Season 3 Episode 3

Further Instructions

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Oct 18, 2006 on ABC

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  • This Strange and Mysterious Episode managed to be good, but it´s Flaws and focus could put this episode as a failure!!!!!

    Logic/Details - » After 2 weeks plus 3 months waiting, was time to show us what happened to some out favorites characters, but what could be a great episode, show that the writers had no idea how to make this episode better, forcing some things that not make any type of sense.

    First, if Locke can communicate with the Island, ok, why I didn´t do that in Season 2 when he Lost his faith? Second, (aside of how could Eko survived to the Polar Bea) we had clunky dialogues, that avoided the main question about how they survived? Third, what was that explosion/implosion about?

    Not only that, you have a forced Locke Flashback, that try to appear impressive (since Jack and Sun dark actions revealed), with a nice twist, but unfinished. Two new characters have been introduced and this was bad, the writers assumed that they have been there all along.

    Speaking of talking with the Island, there is something sinister about that, and how the Island communicate with Locke and talked about reunite the family.

    Progress -» More information, all the character survived to the explosion/implosion, something happened with Desmond and Hurley is back to the camp.

    Emotions/Stimulation/Highlights -» This episode is about more information, you feel a relief, knowing that one of your favorites characters are ok. There are the usual mysteries when Locke can´t speak and how you try to guess how they survived to the explosion/implosion. You have some funny scenes like when Locke throw his knife that almost hits Hurley (all the funny scenes is with him) and funny comments that Charlie made. The strange and creepy Island communication to Locke and the effects of the explosion/implosion of the Hatch did to Desmond which is very strange, mysterious and mind blowing.

    Ending - » Desmond Stole the final scene.

    Overall - » This is not a great episode, it focused solely in Locke and how he need to fix what he did. There are some good and interesting scenes, but we don´t get any type of important answers yet. Even with the flaws, this episode managed to be good, however, is the weaker episode in this season to date.
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