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THE END rewatch

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    [1]Jan 15, 2011
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    ive been missing lost too much
    somefriend sent me the whole seasons bloopers
    and it was just the drop that caused... the rewatch!

    ok so this is actually the 4th or 5 time ive watched THE END
    but i HAD NOT WATCHED ANY LOST THING in about 7 months

    wow it will get me everytime and better each time!
    it makes me cry and wonder things still...

    would you have left with Lapidus or Stayed with Jack? If i were kate i wouldve left too

    Today i felt it really really felt it... the true love behind each of them... their experience together
    its the chance they needed to be together again and do it right!
    Ive been wondering if maybe they had taken advantage of the first chance the island was giving them
    (when they were alive) maybe they wouldntve had to do all that to get together again oh im rambling and cant explain myself.

    One thing that i minded this time was... why does Kate just get one "flash" with Claire? she didnt get like "some other day" flashes but only aarons birth??

    I wish they had showed us how they got Boone back.

    oh Lost how i miss you.
    i wish season 7 would be about where they went together

    oh and for all of you that hated the sideline....
    we NEEDED IT! if not all of us wouldve had a HEARTATTACK!

    long live LOST

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