Season 3 Episode 14


Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Mar 28, 2007 on ABC

Episode Recap

The episode starts mysteriously. We see Nikki running through the jungle, hurriedly burying something in the ground. Then she limps out to the beach and collapses at the feet of Hurley and Sawyer. She just about manages to utter the words "Paulo lies." She then freezes and Hurley proclaims that she is dead.

We see a flashback and Nikki is working as a guest star actress on a TV show. We see that she seems to have a good relationship with the director as she kisses him. In another flashback, we see that he plans to marry Nikki and we see his chef Paulo serve himself and Nikki. Suddenly the director drops dead and Nikki takes a key from around his neck. We see that Nikki and Paulo have been working together and planned to kill him. They rush into another room and open a safe which contained diamonds. They take them.

We see many more flashbacks which show us that Nikki and Paulo have lost the diamonds on the island and are looking for them everywhere. In a later flashback, we see that Paulo finds them but doesn't tell Nikki, fearing it would destroy their relationship. He finds the Pearl Station and hides them in there. We see later on when he is back at the Pearl, that he takes the diamonds and puts them in his pants.
We also see Nikki talking to Dr. Arzt who tells her about the spider he found which can paralyze people.

On the island they all suspect Sawyer of killing Paulo and Nikki because of an argument he had with her that morning. He tells them she wanted a gun and that he found diamonds with her. Meanwhile Charlie tells Sun the truth about her kidnapping. She walks away from him and goes to Sawyer, who she blames.

In a final flashback we see that Nikki finds out that Paulo has the diamonds. She confronts him and demands them. He doesn't give them so she frees a spider on him. The very same spider which paralyzes people. She takes the diamonds, just before she gets bitten by the spider too. She rushes and hides the diamonds just before she goes out to the beach and collapses.

On the island, we see that the two are buried. Hurley gives them a send off and Sawyer whispers to Nikki "Thanks for nothing." They are covered in sand, just as Nikki wakes up. They are buried alive.
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