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Do you think 1 more season would of tied the characters/mysteries all together

Would one more season made people happier?

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    [1]May 28, 2010
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    Well I loved the finale. I can't see why you wouldn't if you are a true LOST fan and followed every up and down moment in the last six years. Now that being said i wish some of the mysteries were tied in a bit more clearer and spent more time on why these mysteries were important. I can see why this would piss people off. I still beleive that does not take away from this last show.

    Now do you feel that one more season would of made for a better story and ending? i guess turn the HATERS into LOVERS?

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    [2]May 28, 2010
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    I agree somewhat though I think it would take more than one season given the vast amount of mysteries they racked up. They would also probably need to get rid of the Flash Sideways as that ultimately proved to be a waste.
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    [3]May 28, 2010
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    they made a 2hour long episode.their was enough time in this last episode to answer the basic things that were not revealed for 6seasons.but no.and don't tell me it's because they had to finish the sideways story cuz that resolution took about 3-4minutes.the rest was mainly filler.go down in the cave/light base/whatever uncorke the island,go out in the rain,have a lame fight,shoot the devil in the back,go back to the light/cave base/whatever,put the corke back in,sit.oh right,desmond.

    the most annoying filler was when that tree fell on ben,or he saved hurley,whtever.i was watching that and saying "so?f*^k'em!leave'em.go"

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    [4]May 28, 2010
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    For me, the most logical solution would have simply been to have regular length seasons. They could have had the same story frame, but filled up more episodes with actual answers to mysteries while still taking the characters interesting places.

    And I think it's a bit unfair to say that if you disliked the finale, you're not a true Lost fan. Take a look at the thread "An Argument Against the Finale" for an exceptionally well-articulated explanation of why the finale totally undermined the series' ambitions and goals. It's a very coherent and rational explanation of all of the problems many people (myself included) had with the implications of the finale.

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    [5]May 28, 2010
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    to answer your question: it would make people heppier mainly because they would be able to watch more lost, but in terms of answers im certain that the writers wouldnt give us any more answers than they already have.

    if i can say one more thing, im realizing that more and more people are making this mistake lately, and just wanted to give you a heads up about it, not trying to be a jerk here, but here it is:

    "Do you think 1 more season would OF tied the characters/mysteries all together?"

    "Do you think 1 more season would HAVE tied the characters/mysteries all together?"

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