Season 5 Episode 15

Follow the Leader

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM May 06, 2009 on ABC

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  • Simply epic! So many amazing scenes, dialogues. Emotive, action packed, full of suspense. It will give you big anticipation about the end of the season. Possibly one of the best episodes ever.

    Wow! I'm amazed. This episode simply shows how amazing and rewarding Lost is for those who followed it through all its 5 seasons so far.

    To begin we have Locke back. And every episode with Locke is already a great one. And even better, he is there along with Ben and Richard. Three of the elite, best of the best and more intriguing characters on the show. What I like more is how self confident Locke is now. How he treats Ben like his dog and even is very sarcasting and bossy with Mr. Alpert. It's so cool to see Ben and Richard which always seemed to have extra sensorial perception in the way they anticipate, manipulate and are so secretive. Locke is really the leader now. Seeing Ben's reaction when Locke said him he is going to kill Jacob was priceless. Now more questions for us: Why Locke wants to kill Jacob? Is Richard good or evil? What is really the objective of Ben? Now let's come to 1977 and see how hell is set loose on Dharma village and also on Hostiles territory.

    Radsinsky (however it's spelled) is really a bastard and took control. Poor James and Juliet. We really feel for them in the interrogatory.

    Dr. Chang gets to know that the losties are really time travelers. It was funny that he asks Hurley who is the president of the USA! lol. And he gets to know that Miles is his son. Miles gets to see why his dad "abandoned" him and his mother. These scenes have been short but very emotive. Now Dr. Chang knows he has to evacuate every one from the island!

    Eloise Hawking knows from the losties that Daniel was really her son and has the intention to change future along with Jack. Kate doesn't share the idea and goes back to Dharma.

    Can they really change the future? What consequences will their actions cause? It's so amazing to see everything shaping up so well like pieces of a big puzzle. Big revelations are being made, but we still have lots of questions, but it is great to see the season coming to an epic conclusion. This is probably one of the best episodes ever thanks to every thing that happens in just one episode. It's full of fantastic moments and has a really epic feel to it which shows us why Lost is the best thing on TV and probably in any media!
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