Season 1 Episode 24

Exodus (2)

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM May 25, 2005 on ABC

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  • Whilst Sayid is getting all the people on the beach sorted out and organised, it is Jack and his crew that go exploring through the ship to find the dynamite, they find it and then take the crate outside.

    Much to the disgust of the school teacher who knows dynamite and handles it and explains about it just as the dynamote blows up and stuns them all but killing the teacher. Leaving Locke and Jack to undertake the task instead.

    The people on the raft see how large the island, they continue with their journey and use the devices as instructed.

    Alot of the flashbacks are related to the airport departure. Sayid getting in trouble with the police for leaving his baggage unattended, even though he asked Shannon to look after it. We had Sun and Jin having a snack, Jin getting a drink spilled on him, then getting warned about his task by a whiteman speaking korean, he is aware that he is planning on leaving with his wife after the watch deliveries.

    Danielle comes back to the beach asking for Sayid, Charlie runs off for him, leaving Claire and Danielle chatting, she wants to hold him, we hear a scream and discover that she has hit Kate and taken the baby. Sayid and Charlie go after her, he believes that she will try to give the baby to the others for her own. They stop to rest at where Boone and the plane fell, Charlie finds out about the heroin and has a decision to make.

    The others draw short straws for the right to carry a bag of dynamite, after deciding that as the job needs 3 sticks they would take 2 sets of 3 sticks, just to be on the safe side. They get caught by the unseen security system, it grabs hold of Locke and jack insists of saving him, when he is half way down a hole, but Kate solves it by throwing down some dynamite, which stops the thing holding Locke and seems to go puff in a cloud of smoke. Later they talk through it and Locke explains that he Jack is a man of science and he is a man of faith.

    We have other flashbacks of the people at the airport, Hurley oversleeping and racing to get to the airport and having bad luck all the way throught the process. We have Charlie struggling with the last piece of heroin in the room with the slapper from the night before. Locke, in a wheelchair having to be carried onto the plane.

    We get to the source of the black smoke, there are no others there, there is Danielle and she does give the baby back to Sayid who passes it back to Charlie. At the same time, the dynamite is placed around the hinge of the hatch.

    The raft crew get a target on their radar, they argue but eventually set off the flare, then are ecstatic that the blip comes back for them, but the boat crew just want the boy, Sawyer gets a shot off before being shot himself, Jin goes into save him and then a member of the boat crew throws an explosive device on the raft and torches it.

    Charlie brings baby Aaron back to Claire, Shannon is glad that Sayid made it back, but we also see a small little statue from the drug smugglers plane in Charlies belongings.

    The dynamite breaks the hinge and the hatch is able to be accessed, but to where and what ???
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