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POLL: Jate vs Skate

What is Kate's Fate?

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    electricpeppers wrote:
    kittagp wrote:

    I posted here and there, I guess in 3 or 4 different threads different reasons why "KATE an JACK".If I would number all, I think that I coudl come up with more than 10 good reasons.

    I really would like to hear some ideas, points or anything the SKATER could point out plot or character-wise why Kate and Sawyer besides the common "They're hot together" or "They are the same nature". Really, Jack is hot too. Much hotter in my opinion, so why Kate and Sawyer besides MTV reasons?

    What are your points for Jack and Kate then my dear?

    They stated them in an earlier post.

    I think Sawyer and Kate and probably because I like Jack with Juliet. I don't really like Kate at all and I don't think she deserves Jack. Sawyer and Kate also seem really good together.
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    When Sawyer asks Kate to play house they use that great historic romantic music.

    And especially when you look at the scene where he unbanishes her, puts of her shoes and tells her that he´ll keep her safe and touches her hair...in these scenes I cannot imagine that these two are not meant to be together.

    Sawyer is so relaxed and incredibly great when he is with Kate. She brings out the best in him.

    Jack is always nervous and thinking too much. He just can´t get laid even if his life depended on it. So evolutionary wise Jack will not win :-)

    But Jack is a good guy and maybe he deserves a great woman too.
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    when the show started I loved Jack and Kate together...but then the show moved towards Kate and Sawyer and they're ok but i still prefer her w/Jack....now i dont care much for her character so she can end up w/whoever she wants just PICK SOMEONE!

    but i ended up voting for Jack and Kate
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    Kate and Jack...I have to admit to just starting to watch Lost...beginning of season 3 at the moment...and I just don't get the Kate and Sawyer thing...Well, that's not true...I see what he sees in her, but not what she sees in him. I think the problem with Jack and Kate is trust on Jack's part and Kate feeling like she isn't good enough...Of course, I don't know about the whole Juliet thing yet...so maybe I will change my mind...But I kind of doubt I will ever be rooting for Kate and Sawyer...although I do think he is a better person because of her...
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