Season 5 Episode 15

Follow the Leader

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM May 06, 2009 on ABC

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  • This was a great episode because it really got you anxious to see the finale. What Locke tells Ben at the end of the epidsode was the greatest jawdropper of the season!

    One of the best things about the Lost series is its ability to leave you dangling at the end of every episode as if it were the last of the season; this episode brings that characteristic out to the tee.

    As you continue to watch this episode you really realize that elements are beginning to come together and that the show's main vision is about to come to a head. This is done by very good writing for this episode. Even though the most action packed moments were in the "1977" segment for this episode, it was greatly balanced out by the current "30 years later" segment becuase of the great undertone of suspense that John's character is bringing to the show.
    As you watch him during the last couple of weeks you just feel that he knows so much (especially after what he tells Ben he is about to do when they visit Jacob!) and that he will reveal these known secrets in the upcoming episode. If you haven't seen "Follow the Leader" go watch it because it is reminiscient of the great jawdroppers of the first three seasons. If you have seen it, I know you're excited about the next season finale!
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