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LOST: The Series and The End COMMENTS, THEORIES, and SPOILERS Part one.

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    from my tumblr --- http://keepitmovingsblog.tumblr.com/

    LOST: The Series and The End

    Part One

    The Ending was great. I loved it.

    The more I think about the entire series as a whole, the more clever I think it is how it all went down. All the nooks, crannies, and extensive details, the writers put into this story and its characters, is what made the series so interestingly captivating. Them putting the mystery and the questions in is what made it so damn good thou.

    Even after the show has officially ended, I am still thinking up theories.

    They made the alternate reality by blowing up the hydrogen bomb. So in a sense we really don't know what this alternate reality is. It could be a greater world they created. A world where they all get to be together and they get to remember. I believe they are still living on in this alternate reality. So in a sense they did save themselves.

    Perhaps the only thing that was keeping all of from living in peace in this alternate reality they created was The Black Smoke Monster. I think this since in a sense it was created by the same energy that created this alternate reality. Maybe the Black Smoke monster was harboring all the souls of who died on the island and they couldn't be set free until he died.

    Daniel Faraday is still living in the alternate reality, the man who had the plan to set off the hydrogen bomb. The man who's mother sent him to the island knowing that she killed him there. Daniel knew more then he let on due to his previous accident that hindered his memory, but it started to come back once he hit the island. Perhaps Daniel, His mother Eloise Hawking, and his father Charles Widmore all knew about this possibility of an alternate reality. Where they can all live together.

    Faraday wrote the equation in the alternate reality with his memories. So he already knew what to do, he already knew the outcome to blowing up that Hydrogen bomb. His mother pushed him hard to devote his life to science to be a quantum physicist. Because she knows that she kills him. That is also why Charles Widmore brought Desmond back to the Island. To save his son and everyone else. Why else would he bring Desmond there?

    The scene where Kate delivers baby Aaron from Claire with the Claire and Charlie Reunion at the end had to be the single most emotional moving scene of the entire series and quite possibly all of Television.

    More Later in Part Two.

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