Season 3 Episode 3

Further Instructions

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Oct 18, 2006 on ABC

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  • Awesome.

    Locke, Desmond, and Eko survive the implosion of the hatch. Locke sees a vision of Boone and goes with Charlie to save Eko from a polar bear. Hurley discovers that Desmond can see the future. In flashbacks, Locke accidentally brings in a cop to the marijuana planting community he was a part of. Yay - so we learn what happens to the hatch people - amazing. I love the Charlie and John scene, I love the way John can't talk and he has to use pen and paper. I love John's back story. I love Locke in this episode, I love him in all the episode but he is awesome in this one, I love the way Boone is in his "talking to the island", my best scene with them are when they are in the airport, I love it. Hurley is back, I find the Charlie and Hurley scene so funny even when it's not meant to be. I also love the Hurley and Desmond scene - extremely funny.