Season 5 Episode 15

Follow the Leader

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM May 06, 2009 on ABC

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  • Finally, the Dharma story is starting the culminate. The season's in for another perfect finale. Let's hope Evangeline's "biggest twist interview" comes to life.

    Finally, the Dharma story is starting to culminate. The season's in for another perfect finale. Let's hope Evangeline's "biggest twist interview" comes to life.

    I must admit, I was eager to see how the Dharma plot was going to play out. These last few episodes didn't seem to hold my attention very much, even though I liked the story overall. It could have been told in a much more interesting way, but I think they probably didn't want us to find out too much.

    Let's talk about 2007 first. "Locke" is a superb character now. Not that he wasn't in the past, but he is a/the leader now. And it suits him perfectly. As for Ben and Richard... I've always considered Alpert to be a positive guy, but now, considering the powerless Ben, I'm pretty scared. Ben was a mastermind, but now, when he has nothing, he frightens me. A lot. The scene from "Because You Left" was really amazing now and I got the chills.

    Jacob, Jacob... I tend to think he's just an imaginative leader, but the evidences pro and con exist in the same time.

    1977. Kate almost died. Damn it Sayid, why couldn't you be a Hostile?! Never mind. Kate actually (and finally) confessed she doesn't really want to get back to her old days (and ways, seeing she is such a peaceful person now). Dear God Freckles, you figured that out now?! And Jack... you were a pathetic man before. What are you reasons to wanting to "go back"? Stupid. And pathetic. Ridiculous. Hurley and Pierre... priceless. That's really all I want to say. Eloise, Charles, Richard... cool as ever, intriguing more than ever. Poor Daniel. An innocent victim. The tunnels were a bit of a tease. The Juggernaut was haunting. I hate Radzinsky. Really hate. I've never hated anyone on Lost so much before they showed him. Lucky me he blew his head up.

    Sawyer and Juliete... Nah. I want a happy ending here, but that really isn't an option. They're sweet, they have chemistry, they have a future. But not as long as they're on the Island.

    All in all, the pieces are ready. Let's see who/what Jacob is, what happens with the Juggernaut, how did the Incident happen (and will it happen in the same way, if it didn't) and is WHH really true? Stay tuned to Lost.