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The entire point of the ending was.....

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    Megaman200798 wrote:

    porky826 wrote:
    Regarding Eko. He was asked to be apart of the finale. He wanted like five times the pay of everyone else that was coming back for it and they said no. Sometimes you have to remember it's a TV show and also a business.

    I doubt that was the case for a character who barely made it 1 season

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    SVU_number_1fan wrote:
    trishuhhh wrote:
    Mr. Eko, can't remember the actor's name, declined the invite to appear in the finale. He wanted 5x the money offered and things just didn't work out :-/
    wow 4real!!!! dangggggg no wonder he got killed of lol

    wow he was one of my top favorite characters...
    this is sad. i mean... how mean can you be? to just not care about what your fans would like.
    well.. im glad he wasnt on it then.
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    sawyer369 wrote:

    Please explain to me why so many of you are angry or annoyed or disappointed by the fact that certain questions werent answered. And the ridiculous thing is. . .all of your "unanswered" questions were answered!! Babies could not be conceived on the island because of the electromagnetism that was DIRECTLY BENEATH THEM. Michael wasnt in the final scene because all the lost-aways were ready to move on and he was not allowed to; WHICH HE EXPLAINED DIRECTLY TO HURLEY.

    Im finding that the people who have problems with the finale and things being unanswered, have problems with trivial and useless and unnecessary things not being addressed. And if you want to get hung up on the un-important things, instead of focusing on the main plotlines, then you are ignoring what was a great show and experience.

    LOST was about faith versus science, good versus evil, and fate versus free will. And all of those dilemmas were played out and left to the viewer to decide what they believed and believed in. LOST was about people being lost in life, and their search and discovery for meaning in their lives. And all of these angles and plots were very well addressed.

    Everything IMPORTANT was addressed and answered. Its too bad some people cant get over the little things.

    This explanation for the birthing problem makes no sense. Clearly, in the 1970s, Ethan is born (we SEE it HAPPEN), and the electromagnetism is there. Then in the 2000s, children can't be born. Why?

    Some say it's because of the nuclear bomb, which might be true, but that's pure SPECULATION. That's taking an unexplained plot point and making presumptions.

    I'm sorry, but people mistake interpretation with speculation. Interpretation, which is what good shows do (and Lost often does) is showing us what characters think, feel, do, and say and allowing viewers come to conclusions about these characters. Season one did that very well, by presenting the on-island experience of characters and showing us flashbacks that are significant in informing their choices on the island. We, as viewers, get to INTERPRET why and how their past experiences are influencing their current choices.

    However, saying "Oh, you can try to figure out the mechanism by which children can't be born and mothers die on your own" is NOT interpretation. There is no evidence in the series to show that blowing up a hydrogen bomb (which, if we take the flash-sideways as completely separate from the island timeline, theoretically did NOTHING) caused women not to be able to give birth, they need to explain WHY that would do so in this world the writers created--what is the scientific mechanism that caused this? Juliet said she thought it happened at conception, but that's all we ever got--we deserved a clearer answer.
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    You're so completely right. Take a show like Supernatural. Supernatural is really strong when it comes to setting up rules of the world, and then living by them. As a nerd I can appreciate that. Lost absolutely failed at this. There are so many aspects that could have been tied together with a friggin bow, but in the last two seasons they dropped the ball. People who say "What were you expecting? There's no way they could answer every little thing!" are the laziest apologists possible. They have no imagination, and apparantly they have no faith ina writers ability to make a story work. They literally do not understand the nature of the problems Lost have suffered in the last two seasons, they are oblivious to them.

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    I hope if you are an extremely good person your whole life, and you sacrifice your live to save your friends and the world (it is unclear the effect of the Light in all humans)

    that you be send to a place much like this, where you have to work, and your dead family members are still dead, and your dead friends are alive, and you meet them everywhere, but you don't recognize them, YOU DON'T KNOW WHO THEY ARE, and you get shoot, and ran over by a car, and you have the same diseases you had in your first life, and all the worst things that happened to you in your life, happen to you again.

    Then you will realize how terrible the Lost finale is

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    a skit on snl when lost was still in season 3 or 4
    haha Andy's line was spot on

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    I really hated the ending and the entire last season. It was such a cop out on the great mysteries and story telling of the first 3 seasons especially.

    I was so disillusioned with Lost I pretty much gave up on TV and started reading books. One of the series of Books I read was Stephen Kings the Dark Tower series. Even before I finished reading all 7 books I understood Lost so much better and after finishing the final book I understood how and why Lost was so good initially but failed in the finale. IMO all disappointed Lst fans should read the Dark Tower series. Unlike Lost it does have a conclusion and answers to the mysteries. However I am now going to talk about this so if you don't want to be spoiled don't read on.

    Abrahams and Lindroff were big Dark Tower fans. They have admitted it and even tried to get the rights to make it into a movie trilogy before it all fell through. Lost is basically their attempt (when they were still small players) to bring the Dark Tower to television without having to pay Stephen King for the rights. Too many similarities. Time travel, heroin addiction, one main protagonists in a wheelchair, a boy with mysterious power, The mysterious cooperation that manufactures everything they come across, mother issues, daddy issues, brother issues, a organization/society left in ruin leaving behind their technology. Demons that are like smokey, huge emphasis on psychics and numbers, even the man in black.

    Now the spoilers. Roland, the Gunslinger is on a huge quest to find the mysterious dark tower (and save it as it turns out it anchors all the beams that hold the universe and its different realities form being destroyed). In the end Roland saves it and reaches the top staircase and door storms through it only to be transported back to the opening scene of the opening book. Turns out he has been doing this repeatedly in a loop over many centuries trying to fulfill 100% perfect what needed to be done in his vision. He had been almost perfect this time but never had his bugle that he was meant to bring that he left in his dying friends arms. So he was basically caught in a time loop task repetition cycle until he got everything right to break it.

    This is how they were planning on ending lost as well. They were going to have Jack die on the beach thinking he had saved the island and the world only for his eye to reopen and be back in the midst of the plane crash memory fading and starting the story all over again as he had not got everything 100% correct.

    This gave them the security of being able to time travel, pile twist on twist and mystery on mystery as ultimately it would not contradict the final explanation that the island was in fact a place which had become stuck in a time loop caused by the incident and what we were watching was the unconscious attempts and actions of people this had all happened to before many times trying to change it and thus break it.

    However after the huge success of Losts first season Abrahams and Lindoff stocks rose rapidly in Hollywood were now in the position to take on projects like Star Trek. They became friendly with their idol Stephen King and the possibility was very real they could obtain the rights to make The Dark Tower series. However this created a conflict with their plans for wrapping up Lost as they could no longer rip off the Dark Tower ending and hope that the future possible project would have any integrity. Even if they got away with it imagine Lost fans wrongly claiming they ripped off their beloved series when the movies came out. Also if King sold the rights to someone else and then Lost had a similar ending the people who paid big money for those rights or Stephen King himself (their idol) might sue them. No it became way too troublesome to run with their planned ending. So they came up with the lame cop out that we witnessed. Shame but their was no other possible way to end it after the time loop thing became untenable they had simply opened to many cans of worms for anything else to cover it all. They obviously thought about purgatory but since they had rubbished that in season one they couldn't fall back on it now.

    Anyway that is my interpretation of what happened and why we got the poor ending we got. Read the Dark Tower if you want a Lost like story with a ending. I won't say good ending as many fans of the Dark Tower series hated it and felt cheated as well but at least Stephen King fronted as a story teller and provided answers which is something Lost failed to do and ultimately ruined it as a series. I would watch the Dark Tower series if and when it comes out as movies but I will never watch Lost again.

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    Personally, I'm one of the "characters" fans. The mysteries appeal to me, wondering about them drew me into the show in the first place, but the characters, the flash-backs, all of the connections kept me interested. I enjoyed the "WTH!!" moments just as much as anyone, but those moments would hold absolutely no weight were it not for the characters. Why care about mysteries if they're about expendable characters? That's why they're more important (to me) than the mystery element of the show. If it wasn't written that way, the show would be completely different.

    I suppose you could argue that a show (without supernatural elements) about characters lost on an island, even with flashbacks, might not have worked. I might not have watched that kind of show. So the mystery element definitely plays a part in why I watch LOST, but I just tend to like "supernatural" type stories.... not for their inherent mystery or otherness, but for the questions they raise. When characters are put in extraordinary situations, everything they do holds extra weight about what it means to be human; that's what the mysteries give the show... to me anyway. Yes they're compelling, yes they're exciting and yes I watch the show in part for them, but at the end of the day it's about the characters.

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    In the end I didn't get a damn thing. They still haven't logically explained time travel and 2 dimensions that supposedly where set off with hydragen bomb (or with the drilling into energy pocket..which once again was not explained). Time travel does not make any kind of sense ever. It never does. So it was surprising that in season 4 they just decide to go with it while obviously writing themselves into some serious trouble. At least follow up with the idea that Island does not really exist and never did exist like seen with Hurley and his imaginary friend. Let it be some sort of pseudo memory that these all people feel. Kind of like the matrix. They should went that route. it would at least logically made more sense. Lost was a really good show for about almost 3 seasons I would believe before it was obvious it will all go down to hell because writers won't be able to tie it up and use cheesy tactics to distract the audience from plotholes in the story. Why make everything so damn complex? Should they not had a better plan before for example putting on all those Egyptian stuff and never really explaining how the hell it's related to the island. It was crucial to the plot and yet they don't even touch on the subject. That's just asinine writing right there. Even though they went back in time to explain Jacob they only explained one moment in time and not the real origins of that Light and that thing they pulled out from the water. Never explained about the core. i would believe they would need at least to tie in Egyptians (who I believe made all of it) to why they made the island the way it was.

    We all know the story could been so much more....
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    Honestly, this is how I analyzed it. They all died on that place crash and got stuck in a parralel island dimension between heaven, hell, and the real world. There were otheres there too who were also stuck and their memories and thoughts built their surroundings. For example a bunch of scientists could have died and their thoughts created the dharma intitiative on this island. The finale could be proof of that. They were all alive which meant they were all dead and then they went into the light.
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    I swear to god it sounds like people are as intelligent as two year olds when they can't figure out half the things Lost did.

    Walt was never special. The Others just said he was because they were manipulative liars that wanted the kids. Most questions were answered in such a way and people glossed over them because they were too focused on the bigger mysteries at the time. I'm sure you've heard people ask what the hell the deal with the polar bears was. Well guess what, there're still people that ask that question today. How can you have watched a show as deep and involving as Lost and still walk away asking questions like that? These things are clearly defined throughout the series.

    The entire purpose of showing the Egyptian stuff throughout the show was not to lead up to some reveal that they created it. It was to show that the Dharma initiative was not the first group of people to find the island and try to harness it's ancient and mysterious powers. You don't need any more of an explanation as to what the Egyptians did because it's fun as hell to just imagine the possibilities on your own. As others have said it brings the question of things such as Pandora's Box into play and that's called using your imagination. Furthermore, the fact that there are people out there that are upset we didn't get an explanation of the Dharma Initiative, just boggles my mind. What in the hell were you expecting to find out? You know they found the island, discovered it's weird electromagnetic field, and then began conducting experiments on it, to gain as much knowledge as possible. It's the way of the human race for god sake. In fact the only unclear thing you can get from Dharma is an explanation as to how they found the island in the first place, but to be completely honest, who gives a crap. You don't know how MIB, Jacob and their mother found the island. You don't know when or how the Egyptians found the island. But really it doesn't matter because they explained how the entire cast crashed there along with how Richard arrived. You can come up with your answer to the others by filling in the blanks, rather than being hand fed the answers like a baby.

    What, exactly, the island is, remains a mystery at the end of the show for a reason. There was never going to be a good enough answer to it that would please everyone so by leaving it open, you give the viewers the chance to interpret it themselves. If you claim the writers had no idea what they were doing all along, then you clearly just like following the general crowd in complaining about what you claim you didn't get.

    And that's really where the problem with Lost comes from. The show was always about Science and Faith from the beginning and by the last season it was quite clear that the writers had to pick one side or the other to end on, and they chose Faith. It's not a video game where you can have multiple endings so it was obvious that one group of fans was going to be upset and one group was going to worship this show for all time. You can bitch and moan all you want that the problem was that you never got any answers, but, while that may be the truth on the surface, deep down the actual truth is that the show was about faith. And when it comes to having faith, usually you don't have factual answers in front of you. Even Jack was a man of Science who ended up dying on the island, a man of Faith.

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    Yeah, when I die, lying on my deathbed I'm gonna be pissed at not getting every answer I wanted and that everything didn't favour me in every damn way possible. Because you all serve me, I demand to know all the answers I always sought "in the end".

    If this is how you see it, it's no wonder you don appreciate the ending of Lost or the fact that not everything is meant to satisfy you, just illustrate a bigger picture than ourselves.

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    Check out the other thread about all the questions being answered.


    Edited on 03/20/2012 6:51pm
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