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Your favourite Lost moments....

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    [1]May 25, 2010
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    So it's all over and in hindsight, it was kind of obvious the final season would leave a number of unanswered questions at the end. The season was throwing out even more mysteries to add to an already over-crowded mystery pile, which themselves would have been hard enough to satisfactorily provide answers to over 17 episodes. Of the answers we did get many seemed a little rushed/condensed, as though the writers were trying to provide as much closure as possible per episode.

    Some of the storylines I'd liked to have had answered are:
    What exactly was the island and how did it become? Why did MIB change into Smokey and not Desmond/Jack? Why was Walt special? Why do women die when giving birth on the island? Who built those damn statues? Did Vincent go to Dog Heaven?

    But nevermind the unanswered, let's reminisce about the individual moments in Lost that really made us love the series. Whether they shocked, scared, humoured or pulled at your heartstrings, what are yours?

    Some of mine, in no particular order...

    Locke - Wheelchair reveal
    Desmond/Charlie - "I'm sorry because, no matter what I try to do, you're gonna die Charlie"
    Jack/Kate - Flashforward reveal
    Locke - Coffin reveal
    Desmond/Penny - Phonecall through time
    Michael/Anna Lucia/Libby - The shootings
    Locke - 'Alive' again on return to the island
    Hugo/Jack - "You got some Artz on you"
    Sayid/Ben - "...but still I did not believe it to be true. So I dug up that grave..."
    Others (Tom)/Michael/Walt/Jin/Sawyer - "...Only the thing is, we're gonna have to take the boy"
    Charlie/Desmond - Not Penny's Boat

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    [2]May 25, 2010
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    My top three

    Desmond's phone call to Penny

    The revelation of Locke being in a wheel chair

    We have to go back Kate

    Followed by....

    Not Penny's boat

    Richard's entire back story

    Jacob and The Man in Black's conversation on the beach

    Jack's I'm dead moment

    Desmond blowing the hatch

    Ben turning the wheel

    We're gonna take the boy

    Ana Lucia and Libby getting shot

    Sayid, Jin, and Sun's death

    There is so many

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    [3]May 25, 2010
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    when daniele tells jin its 1980
    kate and sawyer kiss when hes tortured
    desmond and pennys phonecall
    the van and hurley
    juliette falling into the hatchhole
    when kate counts to five in the trees

    i love the twist of realizing flocke was the one who told richard to go get the bullet out and get of the island stuff...

    one of my fave is the intro to season 4 i love that secuence underwater then the plane!
    ben choking locke!
    charlie hanging!
    when the island dispears!
    i loved the smokie secuence when we are on his point of view
    flocke falling and diying
    when ben wakes up and sees locke!
    every fight secuense with sayid in it!
    when sun speaks english.
    meeting BEN
    Richard and Jack in the black rock
    ... everything! every little part of it!

    no no this i cannot do ill just make this way too long haha

    btw i dont think vincent died... im betting he went with hurley and ben and got them to bury jack.
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    [4]May 25, 2010
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    So many great moments...

    The season 3 opening when we see New Otherton for the 1st time

    Pretty much any scene when Ben is getting the crap kicked out of him

    The opening of season 2 when we see Des in the hatch "making his own kind of music"

    Kate in that dress at the concert

    Many, many others

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    [5]May 26, 2010
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    my 2 favourite lost moments both involve vincent lol.

    i always tear up when i see vincent swimming out to the raft when they take off from the beach. and the final scene with vincent turning up to lay with jack while he died, i was like bawling my eyes out, and it was so lovely that jack didnt have to die alone.
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