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Did Mr Eko have a Flash-sideways? Beware spoilers.

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    [1]May 25, 2010
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    Throughout this season we've seen various characters seem to pierce the veil into the sideways world. Both Juliet when she was dying and Sun when she banged her head and couldn't speak English. With the reveal of what the sideways really are then surely the link between season 6's on island action and them should've been no different to that of any other season. Why did Juliet see into the sideways when the likes of Boone or Libby didn't?

    Well maybe they did, and I may have evidence! At the end of Mr Eko's death episode we saw him walking into the sunset with his brother. This was clearly a visual way to show that the spiritual character was at peace. However having seen the ending maybe we should take it more literally. Was Mr Eko's flash-sideways him being with his brother? Also two episodes before that he gave a message to John while unconscious/half-dead. At the time I assumed it was the island talking through him or something weird, but maybe it was the sideways Eko talking!

    So anyone think there's anything too that or am I just reading far too much into this?

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    If your theory is right than it means this... that the alt universe wasn't created by the losties. Their are always alternate universes. The losties attempting to detonate the bomb was always suppose to happen and they failed to do what they wanted to because whatever happened happened.

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