Season 3 Episode 3

Further Instructions

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Oct 18, 2006 on ABC

Episode Recap

Locke wakes up in the jungle and sees a naked Desmond, but Locke cannot speak. He finds Eko's stick covered in blood. At camp, he builds a "sweat lodge" with Charlie standing guard. Locke takes an hallucinogenic drug and enters the lodge to speak with the island. There, Boone appears and tells Locke that he must "clean up his own mess". Upon exiting the sweat lodge, Locke is able to speak and tells Charlie he must save Eko.

Locke and Charlie track Eko, who Locke believes has been captured by a polar bear. They pause at a large pit in the ground where The Swan imploded. They encounter Hurley, who tells them that Jack, Kate, and Sawyer were kidnapped by the Others, and "Henry Gale" is "like their leader."

While continuing back to the camp alone, Hurley finds Desmond and lends him a t-shirt. Desmond says the electromagnetic anomaly may have been destroyed, and Hurley questions why Desmond was not destroyed. Desmond mentions Locke's plan to save Jack, Kate and Sawyer. However, Hurley points out Locke has not said that.

Locke rescues Eko from a polar bear in its den by building a makeshift flame-thrower from a torch and a can of hair spray. While Charlie fetches water from a stream, Locke apologizes to an unconscious Eko for his lack of faith. Eko briefly awakens to tell him that he must rescue Jack, Kate and Sawyer. Upon arriving at camp, Locke tells the survivors that he plans to rescue Jack, Kate, and Sawyer, as Desmond indicated to Hurley earlier.

In flashbacks, Locke is a member of a commune. He considers its members his new family. One day Locke picks up a hitchhiker named Eddie, who also joins the commune. After six weeks, Eddie asks Locke why he is never allowed to know what is going on in a greenhouse. Eddie expresses his discontent with being kept out of the secret and affirms to Locke his desire to be "in" on "whatever you guys are trying to blow up." Locke laughs and says he will talk to the commune leaders, Mike and Jan. Upon entering the greenhouse, in which marijuana is grown, Locke finds Mike and Jan in the midst a frantic preparation to flee. They blame Locke for bringing Eddie, who they have discovered is an undercover police officer. Locke promises to fix the situation. He takes Eddie hunting and holds Eddie at gunpoint. Eddie says that Locke was chosen because his psych profile said he would be "amenable for coercion". Eddie walks away, stating that Locke will not shoot him because he is "a good man."