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A possible way of how the 'After life' exist

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    I think this 'After life' exist because of the island, It's one of the island special powers, We know how the island affected their real life and made a better person out of them, Helped them to get over their fears and flaws, I don't see why it should just stick to the living state , I think the island can affect them even after death, The island created this place for them because they all wanted this, Many thought that the light at the end signified them moving to heaven, But it's a no for me, I think the 'light' at the end was actually The light in the island, Remember when the mother described the light as "life, Death, Rebirth", I don't know how the island light was able to create this for them, How was it able to gather their souls, But it doesn't matter how, It matters that it did, I think they moved to a better place, , They all went with each other to that happy place, A place also created by the island for them
    Well that's my own interpetaion, I don't have any proof of this, And there isn't supposed to be a proof to any theory!, It all depend on the person and his own interpetaion.

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    Jack attained completion by saving the light. He also preserved the possibility for every living soul to move on after death. What a Hero. The fact that i feel this way about the character when i've never really liked him is, to me, a big compliment to the writers.

    I'd also point out one of Jacob's quotes of the season about the light; saying that every living thing carries a bit of it. Dust to Dust. Or in this case Light to Light!

    Never mind the unanswered questions (Desmond's ubiquity). LOST stood out for its characters and their evolution through series of choices, beliefs and interactions with one another.

    Life is about who you spend it with.

    Goodbye to one of the biggest phenomena in TV history and thanks for the Tales!

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