Season 5 Episode 15

Follow the Leader

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM May 06, 2009 on ABC

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  • Can't wait for season finale. Will Locke do what he says?

    Episode starts with a younger Eloise Hawking killing Daniel Faraday. Skips to 30 years later, and the return of John Lock to Richard and the others. Sun and Ben is with him. Sun asks Richard if he had seen the people in the picture from 30 years earlier; Jin, Hurley, Jack, and Kate; and Richard says yes and that he had watched them die.

    Back 30 years to the others and Eloise. She is explaining how Daniel came to her when she was 17 and to bury the H bomb. We find out the others did bury the bomb under where the Dharma Initiative had built their camp. This may solve the mystery as to why the women of the others could not have children after moving into that camp.

    Sawyer is being tortured for information as to where Kate is and where the hostels are. They find out that Jack, Kate, and Hurley were last minute add-on's to the Sub manifest. Dr. Chang figures out that Faraday was telling the truth about them coming from the future. Chang finds out that Miles is his son from the future. Dr. Chang calls for an evacuation of the island.

    Richard helps Locke from the past at Locke's request and tells him he has to bring everyone back to the island and the only way is for him to die.

    Richard and Eloise are taking Jack and Sayid to the H-Bomb.

    The evacuation starts and Sawyer and Juliet are on the Submarine because Sawyer drew a map to the hostiles and where Kate is. Kate joins them on the Submarine after leaving Jack and getting captured by Dharma.

    John Locke, Ben, Richard and their people are on a pilgrimage to Jacob. John tells Ben that he is going to kill Jacob.
  • WOW ! the best eposide this seasom so far

    yea really the best eposide this season without a douat ! , it's great in evreyway ! , john story about killing jacob i really can wake up from the souck ! , the kate and jack porblem really really well writen ! , sawyer and julliet love on the air , hurely , jin and miles they are really lost betweeen evreything happend around ! . i really can wait til the next episode to many qustions - will jack fire the bomb ! - will kate , saywer , julliet work throw evreything , will ben KILL jacob !!! . what an epoide really really words can describe it no matter what ! . till now it's the best this saeson ! . a 10/10 epodie for sure ! .
  • Even if this episode works more like a setup, it was not only entertaining and interesting, it delivered some surprises in the way.

    Plot Details/Objective -» Since the setup is already in play, I was curious who would be the Main character for this episode and what the writes would focus this time. Locke has a mission, but his Richard that is the Main Character here, because all depends in what he would decided to do. Since Richard flashbacks would reveal too much, the writers decide to manage the situation only with the events in the Island from the present and the past, where Jack is trying to change what happened with Flight 815 (past) and Locke, which has two mysterious mission to do.

    What I Like/Disliked -» Jack parts was entertaining, all was a setup for the Main event of the season finale, the present scenes was more interesting, with some shocking scenes and dialogues.


    Presentation -» (9/10). Dark beginning, with a mysterious destiny for our favorites survivors in the past.

    Complication Phase -» (8/10). Nothing really complicated, Jack and Kate had to convince Eloise to help them, while Locke has his own plans.

    Climax -» (9/10). Was difficult to actually notice the climax here. The more high point here is this strange John Locke, even Richard don´t know how John was revived. Was nice to see why Richard said what he have to say to Locke in the Past.

    Cliffhanger/Ending -» (9/10). The ending scene is shocking, but not because someone died, or betrayed or we actually see one thing that we wanted to see in a long time, is just what Locke said is simple shocking.

    Time and Scenes Management -» (9/10). Hard to notice that scenes that was there to buy time.

    Dialogues -» (9/10). The structure of the dialogues was very good. What Locke said in the ending was shocking.

    Action /Adventure -» (9/10). A trek that eventually end with something and make you want to see more-

    Suspense/Tension -» (8/10). There is a scene when you think that Kate was shoot.

    Mystery/Curiosity/Doubts/Hints -» (10/10). There is a powerful hint in the present, Richard only saw Locke disappear in front of his eyes than he only help Locke in the Flashes plot right in this episode. What the Hell? Well, this can mean that the wheel that Ben push could make separates lines of times, since the Richard who help Locke was from the future and not this one, interesting. It also means that what Jack plans to do already happened, so this could means that all the past already happened, but when Ben pushed that magical wheel, all happened again in different context with Jack and Co inside it. However I still have doubts.

    Surprise/Twists -» (8,5/10). Sayid appearance, Locke attitudes a scene that we saw in the first episode is played here again in a different way. What Locke said in the ending is shocking.

    Even if this episode works more like a setup, it was not only entertaining and interesting, it delivered some surprises in the way.
  • High stakes game...

    So.. it seems to be mainly around two storyline - the aftermath of Variable and the things going on with the bomb. Jack and Kate manage to make them to play after their plan but with their own ideas.. But it never goes easy as Kate has her own ideas and Sayid appears too.. so.. they are now off to find bomb.

    And ofcourse Locke and his people.. and he taking and leading everyone.. And the revelation in the end that he is going to kill Jacob.. like what? But there are great developments on other storyline too - It is the people left in Dharma.. All Sawyer Juliet storyline.. and Miles telling that he is the son..
  • Wow

    In the final episode before what is sure to be a spinal - cracking (yet most likely very long) season finale; Follow The Leader sees a massive shake - up in the island pecking orders and the final countdown before the Jughead is detonated begins. Despite being Richard - centric; the episode contains no flashback or forward of everyone's favorite eyeliner - wearing unaging latino. Rather it flipped between the 70's and 00's where Richard is taking part in two catyclismic island activities. Joined by Jack, Eloise, Kate and Sayid who has returned from his long period of absence after shooting Ben; they take a secret entrance to where the Jughead bomb is being kept. It's hard to tell which Jack i hate more: The ultra - man of science with a pig - headed disbelief for anything remotely supernatural or the suddenly enlightened Jack who launches into Locke - style speeches about destiny and talking to the island. The latter is certain that the overall answer is to blow everything up and start over, hopefully his ill - advised plan doesn't go ahead so easily.

    Richard also joins a more go - getting and smug Locke who is pretty much only a beard and suit away from being Ryan in the 4th season of The Office as he leades HIS others to see Jacob only which to tell Ben who has been demoted to middle man that his real plan is to kill Jacob. Even while writing this I am overhwhelemed with disbelief. I could list dozens of questions starting with "how", "what" and "why" that Locke's plan of killing Jacob evokes but as the season final is upon us, let's wait and see what happens. To balance out the onslught of intrigue; a very moving moment occurs where Pierre Chang learns of his relationship with Miles and it is revealed why he made his infant son and mother leave in the first place; to protect them from the ensuing apocalypse. This moment is played out to dramatic perfection; not too understated yet not overly drawn out. This is what Lost is about. I've tried very hard to like Radzinksy, taking into account the whole "he'll kill himself" fact but watching him in this episode repeatedly punching a defenceless Sawyer, undermining the authority of Horace and disobeying the undisobeyable Pierre Chang, it's true that there's nothing likeable about him. There have been many big penultimate episodes in Lost's history: the "we have to leave now" of season 1, the "let's get the Others!" of season 2, the "rescue is coming" of season and 3 and of course the "the bad guys are coming" of season 4. However this is the first season finale where the prospect is looming that everything and everyone that is integral in Lost may soon face its destruction and that the past 4 years could be wiped clean as if they didn't matter. This all - around terrific episode is the biggest drum roll to a season finale in the show's history. Next week cannot come soon enough.
  • This episode really makes you wanna see the season finale!

    Great episode, Jack being his confusing self, Kate torn between Jack and Sawyer (or should I say LaFleur), Sawyer taking some good old hits to the face, Locke thinks he's the man, Ben being two-faced, Hurley plundering the food-supply, Daniel not living up to be the genius they make him out to be, Juliet not trusting Sawyer (again and again). Are they gonna blow up the island? And why do they keep saying that the hatch will never be build if the island gets blown up when we saw them put the numbers on the hatchdoor? I'm so confused! What twists can we expect in the season finale?!
  • Awesome episode Like every episode in this show! :D *Warning, do not continue if you haven't seen the episode yet.*

    Lost has finally almost come to the end of season 5. After it's great season there is only a 2 hour long season finale next week. This episode ''Follow the Leader'' was involved in a lot of things. Last weeks episode was all about Daniel Faraday. A young man who had a great mind of many talents it showed him growing up at university and how his mum was very annoyed when he wasn't focusing at school. He then became very interested in time travel and studied it. After a while He went with Jack and Kate to visit the ''Hostiles'' and see the Hydra bomb. Eventually he started to threat Richard with a gun but ended up getting shot buy his mother. So the episode then took place with his mother wondering what was going on because he hadn't been born because the Island was still set back in 1978 and she heard him say I'm your son as his last words for gasp. It also showed Sayid returning which was good because we haven't seen him in a while. And Jack, Sayid, Richard and Daniels Mother all swam to the under water station. It was also pretty cool how now Locke is the new leader of the hostiles. And In my opinion it was quite pointless how Juliet and Sawyer are now leaving the island with Kate. And is the thing they said true? That if they destroy the hatch station than that means that the plane will land and all those old characters like Charlie, Libby etc will all be alive? I guess will probably have to wait till season 6 for that one! Overall I thought that was probably one of the best episodes this season. Then again, there has only been about 2 bad episodes this season! But I love Lost, I mean it can get pretty damn confusing at times but it's fair to say that it gets better every season. I hope the season finale will be good!
  • Tick, tock...

    Introducing new mysteries was all well and good in the first three seasons. Seasons 4-6 should be spent introducing this funny little thing that other shows use...
    They're called answers.
    In the world of LOST, they are generally avoided, but please don't tell us that seeing Radzinsky and hearing the names of Danielle's science crew was the absolute extent of Season 5s answers...
    We are getting dangerously close to Season 6. Season 5 have given us a good set up for Season 6, but unless they plan on spending every episode of Season 6 with Joop smoking a pipe and rattling off all of LOST's secrets in one breath(which would, in itself, wreck Season 6 anyway), then that means the Season finale is going to have to really deliver.
    With promises of some metal box, a mysterious guitar case, and some very psychopathic Guam bound Ajira passengers, the finale looks better than Follow the Leader.

    Now that we have done away with all of the bad aspects of 5X15, let us review some of the better parts...

    *The Jughead is underneath the Barracks... I actually didn't see that one coming. I thought it was in the Swan or something...
    *Locke organized for his own bullet to be removed in the past... I may have seen this one coming, had I given any thoguht as to how Richard had known where to find Locke.
    *And eloise is preggers! Wow! I mean, who saw that coming? Right out of left field! Not like we've seen her holding her stomach, or looking after a 10 year old piano player or anything.
    *Then there was Jack ranting about 815 never crashing, which I still don't really understand how it works (holes such as "What does Desmond do on the Island? Sit around awkwardly with Kelvin and Radzinsky playing solitaire in the Hatch?)
    *And last, but certainly not least, Locke is psychologically torturing Richard and Ben, which is just plain fun to watch.

    So, with an overwhelmign amount of evidence going FOR Follow the Leader, I'm going to have to say this was a good episode, worth every bit the 9 it recieved from me.
  • This episode felt like seeing a compass pointing south instead of north.

    This time John and Ben were back and to tell the truth I really missed their arc. However It's really interesting to see that the writers keep developing the whole John and Jack relationship, man of faith versus man of science. But in some way the recent events managed to blur the lines between these two, making the story even more interesting. For example I specially enjoyed the scenes between Jack and Kate. In fact some of their dialogs astonished because I never expected specific words to ever come out from their mouth. I also really liked John's scenes and one of them should blow you away. In fact we already saw one of that type but involving other characters. But it doesn't make it less impressive. In other productions viewing a scene from different points is common but here time is involved, shifting anything further and preventing us from anticipating things. So most events are unpredictable, making the show even more fascinating. An other element I liked was the mystic side of some scenes, similar to the one with Ben in Dead is Dead. Last but not least do I have to tell about Juliet and Sawyer ? Seriously it's impossible not to care about these two. They're just the perfect match. Moreover I really appreciate the time spent to develop their relationship with Jack and Kate. Connections have never been so important. In fact I wouldn't be surprised if Kate and Juliet were actually twin sisters, just joking.

    So it seems the Island will never stop to amaze us. Everytime we think the characters know what they're doing, some radical event manages to switch polarities.
  • Excellent precursor to the finale.. A balance of every character, including the return of Sayid!

    Normally, the episode before the finale is always build-up and nothing more. 24 does this a lot, saving the final episode for all of the twists and turns, and the episode before it ends up existing simply to set up that final hour. Many other shows do this as well, but great shows are the ones that make every episode count and build up the suspense until you can barely tolerate it.

    Tonight, there was a lot of this going on. I don't really know where to begin. From Jack and Kate finally forming a rift, to Radzinsky taking control of the Dharma Initiative.. the return of Sayid was great and came at the most opportune moment. It was also nice to see Chang's little interrogation of Hurley to see if he really was from the future or not. And as for Locke and Ben? They continue to deliver some of the most compelling scenes. Locke's admission that he wants to see Jacob to kill him was chilling and the look on Ben's face shows that this may be more difficult than originally thought.

    The way the writers focused on each and every character a little shows how much they've really invested into making the end of this season a great one. It really seems as if Jack, Richard, Eloise and Sayid are going to have a harder time than they believed blowing up the Orchid. Let's hope that this finale has the same intensity as last years and the year before.
  • A clue to Jack's success.

    Haven't read any reviews or posts on this episode yet, so my following theory may have already been touched upon...

    When Sun shows the photograph to Richard it is 2007. Oceanic 815 crashed in 2004. We know the Others retrieved information on the survivors which means they know who they are. Consequently then, Richard (an Other) should know them as the survivors of flight 815 who crashed on the island 3 years earlier. BUT, Richard does NOT know who they are, except for his memory of them in 1977.

    The logical explanation here is that Jack will successfully erase the crash from ever happening... Which may further translate to: (assuming they don't die in1977) - Jack, Kate, Hurley, Jin, ect... are alive and living their lives in 2007 off the island.
  • 'Follow the Leader' has the unenviable task of cranking the narrative into fifth gear in preparation for the season finale.

    'Follow the Leader' has the unenviable task of cranking the narrative into fifth gear in preparation for the season finale, moving the pieces into place to ensure that next week's episode is one hell of a rip-roaring roller-coaster ride (thereby guaranteeing we'll all tune in), while simultaneously making sure that it is a satisfyingly engaging hour of television itself, full of plot movement and interesting character beats. That's no easy feat ladies and gentlemen; all too often, the 'bridge' episodes, as some in the industry call them, fall a little flat because they are too transparent. It can quickly become obvious to the viewer that the story is simply traversing necessary stepping stones and, when one considers how much more sumptuous the ultimate goal will be, it is easy to view these instalments as 'lesser', biding time before the real good stuff kicks in. The objective of set-up pieces, therefore, should be to disguise their function, to ensure that the audience's attention is never allowed to waver. Thankfully, Zbyszewski and Sarnoff manage to do just that, delivering a narrative trifecta that contains enough thoroughly meaty goodness to keep us satisfied.

    On Island in the present, Terry O'Quinn continues to rise to the challenge as a 'changed' John Locke, ably demonstrating his new-found confidence in his role as Leader of the Others and also, a kind of Zen in his personality. His exchanges with both Nestor Carbonell and Michael Emerson are top class, asserting the character's independence while simultaneously avoiding seeming bullish or despotic. He seems to be a man of the people, throwing caution and tradition to the wind by having them all accompany him to visit Jacob. Of course, there is an alternative interpretation of this too: if the assertion he makes to Ben at hour's end is correct, could this be a play for power? Is killing Jacob really in the best interests of the Island, or simply the best interests of John Locke? While this interpretation does seem unlikely, his casual disregard for the wants of Sun does tie in with certain more selfish attributes that we have seen his character display in earlier episodes. But there again, one has to question whether the man who has risen above and beyond the duplicity and shadowplay of an individual like Benjamin Linus would really let him in on a secret that would undoubtedly cause a serious amount of dissent among the Others, and particularly their 'advisor' Richard Alpert. This could be a ruse of some kind, designed to somehow discredit Ben, much as the bespectacled one has done to Locke in the past. Of course, this is all conjecture and we'll undoubtedly find out the truth next week, but the fact that there is enough ambiguity to validate all of these possibilities speaks volumes about the quality of the writing.

    In the Others' camp in 1977, Farraday thankfully remains dead as a doornail, further reinforcing the validity of the whole 'whatever happened, happened' approach to time travel that has already been established in the show's mythology. As much as I adore the character, I'm glad to see this decision taken as not only does it provide the perfect cyclical closure for both him and his story, it's also a very brave step for a programme to ruthlessly kill off one of the most popular members of its cast (and yeah, I will give Farraday that mantle: there's so much love for him on the online forums, it's untrue). It demonstrates a determination of vision, asserting that the writers will remain on course for their end-game, regardless of whether it may upset a few fragile souls along the way. And they clearly don't have a problem with knocking the main cast about either: just look at that delicious head injury that Jack sustains at the hands of Callous Other #43. That s**t is nasty; and while we're on the subject, Sawyer's face ain't too pretty by episode's end either... oh, and what about Juliet and her busted lip? Evil, evil Phil! Still, Jack, Sayid, Richard and Elousie all pals by the time the third act comes around and they're swimming into the tunnels under the temple to retrieve the hydrogen bomb. Now, while I'm suitably engaged by the whole 'we can change everything' plot strand, I have a hard time buying that this is how everything is going to play out. Lindelof and Cuse have placed far too much emphasis on the notion that the Losties in 1977 are unable to change the way the course of events play out in the future, only influence them so that they do play out in this way (Sayid shooting Ben, Farraday telling Chang the truth so that he'll evacuate the women and children off the Island, thereby ensuring Miles and Charlotte's respective histories are as they should be etc. etc.), for a complete about turn to be successfully orchestrated at this stage. Something is inevitably going to go wrong, although of what it is, I cannot be certain. Perhaps the actions of these four will have a bearing on the Incident at the Swan station. Perhaps the electromagnetic release will go some way to contributing to the return of the Losties to 2007. Whatever, if this thread does change the sequence of events that have already been established, it'll be a major, major let-down.

    Our final plot element concentrates on the ever-decreasing fortunes of poor, poor Sawyer and Juliet who get smacked about a bit by the clearly deranged Radzinsky and eventually make a pact to leave the Island in exchange for the location of the hostiles. Well, this was a turn up for the books, wasn't it? They get on the sub? And actually seem to leave? Can't say I saw that one coming; I'm sufficiently intrigued as to how this will play out. Of course, there is the inevitable niggling suspicion that something is going to go wrong and that they won't be able to get away for whatever reason but still, congratulations to the writing staff for at least piquing my interest in this storyline in preparation for the finale. The only criticism I have here is of the convenient late arrival of Ms Austen, which feels more like a forced attempt to manufacture some conflict where it really isn't wanted. Convenience is the cause of the episode's only other weak moment too, as Sayid's sudden miraculous appearance just in the nick of time to save Kate from Callous Other #44 is more than a little unbelievable. These are both minor gripes however, and they have little bearing on the quality of the episode. 'Follow the Leader' sets the wheels in motion for next week's heart-stoppingly grandiose finale in deliciously fulfilling fashion. There's an abundance of points to ponder, some excellently written individual scenes and a whole barrel full of plot progression to boot. Let's hope that all the promise we see here is ultimately realised... and then some.
  • Jack and Kate argue about changing the future; Locke clashes with Richard about the direction of the 'Others'; Sawyer and Juliet get interrogated by the DHARMA Initiative.

    Last night's episode was GREAT!! I loved it a lot. Every character had something interesting going on, and the acting was really top notch.

    I'm especially enjoying Jack's current storyline. He's determined to stop Flight 815 from crashing, his friends from dying, his relationship with Kate, etc. from ever happening, by continuing with Faraday's plan to explode 'Jughead' (an H-bomb) outside the Orchid Station. Kate spent most of last night arguing with him, and claiming that 1) their relationship had some good parts, and 2) if he's wrong, he will end up killing the entirety of the DHARMA Initiative. Evangeline Lily DELIVERED. Her acting was incredible last night. Also, Sayid's reappearance -- saving her life, and killing a Hostile -- was actually surprising. I enjoyed that whole storyline a lot!!

    Locke's storyline was somewhat more confusing. The Island keeps 'telling' him what to do, and it's clearly causing friction for both Ben AND Richard. Oh yeah, speaking of Richard -- this was apparently supposed to be a Richard-centric episode, but the flashbacks are more like time skips between Locke's storyline, and Jack's. There's no Richard secrets revealed, at all, which kind of sucked. Anyways, Locke wants to kill Jacob. Why? Maybe he's on a power trip... Who knows? LOL But I have a feeling that something bad will happen!

    Sawyer and Juliet's storyline was a case of both great writing, and great acting. Elizabeth Mitchell, especially, has been stealing scenes lately. Playing a more vulnerable, but still smart, lady is really up her alley -- not that her devious, potential baby-snatcher role in Season 3 wasn't great, as well. I loved their lovey-dovey scenes, and I especially loved Kate's appearance inside the submarine, at the last possible moment. Poor Juliet! She thought she had it made with Sawyer, now!

    Another great performance from last night, I would like to note, was Jorge Garcia. When he told Dr. Chang, finally, that they were from the future, it was really funny. I love what he adds to the show! Unfortunately, his storyline, along with Jin and Miles, was very one-note. I don't think poor Jin even said anything!

    I need to see more Desmond. That's my biggest critique of Season 5; Save for a few minute-long appearances, it has become easy to forget Desmond's existence. Being such an important character, and being SO underused, is kind of a problem. However, I have a feeling that both he AND Claire (!) will be around for the upcoming season finale, so I'm going to be happy!

    Oh, and yeah -- Faraday IS really dead. Seeing his corpse was a touch of tragedy, and very sad. I thought the image of his death was incredibly well played out, despite being sad.

    Ah! I can't wait for the finale!
  • Radzinsky is the most annoying and horrendous actor to ever grace a television screen.

    All in all, this was a very good (even great) episode. The whole Kate being so unbelievably over-dramatic throughout the episode was terribly annoying, but - that is just Kate being Kate. Of course she doesn't want her old life back - she'd be serving numerous life sentences in prison. So of course she (suddenly) objects to what Jack wants to do, rather than follow the idiot around like a lost puppy, which she is famous since day one for.

    But there were a lot of cool things about this episode; and, as always, they involved the scenes in which Locke, Ben, Sawyer, Hurley and Sayid were involved. Granted Hurley didn't have a big part in this episode, but his few lines were flawless and hilarious. Sayid was phenomenal. Sawyer is getting better with almost every episode. But, most importantly, the ending when Locke reveals to Ben that he is going (SPOILER ALERT) to kill Jacob when he meets him makes me give this episode a very good score. Again, I know anyone who reads this, even if they absolutely hated the episode will still rate it a "perfect 10", but, I suppose that will never change. You people should ask yourself how you can ever rank your favorite episodes ever if you consider EVERY episode "perfect". It makes less than zero sense. With that being said, I cannot wait for next week's finale. But this episode gets a 'great' score - definitely nowhere near a PERFECT score.
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