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Why all the hate for the ending?

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    Lost LITERALLY went with the answer "A wizard did it." Why can't Jacob and the MiB harm each other? Their mother the the wizard did it! Why can't smokey hurt the candidates? Jacob the wizard did it! Why did the candidates go back in time when they returned to the island? Wizard! Why did exploding an H bomb make them come back to the exact present?! A really strange wizard did it! Why is the MiB stuck in Lockes form? Why didn't Benfollow up?! WIZARD. Why does the Alt World work the way it does? A large community of several wizards weaved that one!

    They introduced such bizzare and unusual elements, spanning from magical urine caves, to time travel,and then literally give the audience absolutely nothing to work them out with. I think the show would have benefitted from picking their poison, and then adding some vague answers to the questions that maybe had some kind of logic to them, and I'd be happy.

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