Season 3 Episode 3

Further Instructions

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Oct 18, 2006 on ABC

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  • As usual, the episodes that feature John Locke seem better than the rest.

    I don't know if the material for John Locke's storyline is better or if it's the acting, but the episodes of Lost that feature Locke seem just a bit better than the rest, and this is no exception. I was a little bored by the Sun flashbacks of the last episode, not that they were bad, just not as gripping as usual. This episode made up for it. Desmond seems to have the ability to know the future before it happens and perhaps might even be indestructable, considering the explosion blew off his clothes but didn't leave a mark on him. Locke has a great flashback storyline where he is living in a commune with his new "family". The actor who portrays Locke is stellar and never plays a false note. I hope Locke features prominently in the rest of this season.
  • Awesome.

    Locke, Desmond, and Eko survive the implosion of the hatch. Locke sees a vision of Boone and goes with Charlie to save Eko from a polar bear. Hurley discovers that Desmond can see the future. In flashbacks, Locke accidentally brings in a cop to the marijuana planting community he was a part of. Yay - so we learn what happens to the hatch people - amazing. I love the Charlie and John scene, I love the way John can't talk and he has to use pen and paper. I love John's back story. I love Locke in this episode, I love him in all the episode but he is awesome in this one, I love the way Boone is in his "talking to the island", my best scene with them are when they are in the airport, I love it. Hurley is back, I find the Charlie and Hurley scene so funny even when it's not meant to be. I also love the Hurley and Desmond scene - extremely funny.
  • This Strange and Mysterious Episode managed to be good, but it´s Flaws and focus could put this episode as a failure!!!!!

    Logic/Details - » After 2 weeks plus 3 months waiting, was time to show us what happened to some out favorites characters, but what could be a great episode, show that the writers had no idea how to make this episode better, forcing some things that not make any type of sense.

    First, if Locke can communicate with the Island, ok, why I didn´t do that in Season 2 when he Lost his faith? Second, (aside of how could Eko survived to the Polar Bea) we had clunky dialogues, that avoided the main question about how they survived? Third, what was that explosion/implosion about?

    Not only that, you have a forced Locke Flashback, that try to appear impressive (since Jack and Sun dark actions revealed), with a nice twist, but unfinished. Two new characters have been introduced and this was bad, the writers assumed that they have been there all along.

    Speaking of talking with the Island, there is something sinister about that, and how the Island communicate with Locke and talked about reunite the family.

    Progress -» More information, all the character survived to the explosion/implosion, something happened with Desmond and Hurley is back to the camp.

    Emotions/Stimulation/Highlights -» This episode is about more information, you feel a relief, knowing that one of your favorites characters are ok. There are the usual mysteries when Locke can´t speak and how you try to guess how they survived to the explosion/implosion. You have some funny scenes like when Locke throw his knife that almost hits Hurley (all the funny scenes is with him) and funny comments that Charlie made. The strange and creepy Island communication to Locke and the effects of the explosion/implosion of the Hatch did to Desmond which is very strange, mysterious and mind blowing.

    Ending - » Desmond Stole the final scene.

    Overall - » This is not a great episode, it focused solely in Locke and how he need to fix what he did. There are some good and interesting scenes, but we don´t get any type of important answers yet. Even with the flaws, this episode managed to be good, however, is the weaker episode in this season to date.
  • Finally! Some answers about the hacth, and a whole other quest emerges

    Well, it took us three episodes but we finally learn what happened to everybody who was in the hatch in the season finale. And if that wasn't good enough, we get a Locke flashback, whose stories are also fascinating to learn about It also seems kind of fitting, considering what happened in the hatch is his fault. But let's go step by step.
    Locke awakes in the jungle, unable to speak. We get a brief look at Desmond, who also seems to have survived (albeit stark naked) and Eko's staff which now seems to have a lot more scripture on it. It's been a day since the explosion (which means this episode is happening simultaneously with 'The Glass Ballerina') and Locke takes his inability to speak to figure out he has lost his communion with the island Makes sense, considering what happened to him last season. In order to get his groove back, he builds a sweat lodge, eats a bizarre kind of paste, and goes inside, hoping for a sign.

    He gets one: Boone, who guides him through a hallucination of an airport. In this airport, he is told someone is in danger that only he can help. Naturally, he is in his wheelchair. He runs across almost all of the characters he knows from the island seen the way he sees them (with the noted exception of Walt and Michael; does he somehow intuit that they are no longer there?) Each time, he wonders who needs help, and the answers he gets are full of foreshadowing.

    Charlie, Claire and Aaron are together, acting like a family. Boone says they'll be fine--- "for awhile" All three will very soon be in significant danger.
    Sun and Jin are arguing, but Jin's speaking English and Sun is speaking Korean, Sayid is trying to help them, meaning he knows what they're doing right now. Boone says "Sayid's got it, meaning he can handle the dispute they're currently having.

    Hurley is the is helping everyone on the plane, entering the numbers into the computer, and pushing the button, meaning Locke has finally connected him to the numbers. Boone: "Not Hurley," which is a safe bet, considering that the Others have just let him go.

    Desmond is the pilot, someone who is in control of his own destiny, which makes sense as he wasn't on the plane. Boone says "he's helping himself," surprising, but logical considering just by being there, he is bringing forth health, a major theme of Season 3.

    Kate and Sawyer are in the line, acting like a couple, while Jack stands off to the side alone. Pretty accurate description of what the next few episodes are going to be like. All three are being guarded by Ben, who is acting as airport security., meaning Locke thinks he's is protecting the island, but is simultaneously a threat to his friends. Boone says there's nothing he can do for them: "Not yet."

    Finally, Boone appears at the top of an escalator, and Locke climbs his way to the top, where he says Boone and Eko's 'Jesus Stick' covered in the blood, while Boone says he has to clean up his own mess---- save Eko He regains the ability to talk, and goes off to save Eko, who has been dragged away by a polar bear. Charlie points out that Sawyer killed a polar bear, meaning he never knew about the bear that threaten Walt and Michael in 'Special'. Same bear? Could be

    Charlie, who has been on the outs with Locke ever since 'Fire +Water', nevertheless decides to help him. En route, they discovery Hurley whose finally made it back to the other side of the island. Hurley eventually finds Desmond in the buff (his reaction is hysterical) and we finally learn what happened to the hatch after Desmond turned the key: it imploded. As to what happened to Desmond after the implosion (or explosion, the writers are maddeningly vague about what happened), something has changed in him. How will not become clear for a little more episode, why won't become clear for longer still, but it seems Desmond has a glimpse of destiny as well.

    And then there's Locke's flashback. There isn't anything earth-shattering, but it's a good one nonetheless Apparently after going through the hell of the last two, Locke joined a commune of hippies, who seemed to have taught him patience and treated him warmly. They also had a lot of guns, and a huge amount of fertilizer. They think (and the viewer does too) that they are some kind of cult; in actually, there merely growing marijuana. But Locke, as is always the case, trusts the wrong people and brings a young man who is eventually revealed to be an undercover cop. Locke tries to handle the situation, but unlike Sun in the previous episode, when push came to shove , he was not a killer, and once again he blew his chance for happiness
    And now he realizes that he's done it again. By losing faith in the island, he nearly led to the deaths of everybody on it. Even after he rescues Eko, and begs for his forgiveness, it's still not clear whether he's lived up to his potential to become a hunter.. He'll start shifting towards, but his determination will nearly destroy everything in his path?

    This was a much more entertaining episode than the last two. For one thing, Charlie seemed a lot more pleasant than he was last season, and he had some witty lines in doing so (My personal favorite, after Locke takes out hairspray to make a flamethrower of sorts, Charlie says: "John, I hate to be the one to tell you this) The flashback is interesting if not as revelatory as the last ones we got, and it was interesting to see what Desmond night be turning into. (The episode also introduced Nikki and Paolo, two characters who were loathed by the fan base, and were all but unnoticed by me Really, were they that obnoxious? Stay tuned.) I'm slightly annoyed that given what he went through to save Eko, what happened a couple of episodes later, but I'll get to that in time. And Locke, with Jack gone, takes up the mantle of leadership. As we will see very soon, it's not something he's really suited for.

    All in all, 'Further Instructions' is a good episode. It's a bit surprising that all of the character in the hatch survived, but as we will see, none emerged intact. There is more danger ahead, and considering what might be going on with Desmond, maybe there's more than we think.
    My score:9.2
  • John save us all

    Todo vuelve a girar alrededor de John y la gente que todavía no sabe lo de la super ciudad y se anda preguntando qué corno es lo que está pasando. Otro chaman experience, Boone que dice lo que hay que hacer, Eko que es salvado de las garras de un oso polar, John y... pero ese de la comunidad sectaria no es ese que está...?
    Y Hurley... todo nace de él: ese lapsus espacio tiempo de Desmond, que sé creo será determinante en la serie nace con Hurley como pasó en episode Dave. Todo tiene una razón de ser, si no me creen pregúntenle a Hugo.
  • Locke,and indeed Lost, returns to their Season 1 roots!

    After two episodes which focused on The Others, the third episode of Season 3 returns to our other characters, namely Locke, Charlie, Hurley and Desmond.
    It was nice to see that this episode had a tone very close to that of a Season 1 episode, and this was partly because Locke had restored his faith in the island and his own purpose on it, and partly because the Hatch is no more and we can return to the adventures and misadventures elsewhere on the island. Lost returns to the creepy jungles.
    There are several elements to this episode which hark back to Season 1 plotlines - the Polar Bear, Locke's wacky drug paste, the return of Boone - and this is very welcome. Despite this the episode still doesn't quite live up to the standards set in those earlier episodes. The flashback was interestinng. It is the first Locke flashback since his first that doesn't follow the Anthony Cooper / Helen plotline. This was a smart move and in this backstory we get some answer as to why Locke was so against Charlie's drug use and how Locke is so knowledgable about making his own drug. However, much of Locke's flashbacks are more impressive than this one and lack the emotional impact that earlier ones had.
    In fact much of the episode falls a little flat in terms of emotion, which is a pivotal part of any Locke episode. This is no "Deus Ex Machina", that's for sure! I also wasn't sure about devoting half an episode to just Locke and Charlie. Is it me or is Charlie coming across a little bit wooden?
    Unexpectedly, this episode was not as revealing as I had hoped. For a Locke episode, it didn't reveal much at all. It rather awkwardly tries to avoid much exposition on what happened to the Hatch, or more imprtantly how the Hatchers escaped.
    I have many gripes with this episode, and it is sadly the weakest of the five Locke episodes so far.
    But despite this I still find this to be superb. It suitably returns the show to its adventurous roots and this is what was shamefully missing from much of Season 2.
  • A Locke-centric episode.

    Let me just start out by saying that all things considered, I absolutely loved this episode which really surprised me considering I usually don't really care for the character Locke or Locke-centric episodes of Lost. The fact that I liked this episode so much is definitely due to the fact that Charlie was featured very heavily in this episode and the fact that we got to see Boone again. It was really great getting to see Boone again since he was one of my favorite characters in season one. I really wish that that they had never killed him off. I thought that the flashbacks of Locke's life were great. In closing, I thought that this was a very well written, well acted and well made episode of Lost from everyone involved, and while I'm still not a very big fan of Locke, I would definitely have to say that this is my favorite of all the Locke-centric episodes that they've had so far, and I'm really looking forward to watching the rest of my Lost: Season Three DVD set.
  • We have alot going on from the start, Desmond running naked through the forest, Eko making camp with a polar bear, Locke on a personal tidy crusade as well as flashbacks, sweat lodges.

    We have Locke waking in the jungle, still getting over the detonation of the bunker, as he comes around he sees Desmond running naked through the jungle, he is unable to speak out as he has lost his voice. He wanders back to camp and visits Charlie, through written word he is able to get Charlie to understand him.

    Charlie stands guard whilst John undertakes a Steam lodge experience, where with the use of visions he is able to see what must be done, he knows that by speaking to Boone during the session that he must first clean up his own house, refering to the error he made regarding Mr Eko, who was dragged off by a polar bear.

    With the aid of Charlie, Locke goes on a retrieval mission to get Eko from the polar bear, nearly knifing a returning Hurley in the process. John enters the bears lair alone and returns with the body of Eko, after burning the polar bear with a hairspray flamer, they then carry him to the beach.

    Hurley, after leaving John and Charlie, heads back to the beach, encounters a naked Desmond, agrees to clothe him, Desmond mentions that the speech Locke gave on the beach was awesome, but Hurley says that he missed it, Desmond looks at him and says something along the lines of, he will give a speech.

    Locke on the way back from the caves with Mr Eko and Charlie has a series of flashback regarding his time on a farm, where he picks up a hitchhiker and goes back to the farm, all seems to be innocent in its own right, but the guy wants to know why he is prevented from the greenhouse area, with that amount of fertiliser then he knows that he want in, he wants to blow some stuff up.

    Locke speaks to the married couple running the place, we see that they have been growing weed, then we see them panic as they have a printout of a young police cadet (hitchhiker), john says he's able to resolve this, they go off into the woods, but he is unable to shoot him in cold blood.

    When they get Mr Eko back onto the beach, John gets people organised doing things, he gives a little speech to reassure everyone (the speech) and they all get on with doing their tasks, except Hurley, who is staring at Desmond throwing stones into the sea and realising what Desmond meant.
  • woo

    Locke, Desmond, and Eko survive the implosion of the hatch. Locke sees a vision of Boone and goes with Charlie to save Eko from a polar bear. Hurley discovers that Desmond can see the future. In flashbacks, Locke accidentally brings in a cop to the marijuana planting community he was a part of. Thats mor like it, this episode was great and adventurous, I always enjoy Locke's episodes (Probably because hes my favourite character) and this was no disapointment.
    I was glad to see what happened after the hatch because I was more interested in that storyline in the season two finale than any other.
  • Polar bears scare me !

    Locke is back. He builds a tent and gets inside. There he sees Boone who shows him a vision which was kind of creepy. It was nice to see Boone, I really hope Shannen will be in some episodes. Locke figures things out and decides to go looking for Mr. Eko who was taken by a polar bear. Locke and Charlie save Mr. Eko and return to the camp. Also Jack has flashbacks of when he worked on a drugs farm. Locke hires a man who he found hitchhiking and turns out that man..Eddie is actually a cop so Eddie is almost killed by Locke. Desmond who was running around the jungle naked found Hurley and asked him to give him some clothes. Then Desmond tells Hurley that Jack said that he will go looking for Kate,Sawyer and Jack but that never happened so Hurley just forgets the whole thing but then Jack actually gives that speech at the end of the episode which really freaked Hurley out. Favorite character from the episode : Charlie, he was just really helpful.
  • Very interesting.

    Locke has flashbacks of bringing a guy, Eddie, with him to a farm where Locke lives. The people are making drugs there and Eddie turns out to be a cop. Locke almost kills Eddie.

    Locke, Desmond and Eko have scattered after the hatch imploded. Locke builds a tent thing and has a vision. Boone is in it and he tells Locke to clean up his own mess. Locke and Charlie go off to find Eko, who was taken by a polar bear. Hurley finds Desmond. Desmond tells him about a speech that Locke makes about getting Kate, Jack and Sawyer, but Hurley says that didn't happen yet, since Locke just found out about them and Desmond says that he feels weird. Locke, Charlie and Eko arrive back to camp and everyone has questions. Locke then makes a speech about finding Jack, Kate and Sawyer.

    This was a great episode! I liked Eddie. He seemed cool. I also liked seeing Boone again. The thing with Desmond was interesting. This episode gets a 10 out of 10!
  • The long awaited episode comes and... well, let's just say, leaves a bittersweet conclusion.

    So, after so long, here's it. The resolution to what happened with the hatch. Not only did you have to wait 3 months for the hiatus, but an additional 2 weeks too, because the first 2 episodes showed jacksh*t of the hatch.

    But now, here's it, and to be honest, the resolution of the cliffhanger leaves ALOT to be desired. Luckily, this episode has more layers in it than that, therefore, some other plot lines save it from failure.

    Locke's flashbacks are always welcome to Lost. This is no exception, although, this was definitely not his strongest one. It shows pre-wheelchair but post-Helen period of his life. Felt kinda forced that he was so desperately looked for something (or more likely, someone) to hold up to, he found a "family" business dealing with drugs... and he decided to simply disregard that fact and act like "oh hey, at least, I've a family!"

    Although, I've to admit, the twist was great. Locke picked up a hitchhiker, who turned out to be an undercover cop. That played out well, because Locke was holding up to him, just like he was to his father, then, again... he got cheated.

    On the island, most of the stuff is pretty straightforward and linear. Locke's fate is instantly revealed. He survived, but he can't speak. The main issue comes in right here. He decides to talk with the island by drugging himself. So appearantly, you can decide to talk with the island? Why didn't he do it in season 2 when he REALLY needed some faith? Felt VERY forced. Although, what made up for it(partly) was that, the island returned in the image of Boone.

    As soon as Boone shows John what to do(Save Mr Eko's life) he gets back the ability to speak. This was actually a great plot device, he had nothing to say until he found his goal.

    But unfortunately, from here on, until the end, it's a downhill.

    The jungle adventure with Charlie is dull, and the polar bear 'fight' is laughable. But at least, they retrieved Eko, who's very much alive. So is Desmond! Although he appeared naked... hmm. Terminator, anyone? Speaking of Desmond, he's another thing that saved the episode. In the middle of the episode, he met up with Hurley. Hurley gave an action update on what's going on, and Desmond was like "Oh, I know". But how would he? No, not because he read the script. Appearently, it's hinted that he can see the future. Plus he was naked. This was a REALLY big shocker in the end, and just like during the previous episode, my jaw dropped. Totally.

    Overall, the episode was great, but lacked on many parts. Clunky dialouge avoiding the obvious questions(How did you survive? What was the explosion/implosion about? etc). Plus the forced flashback plot, the unfinished flashback plot[yes, unfinished. Although the point of the episode was never the plot itself, rather the exposition of Locke's character, it still felt pretty damn unfinished], the really bad island communication method, and, the forced introduction of Nikki and Paulo - two new survivors, who, we are led to believe been there all along.

    Now, their original introduction would've been them having sex in Jack's tent(can be found on S3 dvd). I think they should have left that one in: at least if they are forcing new characters on us, give them style.
  • A Locke episode...

    I sort of expected an episode for John, because Sun and Jin both got one so early... anywho, the whole flashback sequence was very... good. Eddie the guy who Locke trusted was really a cop in disguise, major shock there, it really looked like Locke trusted him enough, and in the end he didn't shoot him because he is a "good mad". The episode was interesting, the whole polar bear thing and the vision Locke saw the beggining really intensified it. I wonder what happened to Locke next... well it was a very great episode and I hope the next one that I shall watch is even better!
  • This is by far one of the greatest episodes

    We finally got to see what happened to John, Desmond and Eko after the hatch implosion. Honestly, I could not stand this episode after watching it the first time but for some reason, it is now one of my long time favorites because of the mysteries and suspense in it, such as the sweat lodge (Boone leading John in the right direction, that scene was awesome especially when Ben Linus appeared!), the polar bear's return and just the action that came out of it. As for John's flashbacks, they were pretty exciting (the events obviously took place after Helen left John while he proposed to her because his father was mentioned in the dinner). The conclusion was interesting with Locke getting busted by his best mate who just happened to be a 'cop'. Back on the island, Eko got attacked by a polar bear but John did manage to rescue him just in time. Eko was hurt so he didn't actually say much but the words that came out were encouraging. As for this episodes mystery, can Desmond see the future? and yeah that's pretty much it but overall this third episode was incredible. "Clean up your own mess", that is a good quote. It was good seeing Boone again too, John is finally back to normal! One last thing though, the opening scene was so much alike to the Pilot's opener..
  • Thats more like it.

    Locke, Desmond, and Eko survive the implosion of the hatch. Locke sees a vision of Boone and goes with Charlie to save Eko from a polar bear. Hurley discovers that Desmond can see the future. In flashbacks, Locke accidentally brings in a cop to the marijuana planting community he was a part of. Thats mor like it, this episode was great and adventurous, I always enjoy Locke's episodes (Probably because hes my favourite character) and this was no disapointment.
    I was glad to see what happened after the hatch because I was more interested in that storyline in the season two finale than any other.
  • Some mysteries get answered, but many more will rise.

    Exciting episode about Lock. He has always been the most intriguing character for me and this flashback of his added even more mystery for that man.

    And it was not only about Lock and his struggle, crusade about the button. We finally learned what happened with hutch and it seems that chapter is over. I adored the polar bear... that is maybe one of the most interesting mysterious. How can a polar bear live in tropic island?

    And Boone again. It was great to see him... nice addition. I only hope mr. Eko would get better... Really promising ending... excited to see more.
  • The longest waiting episode in the history of Lost...

    Yes, the hatch exploded in the last season, and the mistery about the surviviors was shown in this episode.

    Everybody waited for the third season of Lost to come, and see what happened to the people that were in the hatch when it boomed. On the begginning we see that Locke and Charlie are alive for sure.

    The flashback in this episode belongs to John Locke who's reminding on his history when he was dealing with drugs. He said: "At least I've got a family".

    Then, surprisingly, Boone shows up and talks to John. John cant talk...

    This is an interesting episode where many truths are revealed.
  • A welcome return of season one Locke, with a mix of the doubt from last season, as he prepares to step up post-Hatch.

    Of the trilogy of introductory episodes, this episode is the simplest in terms of its story: Locke’s back and he’s on a mission to save Eko, correcting the mistake of rebelling against what he perceives is the island’s destiny for him. However, Locke has been one of, if not the most, developed characters in the series, and this episode delves into his doubtful side, in addition to having the return of the hunter, who was a fan favorite in season one. Such an episode is always welcome.

    Some complained about the direction Locke’s character went last season, but it was a logical next step. Throughout season two, Locke’s resentment that destiny lead him on a mission to sit at a desk pushing buttons (similar to his box company desk job) with no known benefit was far more compelling than if Locke’s faith was steadfast. Of course, the disaster in “Live Together, Die Alone” showed him just how important The Swan’s mission was, albeit a little too late. This could’ve been the end of his arc, but Locke is far too central a character to kill him off this early. Having gotten a second chance, Locke is aware of some higher purpose, and “talks to the island” to get further instructions.

    The hallucination could’ve easily deserved a full analysis, but I’ll try to get the highlights. It’s important for Locke’s character to have Boone appear in this vision. His problems with his destiny were compounded by the fact that Boone died so he could get there, because he was a “sacrifice that the island demanded”. Forgiving himself for what happened to Boone is instrumental for him to move forward, both figuratively and literally. Although Boone in this hallucination heads too close to mocking him, but perhaps that is a tough love approach.

    Boone guides him through the airport, watching our fellow castaways and island mates paired up the same way they were at the end of the season. Had they been allowed to come back, I would’ve liked to see where the deceased castaways would be in the giant metaphor.

    Charlie, Claire and Aaron, looking like a normal family, are “safe…for now”. Considering the island’s nature and the supposed danger surrounding Aaron (which may be just a con), it’s not hard to believe that there will be trouble along the way, especially since they had reconciled at the end of last season.

    Hurley as the ticket agent, as well as Desmond as a pilot, could foreshadow some power that they’ll obtain later. Perhaps Hurley will have exclusive access to something people on the island would need or want. As for Desmond, he has already has some precognitive abilities (more on that later), which would be useful in determining the destination of the castaways like a pilot would on a flight.

    Jin and Sun arguing, with Sayid directing Jin somewhere, alludes to their predicament on the boat, something of which Locke was likely unaware. This could’ve been hinting at “The Glass Ballerina”, but because this episode swapped places with that one, it is more an update on them because they are absent in this episode.

    The most intriguing grouping would be Kate & Sawyer in line to be wanded, with Ben checking Jack. There is a lot that can be read into this. This could be considered a sign that Ben wants to indoctrinate them to The Others’ way of life, with Jack being the priority. Kate and Sawyer certainly are getting close, with hints of Sawyer’s plan to turn the tables on The Others.

    It ultimately leads him to realize Eko needs the help. This could’ve been seen earlier as Eko’s stick nearly knocks Locke out in the beginning of this episode or the fact that we hadn’t gotten any update on him before then. Boone, bloody in a way similar to his look in “Deus Ex Machina”, warns that “they” got him. Considering the first two episodes, it could be determined that The Others have him, especially since they failed to take him in “The Other 48 Days”.

    Instead, when Locke emerges from his sweat lodge it’s revealed that a polar bear has Eko. Considering they (there were at least two) hadn’t been seen since “Special”, it was nice to see them back in the story, even if they are just plot devices. The bear who took Eko could’ve easily been the one Michael fought back in season one.

    Regardless, it lives in a surprisingly large cave, adorned with human skeletons, the go to harbinger of doom for a large creature. There are odd pieces in there, like a toy fire truck and some of the bodies had on Dharma (Pearl to be precise) jumpsuits. Considering the bears were likely the captive bears Tom referred to in “A Tale of Two Cities”, it’s not hard to believe they wanted some payback.

    The biggest problem facing Locke is the constant doubt lingering in his mind. He constantly searched for purposed in his life only to be burned by people ready to take advantage of him. The only person who didn’t con him was Helen, and he blew that because he wanted Cooper, a scumbag, to be the dad he wanted. This episode shows at least one more, Eddie, who Locke befriended only to learn his true motives later. This likely occurred shortly after Helen dumped him in “Lockdown” and Locke was desperate for acceptance and friendship. The commune could’ve tricked Locke as well; not revealing their entrepreneurial activities until later. Locke’s story in this episode is all about “cleaning up his mess”. The Swan’s implosion was his fault and because of it Eko is primed to be polar bear chow. Also, he feels that his actions are partially to blame for Jack, Kate and Sawyer’s abduction. While he accomplishes his first goal, it is rescuing the trio that will prove more difficult. In the flashback, he tries to clean up bringing in Eddie by killing him. Fortunately, he doesn’t go through with it for the same reason he succeeds in saving Eko: he’s a good person.

    Considering Eko’s faith provided endless frustration for Locke last season, the scene where Eko (possibly in a vision by Locke) tells him that he can still save the trio The Others captured marks as a nice resolution to their head butting last year and the pivotal piece to bring back the hunter side of Locke.

    The Swan implosion brings up many questions. If it imploded, how did Locke, Desmond and Eko not become a smashed mass of flesh and blood? Also, where is the wreckage? Shouldn’t there be a metallic ball in that massive hole? Did the pieces disappear?

    Locke’s reawakening in the prologue is reminiscent of Jack’s in the pilot episode, even using several similar shots. Is this meant to show that Locke’s will be assuming a leadership role that Jack’s inhabited? Some jokingly referred to Desmond as “the new Vincent” if Locke is supposed to be the new Jack.

    If the implosion reawakened the man of faith/hunter side of Locke, it brought something out of Desmond. Naked in the jungle, the discharge has given him a degree of precognition. The nudity recalled “Terminator” in many, which showed that characters traveling in time couldn’t bring their clothes. How would a discharge create a situation where he could time travel? What exactly did he see after he turned that key?

    It was good to see those at the beach again. It seemed odd not to include anything from them in the first two episodes. In this “mini-season”, one of the many complaints was that there was hardly any time spent on the beach in significant plot lines.

    Hurley’s return was also welcome, including the first “dude” of the season. I was hoping to see a storyline with him wandering the jungle alone, encountering weird things that would further detail the island’s mysteries, but nothing had to be told, at least for now.

    This episode suffered from being cut to fit airtime. Locke’s flashback stops more than ends. Production photos show that there is an epilogue after Locke confronts Eddie in the forest. The flashbacks lacked a coda to make it complete. Also, Locke’s big speech is so terse that it makes anyone complementing it look a little foolish. He didn’t do more than sum up what happened and his game plan.

    Then there is also the introduction of Paolo and Nikki, two characters who have become infamous for some fans. Some complained that their introduction in this episode was painfully forced. I’d disagree with that. While it must be difficult to introduce new characters in this setting, they only had a line or two each in this episode. There have been far more awkward introductions of characters on other series.

    Nonetheless, this episode was a welcome return of a beloved character at his best, a side we haven’t seen since the first season. Although the flashbacks lacked a proper conclusion, it did offer a different side to Locke’s life while further developing his character as a man of faith haunted by betrayal.
  • the part where jhon L. get in touch with the island was perfect

    this episode is one of my fav. episodes in season 3 , i like the part where john get contact with the island and boone showed up and gave him a tour ..etc i think it was special . that was a great come back for john luke .thats it ?? why do i have to write more than 100 char. ?? i have nothing else to say ??
  • So they are all weird now...?

    Where did Lost go? I want my all time favourite show back! I was waiting for the episode when we finally get to see the other survivors but this was not what I was expecting. Everything that happened with Locke was just creepy and unLost like. Charlie was really funny in this episode, "I know you can't speak..." He's great, always keeping things cool where the weirdest of everything happens. This was deffinintly my favourite episode of his flashbacks though and that's pretty big as I am not usually a fan of flashbacks. Desmond was also really weird whith the whole Deja Vu thing.
  • Locke Gonna Give It To Ya !

    It was a good episode.

    Boone appears and tells Locke that he must "clean up his own mess".

    Locke is turning back into the man he was in season 1. (great!)

    The Swan station imploded - shows that the world really wasn't being saved by pushing that button.

    it is a good thing - The Swan station imploded. pushing that button was a real waste of time.

    we find out Locke is a good man. via Flashback. (wasn't the best Locke flasback...really wasn't!!)

    Locke tells the survivors that he plans to rescue Jack, Kate, and Sawyer. Locke is now a leader to the survivors by the looks of things.

    season 3 is ............ok........... i bet things will get better.(meaning i hope we get some friggen answers !!!!!!to what is going on!!)

  • A Locke episode at heart - but a great character play for beloved Charlie Pace. Zero Tolerance Policy... honestly. Could have died!

    I don't like Locke. I'm Team Jack all the way. I liked watching this episode because it talks about Locke not acting like the selfish/self-righteous character he normally does, all holier than thou, and him having to make up for his past mistakes. I absolutely loved the dream sequence with Boone and all of the characters in the wonky airport. Very cool way of conveying a message. I loved the amount of times Charlie was able to put Locke in his place with clever little comments. And selling pot... that's awesome, Locke. A dear beloved little hypocrite. It was nice tying in some polar bear time again AND it was nice seeing this side of the island again. I miss when everyone was on the same island and all fun and stuff.
  • Fantastic episode. Locke's vision in the sweat lodge was brilliantly filmed. Desmond just became a hell of a lot more interesting, not that he wasn't before. It'll be fun to see how his new ability affects the show dynamics.

    I liked how Locke immediately went to work on the tent over Eko's church-ground. It emphasizes his commitment to create a harmonious balance with everything & his desire to find his niche in life - which thankfully is a badass knife-wielding hunter. It's only appropriate that to make up for what he has done wrong that the island demands he must this time save a life instead of sacrifice one. I thoroughly enjoyed the flashbacks. They showed Locke happier than in his others, more reminiscent of the wiseman he embodied so well during the first season. Just when he believes he has found peace, a new family & new meaning in his new life, it's all taken away in a swift dishonest manner. Locke is ultimately used like he previously was by his father and this time refuses to accept that it's his own fault -- that maybe he was fooled again and should've been wiser. Denying responsibility, he attempts to deceive just like others have done to him in order make things right, only to discover he is not capable of murder. This had to leave him feeling pretty empty, guilty & vulnerable once again, angry with himself that he couldn't pull the trigger probably because he was too afraid of risking the ruin of his own life in order to save his new family. Great action, great story, great writing. It seems to me that Locke can speak directly to the island through other people, which seems sort of unlikely, but who knows. The only thing I felt detracted from this episode were the tufts of polar bear hair... I thought it was a little too much, but not completely unforgivable. I mean, after that vision, Locke should just KNOW where that polar bear cave is, maybe by following bear tracks and stuff, not little cotton-ball looking things.
  • Some excelent moments, but a somewhat slow plot and forced flash back

    Alright, I thought this episode was pretty good, there were a few scenes I like, like the airport scene with Boone, which was very informative--telling us which character are in danger and what Locke can do--and Desmond can see the future??

    I was a little upset that the entire story only followed Locke and Charlie-- no 'Other' scenes. However, the Boone airport scene revealed that Charlie and Claire and the baby are going to be in danger soon, and Locke is eventually going to save Jack, Kate and Sawyer. That scene tied with Desmond telling the future--that was AMAZING. I was like holy $#!T !!!!! I am despartately looking forward to some more explanation on that

    However, the flash back seemed sort of random (except the cleaning up the mess, which was a little forced

    and the plot was a little slow- talk to the island, track polar bear, find eko, go back to camp

    even so, it was pretty good
  • Locke attempts to clear up his own mess!

    The episode begins with a rather strange scene: Locke awaking in the jungle. The scene is almost identical to the pilot where Jack woke up.

    Locke has some scratches on him, but other than those... nothing. But how...?

    He wastes no time: he heads towards the camp, but on his way, he discovers he lost the ability to talk.

    He starts building something, seemingly a small tent. He asks Charlie to help him 'stand guard'.

    Locke wants to talk to the island using the sweat-hut he built. His wish comes true very quickly: Boone appears to him. Boone tells John sarcastically that he knows that he was the sacrafice the island demanded, and he also tells Locke that he'll be only be able to talk when he has something to worth talking about.

    The episode's bright spot is coming just now: the 'airport' scene. Boone takes Locke to an airport, where we can see all of the survivors - and Ben. Boone tells Locke he needs to help someone - but who? Not Charlie, Not Claire, Not Jack, Not even Desmond: he needs to clear up his own mess. Help Eko.

    The scene was brilliant. One of the best directed scenes ever. Very trippy. Unfortunately, after this, the episode goes downhill. The episode up to this point was a 9.5-ish, and the rest, until the end is a 7-ish. It's good - but not great, and definitely not superb. Charlie teams up with Locke to find Eko, who seems to be dragged by a polar bear. Yes, the mysterious polar bears are back. It's a good touch, but the 20 minutes of searching for Eko felt a little out of place: nothing really happened. Locke met Hurley, who wanted to know a thing or two, but Locke seemed to ignore him. Later, Hurley met with Desmond - Desmond, who was actually naked. He explains what happened with the hatch, however, there was something more interesting here.

    Hurley tells Desmond about how the other kidnapped Sawyer, Kate, Jack, and Desmond goes like he knows it all, and don't worry, John will save them. But how would Desmond know that? Where he heard that from?

    Meanwhile, Locke finds the cave the polar bear that dragged Eko away lives: Locke decides to go in alone and get Eko back.

    In the cave, he finds a skeleton in dharma clothes, and a toy-truck. Clues? Most likely.

    After some 'burning' action(literally) Locke saves the day by saving Eko.

    In Locke's flashback we learn about his past of what happened to him after Helen left her. He was desperate for a family, so he found one: a group of village people growing drugs. However, he picks up a hitchhiker who turns out to be a cop undercover. But Locke didn't have it what it takes to shoot him : LUCKILY. He made the right decision. The 'family' would've left him without a word.

    On the island, 2 new characters, Nikki and Paulo. I found it a little lousy how they came out of nowhere. Maybe they should've just shown them in the backround for a few episodes, so their sudden appearance wouldn't have been so 'sudden'.

    And then, Locke makes a speech about how he's going to get Jack, Sawyer and Kate back.

    Hurley has deja vu. remember what Desmond told him?

    What? Desmond can predict the future?

    As I said in the beginning, the episode is really mixed: the beginning is superb, the ending is superb, but the middle is mediocre. I didn't feel the usual depth.

    Overally, the episode is a 8.5, making it the weakest Locke episode up to this point, but still, it was highly entertaining, and the twist at the end was awesome!
  • The polar bear's back....

    Wow great episode.I love Locke's episodes they're usually great.This one was no exception.I really liked it.I really enjoyed the flashbacks.This is odd because I usually tink his are the most boring!This one was a lot better.It was a great episode.We finnaly see what happened everyone after the hatch incident.We see that the hatch imploded and everyone was thrown out.haha Desmond even lost his clothes.It was great when Locke go's into his sweat lodge and sees Boone.Boone takes him on a trip with his wheelchair and tells him someone must be saved.But Who?Mr.Eko
    So Locke and Charlie go save Eko and encounter the polar bear on therir way!It was the best episode so far of the season.I loved it.
  • Locke’s take on what happened to the castaways after the hatch door blew open the Swan Station

    The morning after finds him on the ground without the ability to speak, he has no way of knowing what happened to his companions except for Eko’s stick who falls from the trees leading him north. Back at the camp Charlie, who has regain his rightful place by Claire’s side, takes on himself the task to question Locke about Eko and Desmond, alas Locke would only speak to Boone...

    Yep, in an unexpected turn of Locke’s self imposed vision quest, he finds himself face to face with the God frigging gift to humanity he once sacrificed to the island, much like Jack’s father on season 1 Boone points him out in the right direction to “clean up his mess” and save Mr. Eko from the polar bear who took him after the hatch imploded. Also with mystic problems of his own the third survivor of Swan Satation, Desmond, makes an appearace, for the naked scottsman who appears in front of Hurley before he could make it back home has developed an uncanny ability to relate events that haven’t yet happen and words that have not yet spoken.

    Locke’s flashback has a lot to do with his current role in life and what he can and can not do for his family, helped by Charlie he manages to bring Mr. Eko back to the camp more dead than alive but he does succeed in motivate “the family” with a moving speech about how he’ll rescue Jack, Kate and Sawyer ...using the very words Desmond told Hurley he would use.
  • This episode is about Locke.

    Locke, Eko and Desmond are found scattered about the island after the implosion of the hatch. Locke receives a message from the Island asking him to fix the situation he caused. Hurley returns to the beach camp to report the imprisonment of Kate, Jack and Sawyer by the Others. Desmond has been fundamentally altered by the implosion, giving him a mysterious new power. This episode is about Locke. My favorite part of this episode is when Boone is speaking to Locke about who he can help but Boone is just an Hallucination. Locke is pushed on a wheel chair by Boone in the Sydney airport and Locke is trying to find who he can help. But I don't like the part of this episode where there is blood.
  • Nice episode.

    This third episode of season 3 is a Locke episode. Flashbacks are shown about Locke's past, it's a great story to watch. Locke gets to meet a young hitch hiker who seems like an ordinary guy looking for work. We see Boone in a dream vision of Locke. He has to rescue Mr. Eko from a polar bear. This is a Locke episode, everyone has a secret, Locke's secret looks so interesting. He seems like an average Joe but there's something more to him than meets the eye. It's a really great episode, there are stuff about Locke's past that's so interesting to see.
  • The first true sequel to the awesome “system reset” events of “Live Together, Die Alone “.

    What episodes you like in the mysterious island show depends on which camp you fall into – and who you follow, Jack, Sawyer, Charlie , Jin and Sun , even Hugo (!). Myself, I’ve always been a follower of John Locke and his vision quest for knowledge and purpose. Though the trials of Kate, Jack and Sawyer look to have promise, I was always thinking of the hatch. “Further Instructions” answers all the hatch questions nicely (and as usual, poses some new ones….)
    Lovely to see Ian Somerhalder as Boone again, though it’s a dark choice by the island. Mr. Carlisle , “the sacrifice that the island demanded” ,is responsible for all Lockes’ recent downturn in fate. Without Boone jumping about in that plane, it never would have fallen , thus Eko and Locke would never have located the Swan Dharma station , Locke wouldn’t have lost his faith , would still be pressing that button and Eko would still be alive and well. However, the reverse is true. If Eko and Locke found the plane on their own, Eko would have died and Locke , locating the station on his own, would still have lost his faith.
    Still with me? Good. Confusing,eh? Definitely. So the island gets greedy – it thinks it can take two with the same set of events. John is sorry beyond words for his loss of faith , but it is Eko who suffers for the loss, especially in the long run. Boone seems to have some advance knowledge of his former airline buddies. Claire, Charlie and Aaron are ok – for now. Plus , Desmond is only “helping himself” – surely a bad sign as he could end up misusing his déjà vu gifts for his own ends – and the island won’t like that. So John has to relive and overcome his greatest moment of threat on the island – nearly being dragged underground by the black mist during the events of “Exodus” – twice , once with the sighting of the imploded hatch and again forcing himself into the den of our old friend the polar bear, back with a vengeance after menacing Michael and Walt some fifty or so days earlier. Even Locke has to give way to the beast – the rescue of Eko is an superb sequence with the tension and effects off the scale – a polar bear in his own den is a major opponent – nasty as hell . Great stuff all around.
    Both “Tale of Two Cities” and “Glass Ballerina” have good moments (the Others-eye view of the crash together with the shock of seeing the two islands for the first time and the TV footage Ben shows Jack of the Red Sox World Series baseball win) , but “Further Instructions” is the first great episode of Lost S3. Here’s hoping that the remaining episodes starting in Feb keep the quality up.
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