Season 5 Episode 15

Follow the Leader

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM May 06, 2009 on ABC

Episode Recap


Jack and Kate discuss their options while hiding between bushes at the Hostile's camp. Suddenly, a gun shot is heard, and they watch Daniel collapse to the ground. As they are about to run away, they are surrounded by two men riding horses. One of them knocks out Jack with his rifle's butt and the other one aims at Kate.

At the position Daniel was shot, Eloise skips through the pages of his journal. She reaches the first page and is confused to read the dedication on it, which she appears to recognize is written by her, from the handwriting. Charles Widmore and a man arrive, holding Jack and Kate captives. Richard explains the situation to Widmore. Eloise asks Jack and Kate if they've come with Daniel, to which Jack replies "Yes". She orders to take them to her tent. Widmore inquires why the DHARMA Initiative people would declare war on them, but Eloise tells him that the three intruders are not DHARMA people. She assures them she'll believe whatever they say because she just killed her future son - the same man who told them to bury the bomb 23 years earlier before disappearing. Jack tells Ellie that by using the bomb they can alter the future and undo what Ellie did to her future son.

At the Barracks, Sawyer and Juliet are taken prisoner by Radzinsky. Both Phil and Radzinsky beat Sawyer demanding to know where Kate is, but Sawyer refuses to tell them. Phil then beats Juliet and Horace later informs them that Hugo Reyes was also working with Kate and Jack.

Hurley, Miles and Jin escape the barracks. On their way they meet up with Dr. Chang who asks if they're really from the future. He asks Hurley a bunch of questions and Hurley struggles with the answers, being unsure of his birthdate, who the president is, or whether the Korean War has happened yet. Hurley finally admits that he's from the future and Dr. Chang believes them. Chang believes Daniel who told him about needing to evacuate the entire Island. When he goes to see Horace, he stumbles on the bloody and bruised Sawyer. Chang orders everyone on the submarine. Sawyer and Juliet are also taken away to the sub.

Ellie tries to convince Kate and Jack to go to the tunnels under the Barracks to get the bomb. Kate wants no part of this and tries to leave, but the Others won't let her. Sayid arrives and rescues Kate just before she is about to be killed by an Other. Sayid is told about changing the future and he is convinced he has by killing Ben. But Kate informs him that Ben is alive and that whatever happened, happened. Kate leaves the group and goes to the sub with Juliet and Sawyer.


At the Others' camp, while Richard is building a ship in a bottle on the beach, Vanessa informs Richard that "he's here". Locke arrives with a boar, followed by Ben and Sun. Locke tells Richard that he has a new purpose and needs Richard to come with him immediately. After Ben tells her Richard has been around for "a very long time", Sun interrupts Locke and Richard with the 1977 DHARMA Recruits picture; she asks Richard if he recognizes the people in it. Richard replies that he recognizes them because he "watched them all die".

Later, in a private conversation with Sun, Locke implies that he believes the 1977ers are not dead. Locke, Richard and Ben then leave with the compass heading into the jungle. During the trip Locke tells Richard that they are going to the Beechcraft (where Locke flashed to during the Island's time movements) and after that they must find Jacob. When they have almost arrived, Locke tells Richard that he must treat a man's wound at the Beechcraft; tell the wounded man to bring everyone back to the Island; and in order to do this, the man has to die. Locke then tells Ben that the man is Locke himself. Richard follows his orders as seen in "Because You Left". While Richard tends to the time-traveling Locke, the other Locke tells Ben that he knows that Ben has never seen Jacob. This surprises Ben.

The three men return to camp, where Locke makes a speech to all the Others present that he is going to see Jacob and he would like them all to come with him. The Others are excited by this, with the exception of Richard who admits his worry to Ben, saying that Locke may be a problem in the future. Locke informs Sun that Jacob can help get Jin and their friends back.

The next morning, Locke and the Others leave to find Jacob. Ben then tells Locke of Richard's thoughts, but then reaffirms his allegiance to Locke's quest: to reunite with his 1977 friends. Locke lets Ben in on a little secret, namely that he's not interested in reuniting with his friends in 1977. But rather - much to Ben's shock - that his true intentions are to kill Jacob.