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The Lost ending.

How did you feel about Lost's end?

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    You probablywould goon this forum if you watched the Lost finale, "The End", so how did you feel about the finale (some emotions in the poll)? I knew I was in between Okay and Satisfied. I didn't get answers to all my questions, but I thought I should just let a good series end, even though I had a few tearsCry. So leave comments on how you threw the remote at the tv, (I got agood senseof humor Laughing) or how you finished watching the show feeling no regrets.

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    actually it wasn't the remote but my sandwich! i was stress-eating while watching that final episode.
    eating and crying, a loooooooot i was disapointed by the last 10 minutes but it was so touching and emotionnal those people reunited.......hey don't judge me i'm just a girl......a 29 years old one......
    And I might add i was a little sad that sawyer and freckles didn't ended up together, i wasn't a great fan of juliet specially if she DID succeed in blowing up the island.
    I m gonna miss this show terribly anyway with or without the disappointment of the final
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