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    [1]Jan 3, 2006
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    Okay, i got the first season dvd for christmas and watched them back to back on New Years Eve and Day (I don't reccomend this. It'll really mess with your head. Theories and ideas pop up and then all you can think about is that little island!)

    But anyway, I was wondering about the others. Did they know the plane was going to crash? The planted 'moles' at each end of the crash site, Ethan and that guy with the tail section of the plane. Why do they want children? They took Danielle's baby, the two kids from the tail section, a pregnant Claire, and Walt. Do they know about Dharma, the hatch, etc? I mean they've been there probably over 16 years. After less than a month each side had found part of the Dharma Initiative. So are the others part of it?
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    [2]Jan 3, 2006
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    Good thinking on the others people being moles, Knowing that they planted "moles" makes me realise you have seen some of season 2. I have only seen up to episode 9 of S2 but I wonder what happened to Alex (Russo's son), he must now be 16 because she had him taken when she got there.

    I do remember that Anna-Lousia did say that the knife they found was over 20 years old with a "U.S. Army" stamp on it.

    Could it be that the others are so good at not being detected because they are a special skilled team from the U.S. Army??
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    [3]Jan 3, 2006
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    We dont know, we dont know, we dont know. We can only guess until they reveal it to us. I got it for Christmas too and Ive only watched up tp House of the rising Sun.
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