed from the East Coast of Africa to a mining colony. There is still slavery practiced in remote areas of Africa but one wonders if they are exporting to the Indies. Also, if the ship is truely over 100 years old, how did a wood and steel vessel survive the heat and humidity for that long? It is true that older vessels have been kept in use in poorer areas of the world well past their primes (Galveston, TX features the "Elissa" which was an early 20th century sailing vessel that had been used as late as the 80's as a cigarette smuggling boat in the Adriatic). I would guess that the Black Rock probably wrecked sometime during the 1930's - 1950s.

    • Event: Jin and Michael fixing the raft

      Michael scolding Jin when he was fixing the raft; "No, no, no; this one goes here, that one goes there". This is probably a reference to Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back. In the docking bay on Hoth, Han and Chewie have a similar dialogue when Chewie incorrectly repairs something on the Millenium Falcon. Episode III: The Revenge of the Sith premiered at midnight the same day that this episode premiered.

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