Season 5 Episode 15

Follow the Leader

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM May 06, 2009 on ABC

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  • The stage is set.

    Was this a Ricardos Alpert episode? Well, technically, yes... but, otherwise, no. I mean, he seemed to be the "man in the middle", and the flashes kept on going off and on on him BUT we didn't learn anything about him, Oh well! Excellent episode, anyway!

    So, this was one of the best adventure episodes of the show. There was lots of moving around... and it was great! I REALLY loved how the writers went back to "Because You Left" and actually cared to explain the compass scene in detail. That was a fantastic touch.

    Also, Jack became Locke - totally. If one still doesn't like Jack, I don't know what to say...
    Speaking of which, Kate might have been somewhat annoying, but she does have good points, so I can't blame her either - I like how she didn't want the past to be erased, it makes sense.

    Sayid rejoining the team was fantastic. I was really missing him, and just when he's needed, he pops up. And, I also am really intrigued by this whole tunnel thing. How will the bomb be taken out? Smokey?

    Sawyer, Juliet and Kate leaving on the sub, WTF. What the hell is going to happen? This is just really mindbogging. I mean they can't just leave the island.. or can they? I have no idea what's gonna happen.

    And finally: Locke's plan. Remember "We have to move the island"? Yeah, the last line spoken by Locke is about as brutal as that one. A huge WTF moment to cap off the episode.
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