Season 3 Episode 3

Further Instructions

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Oct 18, 2006 on ABC

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  • Finally! Some answers about the hacth, and a whole other quest emerges

    Well, it took us three episodes but we finally learn what happened to everybody who was in the hatch in the season finale. And if that wasn't good enough, we get a Locke flashback, whose stories are also fascinating to learn about It also seems kind of fitting, considering what happened in the hatch is his fault. But let's go step by step.
    Locke awakes in the jungle, unable to speak. We get a brief look at Desmond, who also seems to have survived (albeit stark naked) and Eko's staff which now seems to have a lot more scripture on it. It's been a day since the explosion (which means this episode is happening simultaneously with 'The Glass Ballerina') and Locke takes his inability to speak to figure out he has lost his communion with the island Makes sense, considering what happened to him last season. In order to get his groove back, he builds a sweat lodge, eats a bizarre kind of paste, and goes inside, hoping for a sign.

    He gets one: Boone, who guides him through a hallucination of an airport. In this airport, he is told someone is in danger that only he can help. Naturally, he is in his wheelchair. He runs across almost all of the characters he knows from the island seen the way he sees them (with the noted exception of Walt and Michael; does he somehow intuit that they are no longer there?) Each time, he wonders who needs help, and the answers he gets are full of foreshadowing.

    Charlie, Claire and Aaron are together, acting like a family. Boone says they'll be fine--- "for awhile" All three will very soon be in significant danger.
    Sun and Jin are arguing, but Jin's speaking English and Sun is speaking Korean, Sayid is trying to help them, meaning he knows what they're doing right now. Boone says "Sayid's got it, meaning he can handle the dispute they're currently having.

    Hurley is the is helping everyone on the plane, entering the numbers into the computer, and pushing the button, meaning Locke has finally connected him to the numbers. Boone: "Not Hurley," which is a safe bet, considering that the Others have just let him go.

    Desmond is the pilot, someone who is in control of his own destiny, which makes sense as he wasn't on the plane. Boone says "he's helping himself," surprising, but logical considering just by being there, he is bringing forth health, a major theme of Season 3.

    Kate and Sawyer are in the line, acting like a couple, while Jack stands off to the side alone. Pretty accurate description of what the next few episodes are going to be like. All three are being guarded by Ben, who is acting as airport security., meaning Locke thinks he's is protecting the island, but is simultaneously a threat to his friends. Boone says there's nothing he can do for them: "Not yet."

    Finally, Boone appears at the top of an escalator, and Locke climbs his way to the top, where he says Boone and Eko's 'Jesus Stick' covered in the blood, while Boone says he has to clean up his own mess---- save Eko He regains the ability to talk, and goes off to save Eko, who has been dragged away by a polar bear. Charlie points out that Sawyer killed a polar bear, meaning he never knew about the bear that threaten Walt and Michael in 'Special'. Same bear? Could be

    Charlie, who has been on the outs with Locke ever since 'Fire +Water', nevertheless decides to help him. En route, they discovery Hurley whose finally made it back to the other side of the island. Hurley eventually finds Desmond in the buff (his reaction is hysterical) and we finally learn what happened to the hatch after Desmond turned the key: it imploded. As to what happened to Desmond after the implosion (or explosion, the writers are maddeningly vague about what happened), something has changed in him. How will not become clear for a little more episode, why won't become clear for longer still, but it seems Desmond has a glimpse of destiny as well.

    And then there's Locke's flashback. There isn't anything earth-shattering, but it's a good one nonetheless Apparently after going through the hell of the last two, Locke joined a commune of hippies, who seemed to have taught him patience and treated him warmly. They also had a lot of guns, and a huge amount of fertilizer. They think (and the viewer does too) that they are some kind of cult; in actually, there merely growing marijuana. But Locke, as is always the case, trusts the wrong people and brings a young man who is eventually revealed to be an undercover cop. Locke tries to handle the situation, but unlike Sun in the previous episode, when push came to shove , he was not a killer, and once again he blew his chance for happiness
    And now he realizes that he's done it again. By losing faith in the island, he nearly led to the deaths of everybody on it. Even after he rescues Eko, and begs for his forgiveness, it's still not clear whether he's lived up to his potential to become a hunter.. He'll start shifting towards, but his determination will nearly destroy everything in his path?

    This was a much more entertaining episode than the last two. For one thing, Charlie seemed a lot more pleasant than he was last season, and he had some witty lines in doing so (My personal favorite, after Locke takes out hairspray to make a flamethrower of sorts, Charlie says: "John, I hate to be the one to tell you this) The flashback is interesting if not as revelatory as the last ones we got, and it was interesting to see what Desmond night be turning into. (The episode also introduced Nikki and Paolo, two characters who were loathed by the fan base, and were all but unnoticed by me Really, were they that obnoxious? Stay tuned.) I'm slightly annoyed that given what he went through to save Eko, what happened a couple of episodes later, but I'll get to that in time. And Locke, with Jack gone, takes up the mantle of leadership. As we will see very soon, it's not something he's really suited for.

    All in all, 'Further Instructions' is a good episode. It's a bit surprising that all of the character in the hatch survived, but as we will see, none emerged intact. There is more danger ahead, and considering what might be going on with Desmond, maybe there's more than we think.
    My score:9.2
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