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    I'm sure some of you have seen me around a couple of threads by now. Contrary to what you may believe though, I'm not a negative person.
    The thing is that I just really loved Lost and was incredibly disappointed by its outcome.

    But the fact that the ending was, to a lot of people, an enormous frustration, doesn't mean that there weren't some great moments throughout the show that we can't still enjoy. So now I'm gonna deal with the show like religious moderates deal with scripture: Take out the parts that I like and try to pretend like the bad parts don't exist.

    So the idea behind this thread is that we try to find out together what were the best elements of Lost. This can range from anything like dialogue, music to specific scenes or character behaviour. It all goes, so try to think of the elements that you thought were amazing, and say something in its defense.

    I'll start off by admiring the storyline idea that the whole series of events up until the end of Season 5 and the death of Jacob, was one big set-up by a man trying to work around a set of rules. That's exactly my cup of tea. I love the kind of stories that first make you convinced of one thing and then end up telling you it was for something else, something much greater.

    Another thing I loved (just off the top of my hat) was the end of season 3. The feeling that the Oceanic survivors were in real danger, being hunted by the Others. Meanwhile getting an eerie feeling about a boat lurking out there, not knowing if it contains good or bad intentioned people. And finishing off with one of the best plot twists of all time: "WE HAVE TO GO BACK!!". Just awesome.

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    defenetely the season 3 finale is there.probably the biggest twist in a finale.i remember how i loved that revelation and needed to know more but had to wait.i don't think they lost any fans between season 3 and 4 ))

    from finales to premieres.my best of moment has to be the season 2 premiere.that was the first b*tch slap i got from the show.i didn't even know in the beginning i was watching lost cuz i just turned on the tv and that was just starting.now at that point i've only seen a few eps of the first season and saw some promos so i knew the basic concept of the show and that they found a hatch.from that first episode of season 2 i was hooked,the nonsense i've seen before started to come together and desmond instantly became one my favorite characters.

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    I have to say one of the best moments of the show for me was when Hurley found that Van and got it going... Ye Ha !! ride 'em Hurley. !!!!

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