Season 5 Episode 15

Follow the Leader

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM May 06, 2009 on ABC

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  • GREAT episode!

    I thought Sayid's moment right after he says 'I killed Ben' and Kate says they saved him, it was priceless, that expression of "WTF guys! wow..." I was dying to put those words in his mouth.

    The one thing that drives me nuts is the amount of circular time-loops this show has to fill up...So we know that the Miles-Chang loop is closed, the adult Ben-influencing-Sayid-to-kill-him-forcing-the-losties to-send-him-to-'otherize'-him-and-cause-him-to-grow-up-to-be-'bad'-in-the-first-place, the whole Eloise sending Daniel to die at her younger self's hand, Locke telling himself his destiny off the island, Charlotte's unavoidable death, etc, is getting out of hand. Not saying filling the gaps/answering questions is bad, but I'm sure we want the linear, present story to continue. We saw only a bit of the 'present' in this episode, with Locke going out on his new purpose, which was fine i guess. I kinda got lost as to where the continuation of the actual timeline is, since the losties got rescued at the end of season 4 (I won't consider the 'present' the time on the island where locke is resurrected until the backbone of the oceanic six's story is finished/filled up).