Season 3 Episode 21

Greatest Hits

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM May 16, 2007 on ABC

Episode Recap

The episode opens with a man running along a beach and getting into a small boat and paddling off. Jack and Juliet lead some of the losties into the jungle. Desmond stops, and Charlie thinks that he has had a flash of the future, but he says he hasn't. Jack stops and calls out for Rousseau. He says when he learnt that the others were coming, he tried to figure out where they were going to hide this time, but hiding doesn't work. Rousseau blows up a tree with some explosives. Jack says that for the past few days Rousseau has been transporting dynamite from the black rock. They are going to get Juliet to mark some tents with white stones, but there won't be women in the tents, there will be dynamite. For the first time they know when the others are coming. And when they come, they're going to blow them all to hell.
Charlie is unhappy. He is in the middle of no-where, fixing a tire with his brother. He tells him that he wants to leave the band, they aren't famous. But then he hears a song on the radio. It's "You All Everybody" by Driveshaft, and he is happy. At the beach, Charlie writes this memory down on a piece of paper. Naomi asks Charlie who they are about to go to war with. Charlie says that's a long story. She asks him if he is having a laugh and he says he wouldn't disrespect a fellow Mancunian. He says his band used to play there, Driveshaft. She says she remembers him, there was a big memorial for the rockstar who died on the plane, and a Greatest Hits album, which sold loads. Charlie sees Desmond watching him, and looks sad. Naomi says cheer up, he isn't really dead. Juliet and Jack are being careful with the dynamite. Rousseau says that they need more wire, and Jack says they can strip the plane wreckage. Sayid says that they need to talk about Naomi's phone. Jack says not now, but Sayid shouts, he says that they need to remove Rousseau's signal before they can transmit one. Juliet says that that won't work, there is an underwater station that is blocking the signal. It is called The Looking Glass, but Juliet has no idea where it is. Sayid says that he does.
Claire doesn't want the others to come for Aaron. Charlie says that he will protect them both, everything is going to be fine. Desmond says that he needs to speak to Charlie. Desmond tells Charlie that he saw Claire and Aaron getting into a helicopter… a helicopter that took them off the island. Charlie says he thought Desmond was going to say he will die. Desmond says he does, and this time it has to happen, otherwise Claire won't be rescued.
Charlie flashes back to when he was a kid. Charlie's father is telling him to jump into the pool. He gets him to jump in, and then he says that he is swimming. At the beach, Charlie writes down this memory of when he learnt to swim. Hold on a minute, in Season 1 didn't he say that he couldn't swim? Desmond asks Charlie what is he writing, and he says nothing. Charlie asks how he dies. Desmond says that he is in a hatch, a room with lots of equipment. The is a flashing yellow light on the wall. He flips the switch, and then he drowns.
Juliet is telling Jack and Sayid that there was an accident and the station flooded. Jack asks then how does it still work, and Sayid says that that doesn't matter, is making it not work that they need to concentrate on. Sayid says that he will do it, and Jack says no, he isn't letting him go on a suicide mission. Charlie says that he will do it, he was a swimming champion, and he can hold his breath for four minutes. Jack says that they won't go now, they need to focus on the Others first. Rose shows Bernard how to tie a knot. Jin asks Sun what Juliet was talking about on the tape. Sun says that she took her to the medical station, she looked at the baby and it is fine. Hurley sees something, it's Karl just shown up on the boat. Sayid tackles him down, and Sawyer says that it is okay. He explains who he is, and he asks him what he is doing here. Karl says that his people are coming. Sawyer says they know, and when they turn up tomorrow night they are going to be ready for them. Karl says it isn't tomorrow, they are coming tonight. We flash to the camp of the Others, six hours ago. Ben walks in and hands Alex her gun. He tells Richard that Locke was in an accident. He then tells Ryan that it is time to get the women. An Other called Ryan says that he can reach their camp by nightfall. Richard says that Juliet might not be ready, and Ben says that they will take all the women, and kill the men. Alex runs to Karl in the woods and tells him that he needs to get to their camp and tell them. Karl runs out and gets in a boat.
Jack asks Rousseau if they have enough wire yet, but Rousseau says no, not even close. Sayid suggests that they shoot the dynamite. Jack says that they are going to need to borrow Rousseau's gun, and Karl pulls one out, much to the surprise of Hurley. Jack says that Rousseau is going to lead everyone to the radio tower. Jack says that if the dynamite doesn't work they can't risk not getting in contact with Naomi's boat. Everything has to happen at the same time. Jack says that Charlie will need to swim. Desmond says that he will go with him. Charlie flashes back. His brother gives him the DS ring. Charlie writes this memory down. Claire asks him why he didn't tell her that he was going to The Looking Glass. He says that he didn't want her to worry. He says that it is what needs to be done to get them all rescued. He says that whilst he is gone he doesn't want her worrying about him. He says he loves Aaron, and then he kisses Claire, and then he leaves.
Charlie flashes back again. He is singing Wonderwall by Oasis, but then it starts to rain. He packs up and walks home. He notices a woman being mugged in an alley. It's Nadia. Charlie stops the mugger, and Nadia says that no matter what anyone says, Charlie is a hero. Charlie writes this memory down on the paper. Desmond says that he is making a weightbelt, it'll take Charlie down faster than swimming. Desmond asks Charlie how long he can really hold his breath, and Charlie asks, does it matter? Bernard shoots some cans, and becomes one of the three who will shoot the dynamite. Rose says that she is staying, and Jack says she isn't. Rose asks if he wants to give her his word that nothing will happen to them. Jack says that he can give her his word that if they don't kill everyone who shows up in about an hour, it's not going to matter where Bernard is. Rose says that she likes Jack more now, he's almost an optimist. Sayid says that Jack should go with Rousseau to the tower. Jack said it was him who came up with this plan, and Sayid says that he is the leader, he is the one who should lead them. Hurley offers to go with Charlie and Desmond, but Charlie says that he is too big, he won't fit in the boat. Hurley starts to walk off, but Charlie stops, hugs him and says he loves him. Hurley says he loves Charlie too, and he leaves.
Juliet tells Jack that the tents are all marked, they are set. Jack asks if Sayid found the third shooter, and it's Jin. Hurley asks if Claire is alright, and she says yes. Claire picks up Aaron, and we notice a ring left in the crib. Charlie gets ready to go, and Desmond finds the cable that will lead them towards this hatch. They set off, and Charlie flashes back. It's on the island, and Charlie has met Claire for the first time at night. He tells her that soon people will be there to rescue them. Charlie writes this down as Desmond sees The Looking Glass down in the water. Charlie says to Desmond that he wants to give the piece of paper to Claire. Desmond asks what it is, and Charlie says it's the five best moments of his life. His Greatest Hits. Charlie hands Desmond the paper. Desmond says that he doesn't have to do this, he will go. Maybe he keeps seeing him die, because he is supposed to take his place. Charlie says what about Penny, and Desmond says what about your girl. Desmond says that he might be luckier than him. Desmond gets ready to go, but Charlie hits him with a paddle. He folds the paper up and puts it in Desmond's pocket. He grabs the weightbelt, and dives in.
He swims down and looks for the entrance into the hatch, but he can't see it. He struggles for breath as he sees lights and follows them. He is nearly unconscious when he emerges in a room filled with air. There is an air pocket in this hatch, and he is glad to see it. He looks around, there are various room in the place. He shouts in joy, he is alive as he climbs up a ladder. He shouts again, and we hear an echo as a woman runs in the room, pointing a gun at Charlie. He puts his hands up. Another woman comes in with a rifle trained on Charlie.