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What are the best episodes of Lost?...

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    ...Now that the series as ended

    My Top 25 episodes of LOST

    1. Through the Looking Glass - Every scene is important and engaging, the acting is perfect and the excitement is non-stop. This episode has it all from Charlie's death to the Flashforward. The best Lost ending ever. Best Lost episode period.

    2. The Constant - A wonderful love story, exciting time travel, and one of my favorite endings. "If anything goes wrong, Desmond Hume will be my constant." It expanded the scope and the potential of Lost.

    3. Walkabout - The first great twist, one of the first episodes, one of the best.

    4. The Shape of Things to Come- The action and excitement starts off from the very beginning and never lets up. The journey of Ben in the flash-forward is epic and exciting to watch. Lots of twists and turns (Alex's death, Widmore), a superb adventure throughout.

    5. The Man Behind the Curtain- Ben's past with Dharma Initiative is haunting and revealing.

    6. The Man From Tallahassee- Exciting and twisty from start to finish.

    7. Exodus- The best part of this episode is at the end which is one of the most beautiful scenes ever in Lost, when a montage of the characters on Flight 815 is shown and Jack and Locke look at each other. Other than that, nothing much happened except for the launching of the raft, the kidnapping of Walt, and the opening of the hatch.

    8. Deus Ex Machine- My favorite scene of Lost is at the end of this episode when Locke is banging on the hatch door and the light comes on. Chilling!

    9. The Other 48 Days- An epic tale of the other people on the plane and how horrible they had it. The writing and scenery in this was awesome.

    10. Ab Aeterno- I had been waiting for a Richard flashback episode forever and when this came I new it would be an instant classic. The story was so adventurous and epic and so many important explanations were revealed.

    11. The Greater Good- One of my personal favorites. When I saw this episode it drew me in and I actually was engaged and cared about the characters in the flashback. The tragic ending for Sayid's friend was great and the acting in this episode of tension was some of the best I have ever scene anywhere.

    12. Man of Science, Man of Faith

    13. The Brig

    14. Live Together, Die Alone

    15. Pilot

    16. Lockdown

    17. Greatest Hits

    18. Orientation

    19. The Incident

    20. Flashes Before Your Eyes

    21. LaFleur

    22. The Candidate

    23. The Long Con

    24. Do No Harm

    25. The End

    Honorable Mentions: There's No Place Like Home, Happily Ever After, Jughead, Dave

    Do you agree with my list? What are your best?

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