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The "Gay" Character

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    The point is, as always, attack the argument, not the arguer. Thanks.
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    KayDefromBC wrote:
    Pahana wrote:
    i don't see why the show should even be concentrating on sexual relationships period. if the shows turns into a survivor style temptation island, i know i'll quit watching.

    People are assuming that if they introduce a gay character (or reveal that someone we already "know" is gay,) that it will mean there will be a sexual relationship-related story line. But that isn't necessarily the case. Straight people aren't defined by their sex lives; we can all agree that there are hundreds of stories that can be told about a straight person without ever delving into their sex life. Why should it be any different with a gay character?

    It wouldn't be preposterous to accept that none of the 48 survivors happened to be gay, but statistics do argue against it. If the passengers of this flight represent a cross-section of the human population, then someone is likely gay whether you know it or not.

    statistically, it's also possible for the gay characters to have died in the plane, or are you arguing that it's always an even distribution?

    let's look at the facts then:
    sun and jin = married

    charlie = seems to adore claire and had a girlfriend in a flashback episode

    claire = she had a boyfriend, you know, the guy who got her pregnant

    rose and bernard = married

    jack = was married, to a woman and seems to really like kate

    sawyer = would regularly sleep with married women to con them and seems to really like kate

    kate = seems to be torn between jack and sawyer, kissed jack and had a childhood boyfriend

    shannon = for one she's dead, but for another, she was married and had a lot of boyfriends

    bonne = he's dead as well, but was clearly infatuated with shannon

    locke = he had a girlfriend in a flashback

    michael = he had a girlfriend and had a child with her

    walt = he's too young and hasn't even gone through puberty yet (his character, not the actor, who probably has gone through puberty)

    sayid = loved shannon and a woman he tortured

    hurley = had an obvious crush on the girl who worked at the music store

    ana-lucia = had a boyfriend (or possibly husband), danny (she called him a "he" in that episode)

    eko = possible because we know little of him. less likely though because they've painted him as a religious man.

    libby = possible because we don't know anything about her.

    as for how you keep talking about how there are 48 survivors, sure, there were, but we don't know all 48 of them. how is it statistically probable that the gay person would be a main character?

    and why bring it up if not to add in some relationship? how or why else would it come up? it not something someone would need to confess, because when there are monsters lurking in the forest, a person's sexual orientation won't matter. and it's nothing someone could just "tell". as someone said, gaydar doesn't actually exist.

    and yes, stories about straight people can be told without involving a relationship, but as i just showed with my list, the only ones we haven't seen romantic relationships with are the ones we know little to nothing about. all the rest have had romantic sub plots.

    so yes, it stands to reason that if lost had a gay character, they'd treat their gay character just like the straight ones and have a romantic story line there.
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