Season 5 Episode 15

Follow the Leader

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM May 06, 2009 on ABC

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  • As usual, Lost's setups for the season finale have all our castaways moving towards different agendas. The way they can keep it fresh every year is astonishing. With Season 5, we have the most drastic implications to the show's mythology on the line yet!

    Follow the leader. I love what this title implies. If you look at this episode, there are many characters this could apply to: Locke and Sawyer have both been in new leadership positions this season. The others have no choice but to follow Locke to see Jacob. Hurley, Juliet and the others at Dharma seem to be behind Sawyer no matter what his decision. But I'm glad to see Jack moving back into a leadership position with a new focus on what he must do to save them all. Even Daniel Faraday, dead as he is, will see his efforts heeded, as both the evacuation of the island, and the Jughead plan seem to be moving forward.

    Picking up right where we left off, Faraday is dead, Eloise is shocked, and she seeks an explanation from the newly captured Jack and Kate. What was interesting was I noticed they re-cut the previous scene where Daniel is explaining his plan to detonate the bomb. Same scene, but this time we get a reaction shot from Jack and you should see the look on his face! This instantly clicked with him, and at that moment, he went from passive "let's see what happens next" Jack to "I now know what I have to do" Jack. "Dan's been right about everything so far," is what Miles realized when Dr. Chang asked if that nutball was telling the truth. (Cut to Faraday dead in the grass, lol) Chang and Hurley had a fun 'what year is it?' moment, but I wish the discovery that Miles is his son played out better. There was basically no reaction. So, per Faraday's orders, the island is being evacuated. And based on Faraday's notes, Jack is going to pick up where Dan left off, and try to prevent this all from happening. "Does he know what he's talking about?" "He thinks he does.."
    Heartbreaking. More on that later.

    Meanwhile Sawyer is interrogated by Radzinski, Horace and Phil, who shockingly punches Juliet. It's so guaranteed that he will pay for that! It's a shame paradise has fallen apart for the lovers, but it was inevitable. Radzinski has become quite interesting. Seeing that he wants the Swan built so bad, (against Chang's orders to cease and desist) sets him and some of Dhamra up as villains- just as bad as The Others or Whidmore's people. And knowing that his fate is to spend the rest of his miserable life in that station is delicious irony. Sawyer was able to negotiate his and Juliet's release on the sub, but did he draw them the map to the Other's location? Either way, that Microstoft plan is a good idea! lol

    As for Jack again, I'm glad to see him back in a proactive role- and one so important as to alter history as we know it! His scenes with Kate were phenomenal. Their history, the subtext, it was all handled perfectly. Jack, ever the hero, can possibly do the biggest fix-it job in TV history, and make it all go away. "Do you know who you sound like?" Sorry, Kate, but the bad out-weighed the good, so I don't blame him. Kate is maybe hurt but they just can't continue down this path. Does she really think she can toy with his feelings forever? Kate, love ya, but Jack is right. You don't want to be with him, so stop pretending like this is some big slap in the face. As soon as Sawyer pops up, you'll go with the goo-goo eyes again. Enough is enough. What might seem as Kate taking the logical road played to me like cowardice and selfishness. She's knows she's on a one-way ticket back to prison.

    Where Kate's loyalty ended, Sayid's continues to honor. I nearly back-flipped off my damn couch when popped up agian, shooting up Others! Sayiiiiiiid! Always by Captain Kirks' side!

    And then there's New Locke. Who I'm not really a fan of at all. I liked John best as the weird dude with the scar on his eye. He had knives and spoke in riddles. He played backgammon and knew when it would rain. He was wise, yet mysterious. Granted, he's probably still all these things. But the big difference is he was never cocky about it. Now he wreaks of arrogance. I guess dying will do that. I still think Mr. Big Shot leader of the Others has no idea what he's doing. Richard's concern of this pleases me. You just don't want Locke as your leader. He'll get you killed. He's already back at lying to his friends, telling them one thing, but with an entirely different agenda all together: He wants to kill Jacob! Seeing Ben still trying to manipulate the situation (his confession of killing Locke to Richard, and then flipping around and ratting out Richard to John) was a trip. I admire his persistence. Some people never change! But in his powerless state it was kind of pathetic. I wonder, it seems like he is disobeying Smokey/Alex, who basically ordered him to follow Locke's every word. I knew Ben wouldn't keep that up for long. "I'm not afraid of anything you can do anymore, Ben." I'd take that as a personal challenge! Once again, Linus is up to something... You know, I hope Locke does kill Jacob, because "Jacob" has been the most annoying mystery on the series. Here's the character that they tease and tease, but never show or explain. We get stuff like "Because Jacob said so" and that ends all conversations. He's mysterious just for the sake of being mysterious. His mystery was also a turn-off for many of my old Lost-watching buddies, so I single-handedly blame Jacob and his dumb 'phantom cabin' for tuning out some viewers of this great show, which had a lot more interesting things to offer. Show yourself! Or die!