Season 5 Episode 15

Follow the Leader

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM May 06, 2009 on ABC

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  • Excellent builder for the finale !!!!!!!

    I must say this week's episode of Lost was absolutely superb. It appears watching this show for five years is really starting to pay off and I feel sorry for those who did not give it a chance. This week we see Locke take his rightful place as the leader of the others/hostiles. The bickering between John and Ben during this episode is well orchestrated and provides a real sense of tension between the two individuals. It won't be long before the two colide and this should make things very interesting. Locke now sees through the lies that Ben is so able to weave and you can tell that this is beginning to frustrate Mr Linus. Another highlight of the episode is Jack becoming a man faith. For seasons it has been Jack versus Locke but it seems that Jack has now come to terms that this is there destiny. It was great to see the temple again bringing the true mythology of Lost to life. Jack teaming up with the 1977 others is a great plot and it consolidates that he is no longer the same character who first arrived on the island. Sawyer and Juliet's scenes were also very impressive especially during the interrogation. You could really feel for the characters and they provided some top notch acting. It was also nice to see Pierre Chang finding out that Miles is his son. The return of Sayid was welcomed after week's of not knowing the fate of our lostie torturer. He will no doubt have a big role to play in the finale. Finally the most fascinating scene of the episode is Locke admitting that he is going to kill Jacob. Considering we don't know who or what Jacob is this will hopefully fill in the gaps. Something tells me a knife is simply not going to cut it. Honestly I think this was an excellent filler before the finale and it has really made the Lost universe more dynamic. This shall be one of the best season finales period and will hopefully do a good job of setting us up for the next and final season of Lost.