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Do you remember? 24 vs Lost?

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    [1]May 25, 2010
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    Personally, I agree with that article in everything it says. Both are great shows, but the fun in watching Lost, for me, was thinking all the time: how are they going to wrap all this up? Will they be able to? The answer was very clear: NO. OK, the most important part of Lost, according to its creators, were the characters (Everybody loves Desmond, after all), but if they're going to start to put mysteries without knowing how to resolve then, then they should've omitted them in the first place.

    However, in 24, although it has a couple of flaws (mostly on S6 and S5 -yeah, I know all people love it, and while I found valid their reasons to do it, I can't share them, sorry-) the show, as a whole, always provided a consistent script and a complete circle to all the stories they've opened (even the poorly written Dana Walsh's subplot this last season). Plus, even when they were re-using old situations, they've always managed to give them, at least, a minor variation, to keep them fresh and suspenseful. Besides, in spite of the fact they were severely limited by the real time format, they've always succedded in their purposes; a huge difference with Lost, where almost everything was possible of being included in the main story, in order to avoid repetition.

    Like I said before, I like both shows. I've bought all seasons of 24 (and I will buy the last one) and I will be buying S5 of Lost soon. But, in this matter, I think 24 has won with a lot of difference.

    So, now that both shows have ended, what do you think about this issue?

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    Depends how people judge it. The comparisons can be judged by ratings, actings, awards, finales, etc. Speaking of finales I still haven't watched the 24 one yet but I heard it was pretty decent. I think you can't really compare the shows to determine which is better because they are really two completely different shows. Lost was like a journey. It truly connected us with the characters. Some of us even dared to say we understood the characters. Point is we cared about the characters a whole lot. Lost's story is complex and has a ton of mysteries. Lost's cliffhangers are more suspenseful. Lost has a ton of plot twists that had blown us away. 24 on the other hand was different. 24 gave us a set of characters that we became familiar with. Sure they changed the casting around throughout the seasons but the same couple of ones stuck around. Their wasn't really that strong of a character connection like we had with Lost because 24 focus on the storyline more. The storyline was straightforward, in fact its kind of like a straight line. The day starts, the day ends. Their were plot twists too but we didn't felt the impact of them as we did with Lost. Mainly because the twist usually gets explained in the next couple of episodes or the season finale. Which brings me up to the final comparison-the finales. 24's season finales sort of gave us closure to that particular storyline that the season was telling us. While Lost's finales just kept us hanging on until the next season. 24 is more about the closure and then starting over, Lost just wants to keep going. Both are great shows, I like both of them. If I had to pick I will pick Lost mainly because it goes deep with character connections, mysteries, plot twists, etc.

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    I love both of them and will miss both of them.
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    I'd still pick Lost despite the final season being somewhat disappointing.
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    Lost, but 24 is very close behind
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    [6]May 27, 2010
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    Yeah I'd have to go with Lost as well. I know I defend Lost a lot, but I love 24 as well...for me, Lost, despite all its flaws made me think (I assume we'd all agree on that much, or we wouldn't be on these forums. It certainly tried to tackle larger themes than television usually does, even if it failed in some ways). 24 was awesome, a great, entertaining ride. A popcorn movie, and I mean that as a compliment. It could have been deeper, a little, but they always made Jack indestructible, always right. I'd have loved them to do a Jack torture scene and then have him find out it was the wrong guy, but I think they always wanted Jack to be flawles, the hero. End of the last season got a bit murky though, which was nice.

    No, except for Six Feet Under, no other show has affected me as much as Lost.

    I'll miss them both though, and at least we'llhave some kickass 24 movies on the way.

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    You post on the Lost forum if people like Lost or 24. Of course people will choose Lost.
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    I love them both, but Lost shades it for me.

    To contrast them, I agree that one of 24s strenghts is its completeness and detail. Lost had the advantage that it could plan further ahead and had more scope. And as much as Lost was 'about the characters' (allegedly), everytime Tony came back into 24 I got goosebumps.

    I think that, ultimately, I engaged more with Lost, and it prompted more discussion.

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