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Best Season of Lost? (Spoiers)

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    From best to worst.

    1. Season 4 - Season 4 was my ultimate favorite because of A LOT. After an amazing finish to season 3, Lost comes back with the shortest season yet. 14 episodes is all this season had, compared to the previous seasons which all had 22-24 episodes each. The result of this was a much leaner tale, faster paced and more action packed, with a lot more focus on plot and not a filler episode on sight. There are three amazing episodes that rank on my Top 10 in this list. "The Constant" being another gamechanger that sets things up for Season 5, "The Shape of Things to Come" was the shocking, action packed, and heartbreaking episode in which Ben makes one hell of a choice, and not to mention the 2-Part Season Finale "There's No Place Like Home" where everything that happens on the island from the past 3 seasons comes together in a great way. Also the long-awaited return of Michael and Walt, plus some awesome 24-style action scenes, and the Widmore-Ben war/conspiracy theory regarding the island. It was 14 episodes of non-stop action and twists. Greatness.

    2. Season 6 - Say what you will about the ending, the final season was awesome. I personally hated the finale, I thought it was cheesy and stupid and boring and far too religious. But the actual season was great. A ton of main characters got killed off in sad moments, it was fast paced, a lot of answers were given. We found out almost everything, such as what the "monster" is, what the whispers are, why Jack saw his father in Season 1, etc.. Everything added up to make a great, thought provoking and exciting finale to one of the best shows ever made. Season 6 would have been my favorite if the finale hadn't sucked, but I'm not letting that ruin it. It was still a great season where a lot of good stuff happened, and definately answered enough questions to make me satisfied about the show as a whole. Still...that finale...grr.

    3. Season 1 - The season that started it all. The people and the island and "The Others" as they were called, everything was so mysterious and interesting. The questions that were brought up were great, from "The Monster" to the whispers to the hatch underground...everything was great. Sure nothing really made sense, but watching the characters interact and set everything up for the madness to come was great. One of the better seasons of this show.

    4. Season 3 - Season 3 is thought my many to be the worst of the worst. I admit, the beginning was slow, but in the later half I couldn't stop watching. The second half has some of my favorite episodes, with the finale having the ultimate game-changing twist that really set up for the final 3 seasons very well. Everything came together beautifully in the end, not only putting an end to many of the plotlines of seasons 1, 2, and 3, but also setting up new problems. (NOT PENNY'S BOAT!) The second half definately makes up for the first.

    5. Season 5 - I have nothing against Sesaon 5. In fact, I thought it was great in the beginning. Everything was fast paced and exciting, just how I like it. The Oceanic Six coming back to the island was great, and the Ben/Widmore conspiracy was also great. But then they get back, and they travel back to the Dharma Initiative. Great. Then Sayid shoots Ben. Great. Then after that...nothing happens. Faraday comes back, yeah, and then he starts up some mumbo-jumbo about 'going where they are supposed to be' which starts the entire "blowing up the nuke" arc. Then of course, that ends up leading to the horrible "flash-sideways" thingy. Yeah, we get a lot of Dharma questions answered, and that's good. But the season wasn't one of the better ones, while still being very good.

    6. Season 2 - My god. I HATED season 2. The plot moved way too slowly, the new characters SUCKED, there were far too many "ending the episode with happy montages" (which luckily never happened again after season 2), and it all was horrible. After they found Ben it did get very good, and that was the only redemming thing about this season. But before the final episodes, it was crappy episode after crappy episode. Still, one of the best things on television, just my least favorite of this show.

    HBU guys?

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    1. Season 4
    I absolutely agree with you on this one. I loved the freighter people and The Constant is one of my favorite episodes of television ever. 2. Season 6
    I actually really liked the flash sideways and just seeing all these characters in a different way and how there were still situations from their real life that kept repeating themselves. I know the finale didn't answer many questions about the island but it's the most emotional two hours of television ever and I can't control my tears every time I watch it.

    3. Season 3
    Even though the beginning was dreadfully slow, this season wasn't helped by the months of hiatus that separated the first half and then the slow beginning of the second half of the season after kate and sawyer escaped. But the end of this season with desmond and charlie and the huge flash forward twist really saved this season imo.

    4. Season 1
    I really do love season 1 but everytime I rewatch it I find myself wishing to see how much the characters change like jin and sun and sawyer. There are still classic moments in season 1 like the whole pilot and locke discovering the hatch (WHY DID YOU DO THIS TO ME?!). THe raft launch in the finale is one of more beautiful moments too.

    5. Season 2
    DESMOND.This season was awfully slow as you said but I loved how they introduced Desmond and it's hard to imagine Lost without Ben. However, most of the tailies sucked except Mr. Eko and Claire is so annoying this season (get away from my baby!)

    6. Season 5
    While I loved Dharmaville and LaFleur, the whole 'this is our destiny we can't change anything' to 'we can change everything and the plane won't crash' just kept confusing the hell out of me and I just thought Dan changed his mind because Charlotte died and I think they ended up causing the Incident which they tried to prevent.
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    Season 1 best season, Got me immediately hooked.

    Season 6 worst season, for obvious reasons.

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    First three seasons, then the final three seasons.
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    Lost is my favorite show of all time but I will admit that I really disliked the last two seasons. The environments/sets and special effects were pretty terrible like they didn't have good budget and the writing was really poor. I think the writer's strike in 2008 killed Lost.

    1. Season 1: 10/10 - Favorite Episodes: Walkabout, Deus Ex Machine, The Greater Good, Exodus

    2. Season 3: 10/10 - Favorite Episodes: The Man From Tallahassee, The Brig, The Man Behind the Curtain, Through the Looking Glass

    3. Season 2: 9.5/10 - Favorite Episodes: Man of Science, Man of Faith, The Other 48 Days, Lockdown, Live Together, Die Alone

    4. Season 4: 9/10 - Favorite Episodes: The Constant, The Shape of Things to Come

    5. Season 5: 7.5/10 - Favorite Episodes: Jughead

    6. Season 6: 6.5/10 - Favorite Episodes: Ab Aeterno

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    For me...

    1.Season 3 - This had so many EPIC moments to even attempt mentioning, and that season finale....WOW! Perhaps the best episode of any TV series ever! 9.6/10

    2.Season 2 - Again some pure moments of magic, as the story evolved from a tale of survival to more sci-fi/fantasy, Contained maybe Lost's greatest single story arc....The hatch. 9.4

    3.Season 4 - This season upped the action, with fewer episodes this season was pure adrenaline. 9.4

    4.Season 1 - An amazing pilot, incredible character development, implementing a unique narrative technique that shows now try and mimic, Brilliant writing from start to finish. 9.4

    5.Season 6 - A fine final season despite what a vocal minority may say, This whole season was foreshadowed in Lost's first episode, Testament to great writing. 8.9

    6.Season 5 - Lost's worst season, but still better than most shows best seasons, This is the season which added more science fantasy into the mix, Which would be great if not for 1 or 2 creative mistakes. 8.8

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    1. Season 1: Everything was still a mystery. The hatch, the thing that bends the trees, Jack's father's "ghost". I love all the flashback stories, in seasons 1&2, except Kate's that is.

    2. Season 4: Short and action packed. A lot less filler in this season. The flash forward stories, that started at the end of season 3, were brilliant.

    3. Season 6: I'm of two minds on this season. I love the flash sideways/purgatory half, but hated the general plot of the island half. I loved that the nuke had everyone (including myself) believing, this was an alternate reality. The writers basically killed Claire when Charlie died. I really didn't like, what they did to her island character, in this season. Though on the flip side, i really liked Richard's back story.

    4. Season 2: Ben's introduction. Desmond, Mr Eko, and Ana Lucia. I know that Ana Lucia, is not popular among the fans. But her back story is one of my favorites. Mr Eko had a very compelling story, too bad Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje hated Hawaii's climate. I read that they had a lot of stories, in store for him in season 3. I didn't like that they had Michael, become a murderer and betrayer. But overall, it was a solid season.

    5. Season 3.5: Season 3 really, really dragged on. When the freighter showed up, the season got good. Charlie's death was a powerful part of the story. Desmond jumping back and forth, between times periods was a good story. I didn't like what they did to Locke though. He was all torn up that the Others, had captured Jack, Sawyer, and Kate. He blamed himself, because he destroyed the hatch, instead of letting Mr. Eko take over button duty. He said that if had let, Mr. Eko push the button, he could of went with Jack and protected them.

    Then all of a sudden, he didn't care anymore about Jack, only about his "purpose" on the island. They also turned Locke into a murderer. That was completely against everything, we had learned about Locke up to this point. Killing in defense or war is one thing, but throwing a knife in the back, of an unarmed woman is something else. It was like there was new writers, that didn't have the first clue who John Locke was.

    6. Season 5: I liked most of this season. Dharmaville, time travel, Lafleur, all great ideas. But i agree with the OP, that the whole nuke storyline stunk. But it setup the sideways flash storyline.

    7. Season 3.0: It was very slow. It started ok. Desmond's back story, was one of my favorite episodes of the series. Locke going into the sweat lodge, to talk to the island. And the introduction of Juliet, my favorite female character of the series. We got to see Ben's brilliance as well. But then they really dragged the rest out.

    Then there is what they did about Mr. Eko. He wasn't sorry for all that he had done? Come on now! Eko was all about repentance. Staying silent for forty days, because he killed two men in self defense. Need to see Henry Gale (aka Ben), to say how sorry he was, for killing them. The guilt he felt, over his brother's death. The message he got from his brother, through the girl who drowned, changed his life. And the writers threw all that away, because they needed to kill him off, because the actor was leaving the show.

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    From best to worst:

    1.Season 2- I really don't get the hate for this season. The hatch is deffinatly my favorite storyline in the series. So many mysteries came out of that thing it was unreal. The survivors being split up for the first half of the season was also really cool. And every single character they introduced was awesome- Eko,Ben and Desmond are all in my top 5. Everynight I watched this season I was on the edge of my seat wondering what the button could possibly do, and my answer was top-notch. Best episode: Live together, die alone. Worst episode: Fire+water

    2.Season 1- Every Lost fan agrees that this season never lets down. From the minute Jacks eye opened I was hooked. The characters were at their best in the whole series in this season. Getting every characters backround was awesome until it was overdone in the later seasons. My only problem with this season is the amount of filler there is on rewatch, such as Kate's toy airplane and Charlie digging through a cave to find Jack. But then you have to realize its all for character development. Best episode: Walkabout Worst episode: Whatever the case may be

    3. Season 4- My top 3 seasons are really close together so it was hard to pick favorites. The only reason this season is at number 3 is because of the shortened season. But other than that, this season is golden. This season contains (almost) no filler so it was action packed the whole time. The flash-forwards was really awesome at the time-discovering how each and every one of the survivors lives were a living hell off the island and how they needed the island In their lives. It also introduced some awesome characters like Faraday and Miles. Best episode (of all time): The constant Worst episode: The other woman

    4.Season 3- This season is nowhere near the top 3, but that doesn't mean its a bad season. The main problem is that the first 15 episodes go nowhere. They don't advance the plot at all. I could care less about Jack, Sawyer and Kate in cages. This season promised us information about the others but we really didn't get any. But after those 15 episodes, every single episode after is spectacular. The final four episodesdeserve to go on everybody's top 10 list. Best episode: Through the looking glass Worst episode: Stranger in a strange land

    5.Season 6- This season is nowhereas bad as people make it out to be. Honestly the first 8 episodes of the season had me believing that this was the worstseason.But after that this season didn't let up. It wasn't perfect still, but it was a fresh start. The island storylineisn't even the best part about the season. Its the Flash-sideways. This storyline is so intriguing and youre left wondering if the island really caused these people lives to be horrible. But I loved the conclusion to the series and I can answer every question you ask me- If you need something answered reply to the message and ask! Best episode: The End Worst episode (of all time): Across the sea

    6.Season 5- This season is my least fav and it still isent bad! But their is a lot of problems with this season. But lets start with the good. The time flashes were really intriguing and you wondered how it was going to stop. The on island storyline with Ben and "Locke" is awesome and I love going back to watch these moments. Now onto the bad. The oceanic six was cool in season 4 but in season 5 is was just a drag. I was missing the flashbacks and flashforwards and im glad they brought them back near the end of the season. Dharmaville is not as interesting as it sounds and I was expecting to learn more about them but we really dident. Best episode: The incident Worst episode: The Lie

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