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Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Mar 28, 2007 on ABC

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  • Not part of the series arc, but is that a crime?

    Not part of the series arc, but is that a crime?

    The setups were was amazingly well woven into the series as a whole.

    We all remember seeing them, and only now do we realize what they meant.

    The spleen vented on this enjoyable diversion is way out of proportion to the magnitude of the

    TV series typically have A, B, and sometimes even C stories. Having this Nikki and Paolo C story be part of an arc is hardly the end of the world.
  • An enjoyable story, but it had nothing to do with anything.

    The episode, exploring the past of Nikki and Paulo, was of a dual quality. On one hand it was a very enjoyable, engaging story with a "Twilight Zone" ending; on the other, it had nothing to do with anything, and didn't advance the story one bit (unless you count Sun finding out the truth about her faked abduction "advancing"). It felt very much as though the producers realized that they'd added two actors to the cast and then found out they had nothing to do with them and no way to easily integrate them into any of the existing and continuing story arcs. Then they came up with the solution of simply killing them off in a filler episode and hope they could distract the fans from noticing how little happened by tossing in cameos from Boone, Shannon, and Arzt, as well as manipulating archive footage to insert Kiele Sanchez and Rodrigo Santoro into previous scenes. In the end, the episode was all glitz and flash—a decent hour's entertainment meant to distract from the fact that one could've missed the episode and not missed any actual story.
  • It was better than a Recap ep for a Filler, which is its only redeeming quality.

    It was better than a Recap ep for a Filler, which is its only redeeming quality.

    They needed a filler episode, which is all well and good. And praise the lord, they gave us an EPISODE for the filler. But, as a filler, it simply filled us in on the story of two Redshirts (Or to quote Sawyer, Jabronis).

    So, my overall count on this episode is brief. It is difficult to actually fill this review to anywhere over a hundred words, sad to say.

    But oh well, it managed to net a 7.5 from me, and it should consider itself lucky to be getting even that, considering this episodes saving grace was re-appearances of deceased characters, seeing one more tiny blip of the crash, and of course, ARZT!!! Yay!
  • Utterly disappointed :(

    I am lost obsessed. I never miss a minute and to go from an episode like 'the man from tallahassee' to 'this' was such a let down for me. Total filler episode in which two people from the background survivors suddenly have lots of dialogue and a 'story'. Two generally annoying characters taking up screen time when there were far more pressing matters to be realised. All i can say is while the basis of the actual story involving the medusa spider was interesting and what happens because of it was a bit of a twist, i was very glad to see the end of the episode..and the end of 'nikki & paulo'!
  • I rate the show and all it's episodes 10/10 but this episode is 0/10 . a total filler waste of time .

    Lost is hell the best show ever on TV , I rate all the seasons and it's episodes 10/10 but this episode Expose is 0/10 , the show is better off without this worthless pointless episode , I think this episode is a bad add to the show and it decreases it's quality .

    I don't understand why did they add this episode to the show , it's a FILLER episode . a total one hour waste of the show , we could of seen important stuff , like more about the Dharma station , flashbacks of other characters , learn more about the island mysterious stuff and secrets .
  • Not very good but very underrated.

    Definately a decent episode. Yeah sure, it's a filler, but people seem to just right away hate it because of that. Every show has it's share of fillers, even Lost. And as far as fillers go I think this was a pretty good episode. I never understood the extreme distaste for Nikki and Paulo. They never had enough screen time for people to hate them so much. Anyways, I've gotten side tracked. Back to the episode itself. The story was pretty interesting. The medusa spider was quite the interesting plot device and the episode even had a few twists to it.
    Nikki and Paulo's actors were very good in this episode and it was just fun to watch.
    It was also great that we got to see some of the old characters again like Boone, Shannon and Arzt.
    However brief their appearances were, it was great to get to see them again :).
    All in all, I'd say this episode is definately watchable. And definately underrated.
  • Was this episode really necessary?

    I've already mentioned in the case of Ana Lucia earlier this year that there are some characters on TV shows that some fans just seem to loathe. I've also mentioned that I've never really gotten this. I am more of a live and let live kind of guy. However, I did notice that while their were 48 survivors of the crash, we've only met 20 of them. It would have nice to get some introduction to some of them. The writers also thought this was a good idea, and in season 3 created Nikki and Paulo.

    The instant they appeared, Lost fans loathed them (having never visited one of these chat rooms, I'll just have to take their word for it). The more charitable of these people considered Nikki a blond whiner (a la Shannon) and Paulo someone whose sole function was to go to the bathroom.. After a few episodes of this, the writers realized that their plan had backfired, and decided "We have to get rid of these characters fast." So, rather than do flashbacks of these characters, they wrote 'Expose' which gave the complete story on them before killing them off.

    I'll be blunt; Nikki and Paulo never really registered on my radar (you'll notice I haven't even mentioned them in any of my reviews), but then again you've gotta be pretty horrible to register on my radar.. Therefore, what it seemed like to me, when I saw this episode was that they had said goodbye before they'd even gotten a chance to say hello. I therefore completely missed the satire of the entire episode--- that these were two selfish, shallow people who in the midst of landing on a wondrous place were too narrow minded to notice anything but the loot that got them on Oceanic 815 in the first place. There is a certain amount of humor in the fact that they just seemed to be passing by the amazing things around them--- the aircraft, the Pearl station, the monster--- but what it seems like is that the writers are just having one big joke at the expense of the average viewer--- which is in fact what they're doing. You could argue that this was more of a clip show then anything else--- we see some old footage with new perspectives, but there were fare easier ways to do. Hell, as a matter of course, the network runs one or two clip shows a season. And then there's the fact that half of the ideas on Expose (the TV show which Nikki was a cast member of) apply to the rules on Lost, as well as the fact that everybody has wild, eccentric theories as to who these people were and why they died. (I did like the CSI kinds of reference that, Hurley, the rabid TV viewer is the only one to notice.) Yes, they were amoral murderers who killed an old man for his diamonds, but how does that make them worse than, well, half of the survivors of the crash. Are we to somehow surmise that just because the fact they bugged the hell out of the fans, they should've been executed in such a grotesque fashion? I never much cared for half the spare characters on The West Wing or ER, but I didn't say I wish like hell they would meet an unnecessary end. (All right, I kind of rejoiced when Romano got crushed by a helicopter, but still...)

    What bothers me more about it is that this isn't a show that the writers, who are so loathe to answer the fan when I comes to giving out information about important things, like plots, character history, and well, basically everything pertaining to the island decided that the fans should win on this. Especially considering that the 'socks' as these characters will be referred to would eventually all end up dropping like flies over the next two seasons. Hell, you regulated Rose and Bernard to obscurity this season, they could've done the same with Nikki and Paulo

    What bothers me more is that there is one valid point that gets listed during this episode, and it's basically buried (pun not intended). When Sun mentions that the Others attacked her, Charlie confesses that he did it because Sawyer basically asked him to. This is a huge admission by his part, and basically gets thrown under the bus. Admittedly, Sun doesn't have much to do with Sawyer for the quite some time, but that's due to very extenuating circumstances. We also get this brief section where Hurley asks if Desmond has gotten any flashes about the deaths, and he says that it doesn't work that way, which leads Hurley to reply that's it a pretty weak power. Not a very subtle thing for him to say, considering where Des is right now.

    So what 'Expose' comes down to is having two annoying characters paralyzed , and have everybody on the beach basically talking around them, only to regain consciousness just long enough to get buried alive, and that no one even noticed when Nikki takes a deep breath at the end. In death, they are as unnoticed as they were in life. We could be learning how Cooper got to the island, or what has happened to Jack and Kate, and this is what we get. Maybe I just don't appreciate the joke, because really this episode just seems... pointless.
    My score: 4
  • The funniest episode of the show!!

    In this episode the horrible characters Nikki and Paolo have a flashback! And why am I rating this episode so high? Because it made me laugh!
    The episode itself is like a new CSI spin-off with Hurley and Sawyer as the main characters. The episode starts off with the character Nikki running onto the beech and collapsing. She murmurs something that sounds like: "Paolo Lies."So Hurley and Sawyer go on an adventure in the jungle and find Paolo lying on the ground. After finding a walkie-talkie in the idiots tent, they assume the two characters were working with the others and begin a perimeter sweep. In the end it turns out that Nikki and Paolo were just paralyzed but don't wake up in time to stop them from being buried alive. In conclusion this episode can be skipped and not watched at all unless you want to see them die.
  • Review of characters Nikki and Paulo and what they have been doing for the past 80-sum odd days on the island.

    When the writers introduced the characters Nikki and Paulo at the beginning of this season, people tended not to like them, and have no interest in them. The characters felt superficial and out of place in the show and like they dropped out of nowhere, not that they had been there the entire time.

    This episode was thrown in purely to write off Nikki and Paulo. The writers had fun in creating an interesting storyline TO write them off. The episode is useless to the rest of the series story, but an interesting break in story line. It does confront the idea viewers had that Nikki and Paulo were superficial, and in return the Island eventually buries them alive.
  • ...

    Realmente, era necesario? Qué le aportan estos dos personajes a Lost más que hacer un racconto de las tres primeras temporadas? Jamás se los vió hasta hace unos capítulos atrás y se supone que estaban desde el principio. La historia before island es muy trillada y lo de los diamantes y las arañas y estoy muerto pero no... No entiendo... Está bien, Paulo sabía mucho antes que los demás de the pearl y de Ben (y como un tarado no se preguntó que era todo eso? Por qué no lo compartió?) pero para qué? Si no hizo nada. Y los traen a Arzt, Boone y Shannon para semejante boludez...?
  • As filler episodes go this is about as good as it gets!

    When I first sat down to watch this episode I was filled with dread. Not only was this an episode that featured two "redshirt" characters and pretty annoying ones at that but this was a poorly rated episode too. At a time when the season had been picking up momentum and following on from the sheer brilliance of "The Man from Tallahassee" this potentially couldn't have come at a worse time. As the episode began my fears were founded. It reminded me of a similar episode from Season 1, "Whatever the Case May Be", and, ironically, references the events of this episode via flashbacks. I hated that Kate-centric episode, largely because the survivors were spending an entire episode worrying about each other's personal affairs, rather than the abduction of Claire. But as "Expose" progressed I began to appreciate it more and more. I loved the use of the flashbacks, which went back to events and scenes we have already seen but from a different perspective. It was great to see the aftermath of the Plane crash again, reminding us of how visually impressive it was, and how they haven't really matched that since.
    Just for fans who want story progression they included the moment when Paulo spies on Juliet and Ben when they are discussing their plans for getting Jack to the Hydra Island, via Michael, which nicely ties up a few loose ends, and gives us sort of an answer to the fact that they could communicate with the Swan Station and probably communicated with Michael, posing as Walt.
    But where the episode really shines is the cleverly plotted narrative, which works as a mystery thriller within a mystery thriller. The burying of Nikki and Paulo in the present with the paralysis of the two characters in the flashbacks eventually meet at the end in a clever way, and the fact that these two hated characters are buried alive is filled with irony and a nod to the raving fans. The episode spends 45 minutes trying to uncover who murdered Nikki and Paulo but when the credits roll we all try to accept that it was us, the audience, who buried them alive. The writers gave us "You wanted it, you got it" plot twist at the end, which is both shocking in many ways. The writers almost end the episode in this way, almost with bitterness towards the fans.
    This episode might be one of the most underated episodes of the entire series so far.
  • A Nikki and Paulo-centric episode.

    Let me just start out by saying that as a whole, I absolutely loved this episode. The main reason that loved episode so much is that I've been very intrigued by Nikki and Paulo ever since they were introduced on the show, so it was great to finally learn about their back story. I only wish that they had been feature on the show more than they had been, and I wish that they hadn't killed them off so soon so we could have had the chance to learn more about them. It was also great getting to see Boone and Shannon again since they were both two of my favorite characters before they were killed off. In closing, I thought that this was a very well written, well acted and well made episode of Lost from everyone involved, and I can't wait to watch the rest of my Lost: Season Three DVD set.
  • Woow, What was thatt? Did not see that one coming! A jaw-droping episode!

    My God and I really do mean wowww my godd, what was thaattt???
    This is one most clever, and well-written episodes of Season 3.
    I do not write too many reviews but after watching a very much twisted episode like this, I just had to.

    We have in this episode, 2 characters that if we put all of their scenes from the other episodes, the total time wouldn't even be 10 minutes. Thats how unimportant they were. I did not care for them -- until this episode. Lost writers always know how to suprize and make our jaws drop. :)

    The ending was as Hurley would say "Dude, I did not see that coming!". Really, wow, Nikki and Paulo being burried alive. It is just so sad and so scary if you think "what will they under tons of dirts?"...Well they will die from not being able to breat -- which I think is much scarier than death itself.

    Oh I also loved seeing Boone & Shannon again. This is one of the greatest things aut Lost -- we might still see some of the deceased characters coming back in flashbacks. :)

    Just gotta love Lost!
    Anyways, this clever episode markes the ''scariest death in the series so far" and gets a 10 out of 10 for me! :)
  • It was okay

    The thing I liked the most about this episode is the fact that Nikki and Paulo die. Also the reason why I gave it an 8. Nikki and Paulo are found "dead"; Paulo in the jungle, and Nikki on the beach. Everyone then tries to find out how they were killed. Some thought it was The Others, others thought it was the Smoke Monster, but in all actuality it was these Medusa Spiders that did it. They weren't dead, just unconscience. The spiders bite lowers there heartrate so low that it doesn't feel like there's a pulse. Sun also learns that Sawyer was the one who planned the kidnapping of her and that it wasn't The Others. Charlie freakin' ratted him out. So then Sun slaps Sawyer in the face.

    The Losties figure out that Nikki and Paulo had diamonds (which is why they were fighting). So they dig a grave for them and Sawyer throws the diamonds in with them. Just as there covering the grave, Nikki opens her eyes but it was to late. Her and Paulo were buried alive.

    I thought that the whole Medusa Spider idea is what made this potentially bad episode into a semi-decent one.
  • It's easy to love or to hate this episode. It's also easy to do both.

    Much like with Tricia Tanaka is Dead I've to say rating the episode was HARD.

    Because, If I want to be factual I'd say this was 5-6/10. Weak. But... how much did I enjoy it? 10/10.

    So let's agree in a weak-ish 8/10.

    Thing is, this episode was friggin entertaining, surprising, shocking, and just pure fun to watch.... but the show's plot didn't gain a thing. No. It probably did the opposite: this was a destructive episode.

    Nikki and Paulo, 2 random characters we are led to believe were there from day one have their own episode. And what is it about? It's about the writers trying to prove it to us that YES, they were there! But no... they were not.

    So scenes where the writers recreated already happened situations, only with Nikki or / and Paulo inserted were extremely frustrating. I mean, they were good. A new perspective. And , it was intersting.

    But rewatching those situations in their original episodes... it feels as if Exposé spoiled them.

    The biggest blah of the episode was that Paulo found the ? hatch much much earlier than Locke and Eko. It just ruins the magic. But once again: it was alot of fun.

    There, of course, are, some purely good points of the episode. The fact that we saw old faces like Shannon, Boone, Arzt, Ethan was really cool.

    Also, Sun finding out about Sawyer's and Charlie's con in season 2 was handled well too. The writers did the right choice using this material here: it just wouldn't fit anywhere else in the season.

    And of course... the ending. Nikki and Paulo buried alive by accident --- PRICELESS! Had Jack been there, this would have not happened. But he wasn't. Woah. Incredible.

    Overall, one of the best filler episodes ever as far as pure entertainment goes, but oh boy, did it really have to spoil so many amazing scenes?
  • We have a mysterious deaths of a couple on the beach, Hurley wants to save the integrity of the crimescene, we have a very good filler episode, but also some interesting aspects that come to light and cause and Ohhhhhh i see type of thing.

    The episode sees Nikki running through the jungle, burying something and then continuing to run through it some more, until see stumbles out onto the beach with Hurley, Charlie and Sawyer present, she then falls to the sand, mumbles something and dies. Hurley as he knows everyone, says they need to ask Paulo about this, they then go to find him and find him dead also. They move them both together, near the makeshift cemetry, covering them with blankets.

    At this point we have a series of flashbacks, filled in with what happened so many days ago.

    The flashback comes first, showing Nikki in an episode of Expose, getting killed off in the final scene, then we see she is living with its producer/director, Paulo is his chef and badgered him everyday until he was hired. Then the producer passes over the bread basket, she takes a slice and there is an expensive looking necklace in there, he says he knows it is no ring, but that will come.

    There is another flashback, but really picking up their story from when they first landed on the island, where Nikki searches the wreckage and passengers in order to find Paulo, then the first thing she asks is if he has the bag. We flashback to where the producer dies of a heart attack over the lunch, Nikki takes the key from around his neck and leads Paulo into where the safe is kept, in which they find the russian style wooden dolls.

    We see a scene at the airport, with Shannon bossing Boone about, when asked Paulo says that Boone could have that chair, Shannon goes on about it not being worth it - although it was nice to see them again, I was so pleased when Shannon was written out and killed off.

    We find out that in the bag that Paulo was carrying, more importantly inside the russian dolls was a little bag of diamonds worth 8 million, so i can understand why they want to see it again. Then through a series of days ago, we gleam the picture, they were off searching the island for all the bags, trying to find out where people had found them.

    When Kate and Sawyer had found the metal case, they got directions to it and went looking, Paulo doing the diving in and he did find it, just kept it from her. Before that though, they had come across the plane and the pearl station, had even opened the hatchway and looked inside, before Nikki got them to move on.

    Later we see John interupting Paulo burying his doll thing on the beach, but Locke explains about coastal tides, winter high tides etc, meaning that Paulo had to rethink the idea. So he went down the Pearl station by himself and hide the doll in the cistern of the toilet, had to hide as Ben and Juliet came in to the bunker to view Jack in the other Bunker.

    Then when the others mention that they are going to lookaround and the area mentioned was the pearl station, Nikki jumps at it and so does Paulo, when they are inside Paulo goes straight for the toilet area, remembering to flush, after he had retaken the diamonds.

    Then we get to that morning, when Nikki finds the Nicotine gum packet, how she leads him off into the jungle, paralyses him with the medusa spider and gets the diamonds for herself, but she gets bitten by an attracted male, runs for it, burys her diamonds and then passes out on the beach, without telling anyone but Paulo that the paralysis lasts for 8 hours, so deep that even a dr can't see your alive.

    The irony is great that she and paulo technically are buried alive by Sawyer and Hurley, even though he fails to see her eyes open just before/as the sand is thrown on her face.
  • One of the best filler episodes i have ever seen.

    It may have marked the end for Paulo and Nikki, but the went out in style. We learn from their shared flashback that there is more than meets the eye with the pair of them, including murder and theft. the item in question being diamonds!!! Nikki used to be an actress and acts in a show called "expose" (ahhh you get it now) and she wooed and is living with its producer, Paulo is his chef. the two poison and kill him to steal his diamonds and jump on a plane to run away... the rest of the story concerning the plane is history as it is the basis of the show, but a few nice inclusions are that we again get to see Shannon and Boone, also we learn of a spider that is on the island that when it bites gives the victim the apparent appearence of being dead.End result Paulo and Nikki are buried alive. Cant wait for Miles to walk over their graves and speak to the dead!!!! ohhhhhhhhhh.
  • gotta say slightly underated.

    Charlie tells Sun that he and Sawyer were behind her kidnapping attempt in the jungle. The survivors investigate the apparent deaths of Nikki and Paulo. Flashbacks show that Nikki and Paulo arguing over diamonds that they conned from a millionaire television executive. On the island, Nikki release venomous spiders upon Paulo, but they are both bitten and stuck actually in an eight-hour paralysis. In the present day, the survivors do not figure out what killed Nikki and Paulo and they accidentally bury them alive.
    This episode was better than I expected and I enjoyed seeing old characters like Boone, Arzt and Shannon.
  • This episode is diverted from the main story line, but nevertheless managed to keep my heart rate up right until the end.

    This was a very clever story line.. I was suprised by the fact that nikki and paulo found the hatch and the plane before the others did... just shows that the people from the crash who are not in the centre light may know alot of stuff than we would think...

    the plot was fast moving... never a boring point.. the episode contained flashbacks mainly... and the ending was simply amazing and unpredictable... not to mention creepy... i kept looking at the pile of dirt hoping it would move and that they would be digged up again... but they weren't exactly the model citizens were they... i never liked them to be honest... but murderers???? and kate is the one who were in handcuffs... all in all a very clever episode... would strongly recommend this.. full of suprises!
  • Nikki and Paolo and a Shannen appearance !

    Oh my god ! When you want to laugh,scream,try and solve a mystery and get burning questions and have them answered with a scare then all you have to do is watch an episode of Lost. This episode stopped my heart. It's like my brain was jumping up and down. We see Nikki and Paolo flashbacks of when they kill a director and steal 8 million dollars worth of diamonds from him but when the crash happens the diamonds are gone so they search for them and apparently Paolo finds them but keeps them hidden from Nikki in the hatch which he found before Locke and everyone else. Nikki finds out and she gets mad and takes Paolo into the jungle and paralyses him with a spider so I think their death is Nikki's fault. Nikki runs out into the jungle and falls to her knees and apparently dies but when she tries to say she's paralysed she suddenly looks dead. The mystery of how they died continues with everyone suspecting that Sawyer did it because Desmond has seen him argue with Nikki before her death but then everyone just lets it go and before they bury them completely Nikki wakes up but it's too late. Wow that's so scary !! Being buried alive, apart from drowning and burning that's the worst way of dying. I thought the show expose was very cheesy but then again we only care about the show Lost. We get a Shannen and Boone appearance which made me really happy because I was starting to think the show just forgot about them. They were able to fit almost the entire cast in this episode apart from Sayid and Claire. Also in this episode Charlie tells Sun about the truth of who dragged her to the jungle and I really loved her reply to Sawyer when he asked about why she's not telling Jin. Sun's reply : Then we would have to dig another grave. That's just so powerful. Why do they have to keep killing off characters on Lost. This hour was like a rollercoaster, it was like oooh too bad just when we were getting to know Nikki and Paolo they die and then ooh cool they were paralysed so they are not dead but then oh my god they are buried alive. Good writing. Nice acting too. Favorite character from this episode : Nikki. She is so hot !!! I want to introduce a rating system where I ask five of my friends who watch Lost how much they would give an episode so I have my five friends ready to rate this episode. Friend number 1 voted 7 stars because he said it could have been done in a very more exciting way. Friend number two voted 9 because there was no Claire, if Claire was there he would have gave it a 10 and the three others gave this episode a 10 because they loved seeing Boone and Hurley kind of stood out in this episode. Good stuff !!
  • Mix some "Tales from the Crypt", a group of castaways and a little taste of the "Night Gallery" what do you get??? THIS episode....

    What it seemed like the first pointless episode in the series turned out to be one of the stories with a twist... you could called "Tales from the Lost" or something, you know what is a about, since it aired last year... I just thought I should write how brilliant I thought this episode was, it even manage to blend the interlude story while keeping the main characters on the sides....
    Plus Charlie confesses about the kidnapping of Sun, and Hugo gets to play a Whodunnit, the only thing that bothers me is that ever since boone died and reapears in flashbacks and such, his hairstyle keeps changing (even the hair color??) sort of messing up the continuity of the character, maybe it's my imagination, but since I've been watching this series back to back (check the updates on my blog about this self-imposed marathon) I'm pretty sure I'm right... besides that this episode was great and if the writers manage to blend this type of stories every now and then, we all can expect more surprises in the coming seasons....
  • Wow, crazy way to die!!

    Nikki and Paulo have flashbacks of when they robbed a guy for 8 million dollars and also when they are on the island. They want to find that money in diamonds. Paulo finds it, but doesn't tell Nikki. When she finds out that he has it, she paralyzes him with a spider. The same type of spider bites her as well. They will both be paralyzed and seemingly dead for 8 hours.

    Sawyer and Hurley find Nikki running in from the jungle. She drops down and is "dead" to Hurley. Sun, Jin, Charlie, Desmond, Hurley and Sawyer try to figure out what killed them. Sawyer finds the diamonds. Charlie reveals to Sun that he was the one who kidnapped her and Sawyer made him do it. They bury Nikki and Paulo, just as Nikki wakes up...

    This episode was so trippy! I can't believe they were buried alive. I would hate that so much! It was way cool seeing the island events from Nikki and Paulo's point of view. This episode gets a 10 out of 10 from me!
  • worth watching.

    i like this episode. i get to see most of the characters even if it's just a glimpse. it's suspenseful once again w/ the teaser and the ending. a flashback from some of the dead characters that i miss - boone, shannen and even ethan for another exciting adventure. it's paulo & nikki's side of the story to tell w/ diamonds involved from the beginning when the plane crashed up to the recent events & encounters w/ the others. we never get to see most of the supporting characters like nikki & paulo and it will be the last, sadly. i like the writing on this one that they can tie it all together w/ the consistency.
  • "Exposé" is filled with subtle (and not-so-subtle) winks at an audience that has been waiting for something bad to happen and, now that the event has arrived, is enjoying every second of it.

    I disliked Nikki and Paolo from the moment they were introduced in "Further Instructions". The very idea that, after two seasons of Lost, the audience was expected to accept these new additions to the cast (and to believe they had been relevant, but unseen, since day one) was frankly insulting. And as the show began to gradually give them more screen time, I grew to loathe them and dread every scene in which they were present. I'm sure I wasn't alone.

    So when I started watching "Exposé", I was very unhappy. An ENTIRE HOUR was going to be wasted on these two nobodies.

    And then Billy Dee Williams appeared, and I knew something wonderful was happening.

    The writers knew Nikki and Paolo were unbearable, I realized, and they were apologizing to the audience with this episode. And boy, what an apology.

    "Exposé" wastes little time establishing that Nikki and Paolo are out of the picture, and in doing so invites the relieved viewer to examine what's left of them in morbid curiosity. Nikki is revealed to have been an actor, guest-starring in a cheesy television show in which her character is quickly killed off. Darkly humorous parallels are drawn between the two and Artz, another irritating (and doomed) minor character from season one. Important scenes and locations are used as backdrops (though shown from a "background" perspective), highlighting the absurdity of the idea that anything Nikki and Paolo could do would impact the plot in a meaningful way. And after all of this time of living on the beach with them, Sawyer still can't remember their names.

    And not only are they bad characters, but through their flashbacks they are revealed (in a delightfully cliched "stolen diamonds" subplot) to be bad people, nearly as one-dimensional in their motivations as the audience might assume... save for an unexpectedly poignant line or two towards the end.

    All of this builds to an ending that's so cruel--even for characters this unlovable--that you have to laugh. The final message is crystal clear: Nikki and Paolo are buried, and Lost can continue on as if this never happened.

    Almost nothing happens over the course of the episode that relates to the main plot, excepting a much welcome apology from Charlie to Sun for his despicable actions in "The Long Con", but the trade-off is arguably worthwhile. After an inconsistent first half of season 3, "Exposé" earns major respect points with me. I hope the writers keep it up.
  • Two survivors die in an episode with things that are never really explained.

    My first impression of this episode was shock and horror. Being buried alive is one of my worse fears, and I can't believe that this happened. Most LOST episodes grow on me, but for some reason this one seemed to have the opposite affect. The more I thought about it, the more I realized how this plot didn't really have anything to do with the main plot standard of the show. (As of the start of season 4) The spiders were never mentioned again, nor were the people who died. The episode just seemed kind of filler since this plot could have been stuck in there anywhere since it hasn't been refered to at all. The episode wasn't terrible, but it was no where close to the magic of Walkabout, my personal favorite.
  • I have one word for this episode: SICK.

    This review contains Spoiler Alerts so do not press on if you have not seen the episode. Although, this was not my favourite episode, it was a good one, and held it's own for the season. Nikki and Paoulo are strange and annoying characters, which made me like the tone of the episode and how they made fun of the fact that nobody knew who these characters were. I also enjoyed how they played the flashbacks of the characters into the island as well, giving us their needed background. I also love any episode that includes a bit of Ethan, who I miss dearly. The episode just wasn't the best, and the flashbacks were dull, to say the least. The twist though, was so clever and creepy that it made up for the rest of the flashbacks. Burying the two characters alive, while not knowing they were just paralyzed is worthy of a horror flick, and was a great departure to these two unknown characters.
  • I just finished this episode... shock...

    They buried her alive! ALIVE!!! That is so da*n creepy, but hey, she was bound to die. I loved how the writers of Lost added a colorful and creepy death to her and Paulo, instead of them just getting shot. Wow, I never thought that Nikki and Paulo would ever get their own episode and actually do good with it. Very nicely done.

    The flashbacks were really good, this time it portrayed time on the island and gave some input on characters like Boone, Shannon, and that professer guy. I can't believe that Nikki and Paulo knew about the hatch before everyone else, that was truly shocking. Another thing was in the end how they did die with the whole medusa spider that the professer guy introduced, how they ended up paralyzed and everything so on and on. I guess Nikki did deserve her tragic fate after all.

    With Sun knowing what happened, I would've guessed how she would react, and what she said to Sawyer why she had not told Jin was witty enough. I also liked how Sawyer always said who the he11 are you to Nikki and Paulo. Well, it was a great end to them.
  • How can you dislike it?

    This was really one of the most incredible and important episodes of Lost. And yes, i said important!... I mean, more than fourty people survived the crash and we only see at least 10 of them in main story. I have always asked myself: "what are all the other guys doing for god's sake?!?"
    In this episode we had the chance to knew another survivers stories. And what a story it was!
    A different episode, well written. Good to rest a little ind the middle of the tension.
    One of my favorite episodes. This one is to see again and again!... Let's give it a better rating guys!...
  • I'm not sure about this one

    Firstly, the island events in it were great, it was sort of like a flashback episode of some unseen events in the first 80 days of their time on the island. The final scenes with Nikki and Paolo and the majuca spider thing was brilliant, it gave us some answers that we were wondering since the start of the episode. How did they die? -That mystery.

    But overall, I'm very disappointed but not for the reasons you'd think. Normally the reason would be: "Oh nothing important happened on this episode" or "A complete waste of my valuable or not so valuable time". No I disliked it because of the flashbacks (off the island events), what those two idoits did to that old man was appalling. They need diamonds and niccotine gum, those people are friggen cows! Nikki & Paolo may have been buried alive, then killed because of suffocation, but because of all that they did in their previous life, I was glad that they are now in R.I.P mode!! heh heh heh hee. But the island events as I said earlier were revealing and great. Sun finally learned the identity of her kidnapper('s). We also see Ethan while he was pretending to be one of them.
    So if it wern't for those sickening flashbacks, I would have given this about an 8.8 or even a 9.

    So because of those flashbacks, I give it a 7.
  • This episode was nothing more than a filler for me, but overall a pretty good filler

    It may have barely related to the ongoing plot, but the overall, the storyline was great!

    Most of the time, i have episodes that show the last event first, and then go back in time to show how it happened but this one actually interested me. It kept me guessing as to how nikki and Paulo died, and i actually enjoyed it.

    As for what they did to the old man in their flashbacks, I thought it was terrible, and they definately deserved to be burried alive for what they did. What goes around comes around.

    But like i said, This episode was surprisingly good, so i would recommend watching it if you have time :D
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