Season 3 Episode 21

Greatest Hits

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM May 16, 2007 on ABC

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  • Blood-thirsty Jack?!

    The most special thing about this episode is that since it's a warming up to the two-hour season finale it gives us all the characters we so much like or love. Since the third season began most episodes didn't have the entire cast in one single episode. This one doesn't only have them all, it also have minor, yet memorable lines for all of them. Even Vincent the dog, Bernard and Rose appear! Truth be told, Locke isn't on the episode, which I already expected (to keep the tension to the season finale, we know), but his absence is more felt than his presence would be.

    The only weak point about this episode is the opening scene in which Jack takes all the major characters to where Rousseau is to show them his plan. Nothing weird with Sayid, Sawyer, Kate, Jin, Desmond, Charlie or Hurley going. But why would Kate or Sun go? They hardly take interest for these things and no one would think they should go. In other words, it was just a scene for everyone to appear all at once.

    Charlie's flashbacks were great. They didn't add anything to the character's story or background, but they surely were a development to the character deepness, but probably a sort of good-bye for him also since the character most certainly is going to die this time.

    All in all, it was an excelent "last before the last", building up the tension to the season finale whilst at the same time it was kind of a lull before the storm. Plus, Lost has shown it is still able to surprise us with more secrets and revelations, leaving no doubts it can keep up with itself. The question is if any characters are going to be really rescued. My hunch is that Michael and Walt will be back and the rescue ship will crash on the Island, bringing more characters to be killed, which unfortunately is still Lost's greatest flaw: its endless killing spree.

    And don't blink! I'll try not to!
  • Jack, Sawyer and others receive word from Karl that the others are actually planning an attack a night earlier than they expected.

    A decent build-up for the season finale even though this was largely a Charlie oriented episode. They didn't really need this much attention on Charlie since most fans know his story by now. Unless they are really going to kill off Charlie, then this episode could have trimmed down a bit.

    Anyway, though, the confrontation is coming. Essentially this next to last episode attempts to wrap up a lot of loose ends from previous episodes (Juliet the spy is now with Jack), (Locke is shot down and possibly dead), after a lot of back and forth fights with the Survivors and Others this might actually be the final blow.

    Throughout the last couple of episodes, the writers have given us more backstory into Locke, Charlie, Hurley and even the leader of the Others. While a lot of material they haven't presented isn't new, it still fills in a couple of puzzles. Like in the previous episode, we see how Ben grows up to be such a dictator. His dad hates him since Ben caused the death of his mother through childbirth. Here we see more of the backstory with Charlie.

    It'll be interesting to see how they end the season finale.
  • Why LOST Is One Of The Best Shows Out There.....

    This Episode About Charlie's Destiny Is Heart Warming. As Charlie Is Saying His Final Goodbyes To Claire And Aaron, You Feel An Urge To Cry And It Really Hits You. Just When You Think The Episode Is Getting A Tad Bit Over-Emotional When You See Charlie Dive Into The Water To Face His Destiny, He Makes It To The Looking Glass Station And Gasps For Air. "Im Alive!" He Screams. Just As He Pleads For More Air, Two Women Come Rushing Out With Guns And Point Them At Him. Charlie Is Shocked. This Is The Beauty Of Lost, How It Can Change From Being Emotional One Second, To Being On The Edge Of Your Seat The Next.... The Series Finale Will Truelly Be Amazing!
  • A great episode for Charlie!

    The greatest hits are Charlie's most memorable moments, and they are memorable indeed. Even more so is that he is willing to sacrifice himself for his friends. As for the rest, they are busy preparing a trap for the others. It seems a little overkill to me to blow them up with dynamite. Normally I like when the characters get dark, so when I think it's overkill, it's too dark! Overall a good episode, and the ending seems to leave it open for a whole other set of others to learn about next season.
  • The day that Charlie was supposed to die.

    It began like any other day, with yet another vision from Desmond, and although it seemed quite easy to avoid this time, it would come with a great prize: neither Claire nor Aaron would ever get out of the island. So Charlie wrote his favourite moments on a paper, kissed his non-wife goodbye and spent a last moment with the son he would never see grow up before he would meet his ultimate fate.

    It’s hard to say which the hardest part was: to know what was going to happen or to watch Aaron caress Charlie’s face good bye. How can a man knowingly walk to his death like this? For as steady and strong as it was this is still Charlie we’re talking about; a couple of months ago he was still an addict, as distant from religion as he was from real human contact, we slowly saw him grow from the pitiful has been that he was into a man anyone would feel proud to shake hands with, the kind of man Claire could rely on, the kind of father Aaron would’ve feel proud of and the kind of man that would die to buy his mates a way out. The kind of man we would miss, deeply.
  • Setup for the season finale.

    This was a good episode of Lost. They were setting up all the Lost goodness for the season finale tomorrow night. I can't wait it's going to be awesome. Anyway this episode took us down flashbacks of Charlie. Charlie through flashbacks revealed to us his five top moments of his life. The one I really liked was when the woman called him a hero. That was such a real life ordeal right there. I mean people would really just walk right on by and not pay any attention to something like that. That was very well-written by the writers. I am hoping that Charlie does live through his ordeal under the sea. There is so much more they can do with Charlie and his ever developing relationship with Claire. Let's just hope good ole Charlie lives :)
  • Dick van Dyke meets the beatles and Liam Neeson

    Not a bad episode overall, especially as they seem to be making it up as they go along. What I don't understand is how they can spend millions of dollars and get the accents of Charlie's family and friends so badly wrong, a mixture of Dick van Dyke the beatles and Liam Neeson.
    I used to look forward to the next episode, now I can't wait for it to end.
  • I was hoping this'd be a good episode, but I never expected it'd be this good! I never cried at a TV show, but I came damn close here.

    The episode opens up with all of the beach dwelling main characters trekking throught the jungle to find out what Jack's genious plan for saving them all is going to be. "When they show up, we're gonna blow them all to Hell!" Go on, Jack! Not the most sophisticated plan, but seems effective enough.

    We are then treated to Charlie's first flashback. Ah, more about his sorry music career. Except then the second one was to do with his childhood. It wasn't until after this that I realised what Charlie was writing. It was the "Greatest Hits" of his life. What a genious way to use the flasbacks. Instead of a secondary story to the events on the island we get to see what Charlie believes were the best moments of his life. Although as soon as I realised this I knew when he met Claire would be his number one, but that didn't affect that scene's emotional impact.

    This also meant that most of the episode could be spent on the island, which really helped this episode. We got dialogue from almost every character this week, and its nice to see Naomi out of bed now. One slight criticism though was her chat with Charlie. She accuses him of mocking her and he says he'd never mock a fellow Manc. To which she replies "You're from Manchester?" I was sitting there thinking, "Yes, you can tell Charlie's from Manchester due to his Mancunian accent. Whereas how he knows where you're from is nothing more than a great guess." Serioulsy, she sounds like a strange mix between Cockney(London), Central England and I suppose there's a bit of a north-western accent in there. Still, specific accents are hard to do and its only because I have relatives in Manchester that I picked up on it.

    After that little rant, back to the episode. Charlie's goodbyes to the most important people to him on the island were incredible. My favourite was with Hurley. He had to insult him to prevent him from coming, but took it back and then told him he loved him. Considering Hurley knows about Charlie's impending doom you'd think he'd be a bit more worried about him, but that's just an after thought that didn't impact on the quality of that scene.

    Then it was finally up to Charlie to sacrifice himself to save everyone. But wait, I'm pretty sure I can see an air pocket or something there, hah, the station's not flooded! I, like Charlie, was extatic that he was alive! Then, like him, when the two women with guns came in I thought: "Ah f***."

    The flashbacks in this episode worked because we know the character so well now that we can be privy to the good in his life, without needing to see the bad. This was probably the best episode this season, and there have been some great ones. So with that, what can Jack show us about his ever exciting life next week that'll warrant him being the focus of the finale? It better be good.
  • Overally, this was an incredibly emotional episode, with some very promising set up that will lead up to an explosive and jaw dropping finale. While this was very transitional, it didn't have the usual transitional feeling: making it a true masterpiece.

    Most shows have trouble with the episode before the finale. Setting up the finale is usually somewhat boring, and has a very big transition feeling to it. Fortunately, the Lost writers were able to avoid this. Charlie's fate has been a big question mark this season. It's obvious that Desmond can't save him forever. Especially not, if Charlie's death would lead up to something good... e.g. the survivors getting rescued.

    Charlie's sacrifice is very heroic, similiar to Desmond's sacrifice at the end of season 2. Jack finally acting as a leader is a welcome change. Him sharing every information and laying off a plan to fight the others is welcome too. The day is finally here... the others should fear of the "losties", not vica versa.

    Charlie's having flashbacks, of his 5 greatest moments. Of his life. While the flashbacks aren't linked together, each shows us a new layer of Charlie's character.

    Overally, this was an incredibly emotional episode, with some very promising set up that will lead up to an explosive and jaw dropping finale. While this was very transitional, it didn't have the usual transitional feeling: making it a true masterpiece.

    Kudos to the writers, Adam Horowitz and Edward Kitsis.
  • Brill once again. Can't wait for finale.

    What an episode. Very very good, one of the best in my opnion! Only i think it should have ended when charlie jumped in the water but still that isn't that bad! Charlie is one of my fave characters so thats why i liked this episode. Loved when he hit desmond!! Really set it up for the finale thisd episode did, i can;t wait!!
  • Great ep but..

    Ok I just started to watch the series again from the beginning and i notice in ep 5: White Rabbit

    There is a women drowning, and charly had to wake up Jack to save her. Charly then said: I cant swim... and now suddenly he can dive and swim to the Looking Glass?

    But sill a great ep.
  • The moments of his life.

    This episode was absolutely sad and even though I didn't care for Charlie that much now I feel so sorry for him.
    Charlie needs to go on a dangerous mission and this time he has to die if he wants Claire and Aaron to be rescued because that is what Desmond saw in his flashes.
    The wire on the beach leads to the underwater station called Looking Glass and Charlie will swim down there but he survives and once inside he is taken prisoner by the two women. Jack shows the camp everything and how he planned to get rid of the others once and for all with the help of Danielle and dynamite from black rock.
    Back at the other's camp Ben hastes the project and Alex tells Karl to tell to the camp survivor that they are coming tonight not tommorow night.
    Through the series of flashback we see five best moments of Charlie's life:
    #5 Is when he heard himself on the radio for the first time as a Drive Shaft player and singer
    #4 When dad thaught him how to swim.
    #3 When Liam gave him the ring for Christams (The ring that should be in the family and he left it for Aaron)
    #2 A woman (Nadia) calls him a hero when he saved her from a robber.
    #1 When he met Claire...
    So sad... Can't wait for the season finale
  • likeable charlie

    very well written! how could one not have liked this episode!?! flashbacks were set perfectly! the camp gettin ready for the encounter of the others..carl warning the camp..alex being suspicous of ben..great storyline

    desmond and charlies conversations..really nice..you could tell desmond had second thoughts when telling charlie about his visions.. it was a great episode..
    seeing nadja again..liam..charlie's dad teaching charlie how to swim..

    and of course the looking glass!

    i am totally excited about the finale! i dunno what what will happen...but i want charlie to live! i didn't spoil myself. i expect the finale to be terrific!

    no show better than LOST!
  • This is my favorite Charlie episode. I'm glad people didn't call it filler... because it really tugs at the heartstrings.

    This episode has to be one of the most emotionally charged episodes of the season. The flashbacks themselves are enough to put a loving smile on my face, plus Charlie's farewell to everyone. Oh my, I think I'm ready to let him go now... oh what am I saying... you can't kill Charlie!

    The scenes between Charlie, Claire, and Aaron almost moved me to tears, he loves them so much. Gosh, I feel like a woman... not that there's anything wrong with that.
    Charlie is very selfless in this episode... doing a complete 180o from his Herion days.
    This episode has some great Jack moments in it... but frankly, I'm getting tired of him... hopefully he will die... sorry, but he's just... I don't know, he doesn't fit anymore.

    Karl is my second fave in this episode, his and Alex's relationship is just sweet, and I like both of them.
    I hope he plays a larger part in season 4.

    Well... thats all for now.
    I just say, congrats Losters on such a great episode!
    Just have more locke next time!
  • With the preperations of the impending war with the others occuring,Charlie finds out from desmond that he must die to save everyone,leading them to be rescued.With a dive into Charlies "Greatest" moments,You will wonder, will there be more?

    I personally feel as though this was Charlies best episode. It truly showed off his better side, and showed that he is truly a good person. The flashbacks showed that he is able to overcome any obstacle with a little bit of insentive, i.e swimming, and rescuing Nadia. The most touching part of the episode was when he gave the ring to Aaron.
    The self sacrifice that he showed allowed me to change my opinion on him dying. I truly hope that he lives so that he can go back to Claire and have a family.
  • I loved every moment but seriously, us people have needs, you just can't end it there!

    Another stunning episode.
    I had my Business GCSE this morning and then ran home to watch it and was not dissapointed. I have thought throughout the season that as soon as we had our Charlie flashback that it would be the end for our favourite Brit but (and I'm very surprised to hear myself saying this) thankfully it was not.
    *Firstly Rose and Bernard are back which I was very pleased with and I was glad that they didn't make a big deal about it and just eased them in with the tying knots bit.
    *The thing I loved most about this episode was the fact that it was very unorganized, but I like that. I liked the fact that charlies flashacks were all over the place.
    *The Danielle dynamite thing was brought to light and I like the plan, but I'm scared for the lives of Jin & Bernard. The "magic five"
    *A new station finally and I liked that it was called the looking glass in preparation for next weeks big finale.
    *It really made me go "ahh" when Charlie was saying goodbye to everyone and when he called Aaron turnip head like he used to.
    *I was glad they did an on island flashback which was a nice way to end it.
    ***When Desmond was about to take Charlies place and go down for him I was shouting at the TV "NO DESMOND" because all I really care about at the moment is getting Des and Penny back together and I was so glad that Charlie hit him over the head to stop him. The whole way through the episode I was thinking that they couldn't kill Charlie so obviously and when Des was offeruinmg to take his place I was really scared he was going to.
    *I liked the fact that Jack was back to being Jack with all of his "you want me to lead then let me" speaches that he always used to make and it felt like he had returned.
    *I liked the quick "six hours before" flash that seemed thown in but I liked it. I liked the others reaction to Ben coming back alone.
    *And Carl. It was a great way to start with a bit of mystery and excitement.
    *But I hated that they ended it where they did. Really hated it. Just because of the fact that it ended and I needed more. I'd braced myself for a big powerful death scene and the other people turning up was a complete surprise, these will probably (if they didn't die) end up as regulars next season.

    So things to talk about. Last week I made a list of my 12 favourite episodes, so this week, as the series is nearly over, I'm going to put this series episodes in order of how much I liked them

    1.Flashes Before Your Eyes
    2.The Man Behind The Curtain
    4.Greatest Hits
    5.Catch 22
    6.Not In Portland
    7.One Of Us
    8. The Man From Tallahassee
    9. I Do
    10. The Brig
    11.Left Behind
    12. DOC
    13. Every Man For Himself
    14. Par Avion
    15.The Cost Of Living
    16. A Tale Of Two Cities
    17. Enter 77
    18. Further Instructions
    19. Tricia Tanaka is Dead
    20.Stranger In A Strange Land
    21.The Glass Ballerina

    The ones in the middle I had real trouble sorting out because their wasn’t much between them. They were the ones that I enjoyed a lot but not loved.

    Well, I did a long review, submitted it and then it froze, thankfully I’d copied this into Word by accident.

    I’ll do a short version of my “death list”. My predictions of who’s gona die next episode. Don't worry I haven't got a clue I just like to speculate so i can look back and say either "wow I was right" or (more often than not) "I was so totally wrong".

    I’m assuming that Locke is alive when I say that I think that the five deaths will be
    1.Lockes Dad (obviously)
    2.Bernard- he’s in the shooting team. Rose and Bernard might want to be written out.
    3.Rose- she’ll die trying to save Bernard
    4.Ben- If the others find out that Ben “killed” Locke they wont be happy with him. All the Losties hate him too and they have guns to go with their hatred. Juliet Locke Alex & Jack all want to kill him, much as I’d hate to loose such a great character I think we have to.
    5. I recon that slot no.5 will be taken with Karl or Jack. I know Charlie would be the obvious choice but I think it’s too obvious Part of me thinks that as it’s Jacks flashback it will be his final one, but I should be so lucky.

    Jin Sayid & Bernard with guns
    Jacks Flashback
    Others Vs Losties

    Will Bernard join the rest of his friends from the tailes (in a grave)
    What will happen in the looking glass?
    Will the Jackflash be boring? Surely not in a series finale…

    All will be revealed (hopefully) in Through The Looking Glass

    And remember… Pheasants don’t shoot back
  • Charlies greatest hits

    WOW im mean it when i say that iv never cried so much in my life. I love charlie to bits he is my favorate character on lost and i was convinced that he was going to die. Jack has come up with a plan to do away with the others once and for all and it involves a lot of dynamit. And insteaded of telling people this plan he decideds to show them by blowing up a tree. (great way to keep then plan a secret dont you think?) well the planning is pointless when after ben returens from his visit to jacobs (alone.) and tells the others to move the plan to today a whole day before they are expected. But they are warned by karl who has found a great new hidding place just 20 meters from the others camp. Sayid has other plans while jack plans his war he is trying to find a way to use niomies
    phone to get them off the island. But julliet tells them that there signal is being scrambled by the others using the underwater statation the looking glass which cant be stoped because the station is flooded. while this is happening charlie makes a list of his top 5 greatest moments his greatest hits. Which include when he first hered his song on the radio. when he went swimming with his dad. the christmas his brother gave him his ring and when he save a women from a mugger and she called him a hero (did i mention that the women was nadia the women who sayid loves) Charlie is told by desmond that he has once again forseen chalies death and that this time he has to die. because that is the only way that claire and aaron will be rescued. charlie agrees. and desmond tells him that he will die from drowneding after he flicks a switch. and they realise that charlie must be the one to go down into the flooded looking glass station to stop the others scramble signal. Charlie says his goodbyes to claire and aaron and passes on his driveshaft ring to him. but dose not tell anyone that he will not be returning. As the rest of the camp set out to the radio tower charlie and desomond take alexs makeshift boat and follow the wirer to the station. While harlie adds one last thing to his list the first time that he met claire. As charlie. he gives his list to desmond who he tells to give it to claire. desmond begins to regreat tellingcharlie who cant swim that he must sacrafic him self and agrees to go instead telling charlie that maby he is ment to be the one who dies not charlie. but charlie knows that that is not true and that is him that must sacrafic him self for the good of the whole group. and while desmond is not looking charlie hits him with a oar and dives in himself. But to hims suprise he survives the dive and make his way into the non flooded hatch. but for how long he has little time to get over the shock of being alive when 2 women run out with guns. I loved this episode and i think that it is one of my all time favorates. It was so sad and i was really convinced that charlie was going to die which would have been the worst thing ever. 10/10.
  • Flashbacks from Charlie's life and his Greatest HIts.

    Is Charlie going to die? Is he not? Will Desmond's prophecy be fullfilled? Well ,we certainly find out some things in this episode. Charlie sacrifies himself and enters the underwater hatch where some women are waiting for him with shotguns.Will he be able to push the switch? Back in the camp the castaways set an explosive trap for the Others and run to the radio tower to try to pick up Naiomi's ship signal after Charlie push the switch in the Looking Glass.Jin,Sayid and Bernand stay behind to trigger the traps. All this events lead us to a 2hour season finale next wednesday Can't wait!
  • Gearing up to be a spectacular season finale SPOILERS

    This episode has to be one of my favorites so far. The last few episodes have been gearing up to an amazing season finale.

    Jack finally reveals his plan to take on the Others and with some help and information sets his plan in motion. Charlie takes on a challenge to get the survivors rescued.

    The story is very good and sets up a huge amount of suspense for the season finale. Jack's secret is finally revealed so he is less cryptic and his fans will rejoice at that. Charlie's story is the most interesting for me at least.

    In this episode we discover how much he actually loves Claire and their relationship is more open. Viewers are supposed to connect with Charlie and it works well. The ending when he takes on his task is hugely exciting however it was sort of predictable that there would be people in the Looking Glass

    I have nothing to complain about on this episode and I give it the highest score I have given. Still waiting for the 10 though. Maybe next week
  • Sad, Exciting, Who are those people in the looking glass?

    An almost heartbreaking, brilliant episode of lost. The reasons why this episode was great is different from the reasons previous episodes were great. There were not big secrets or mysteries it was just a great episode focused on Charlie and his biggest moments in life or "Greatest Hits" There is no pay off in this episode even though it was building to perhaps the demise of Charlie. If we do see the end of Charlie in the finale it will be a sad one, considering he has been a great character in lost however i feel this character has ran his course and doesnt have anything else to add to the show. Bring on the finale.
  • Awesome episode

    Never a dull moment! I thought it was really clever that for them to be rescued Charlie would have to die, and it looks like it will be an amazing season finale next week! It was really brave of Charlie to accept his fate like that and it showed his love for Claire and Aaron. His flash-backs made it very moving as well. The others coming to get the pregnant women made it even more exciting, and you can tell that next week will be another class episode that you will not want to miss. It was a real cliffhanger.
  • great episode

    Desmond informs Charlie that he will die, but this time, he needs to die. Jack shares his plan with his fellow survivors. Sayid devises a plan to send out a signal to a ship 18 miles away. Just as the survivors thought that they are a step ahead of the others, they get a visit from one of the survivors, warning them that the others are on the way. This episode keeps us on edge right from the start, the anticipation is long, but there's enough story to fill up the episode. It's so engaging, I enjoyed every minute of it.
  • awesome twists

    so, the episode starts with jack and juliet taking everyone into the jungle where they meet danielle, who randomly blows up a tree- and we're all like- what the...? and then jack explains that they have a plan to stop the others from coming, using danielle. Juliet explains to sayid about why the communications wont work- becuase it is being blocked by the looking glass staion, which is situatied under water, and has been inactive for a long time. they need to flick a switch in the looking glass to be saved. charlie voluteers for it after desmond explains what will happen if he does. then carl coems along and screws up their plans by telling them that the others are gonna strike today, not tomorrow, so they have to come up with new plans and stuff, and charlie has to go today- so he goes with desmond, who makes a little speech thingy about him going instead of charlie, so he can save him one last time. that goes wrong when charlie hits him round the head with an oar! charlie finally takes the plunge- but miraculously survives to find that he is standing at gunpoint.... seriously awesome.
  • What is your next hit Charlie?

    Great breath taking episode leaving me knowing that next week will be exactly what I've learned to expect from the writers of Lost; completely left in awe because surprises are going to be thrown in that I did not expect. Someone will probably die and break my heart and I will be left with even more questions to ponder on till next season. Charlie's greatest hit's was such a great touch being the type of person he is. I do not want to believe he is going to die but that is all we have heard this season. I feel kind of brainwashed about it. But I still have faith the writers once again are playing with our minds, as they seem to do in this show. "Lost" is a great name for it.
  • Charlie decides his fate.

    I thought that this was such a great episode from the start to the end. I was really surprised that Jack and Juilet was coming up with a plan to fight the others and they are getting help from Rousseau. It was nice of Alex and Carl to warn the survivors the they were moving up their kiddnapping plans. I was happy that Charlie decided to give up his life in order to get Clarie and Aaron off the island. I thought that it was nice of Desmond to try to talk Charlie not to do it. I seen that ending when Juilet mentioned that Ben said the station was flooded.
  • While this episode is clearly centered around Charlie, with an excellent (seemingly) final evolution of the character, it is almost as much about Jack--and makes for a fantastic, classically structured episode, powerful in many ways...

    There was so much build up prior to this episode (both within the story and in the promotion of the episode) about Charlie dying, that I highly suspected he wouldn't die, because Lost is seldom obvious. And though my suspicions were affirmed, the producers did an excellent job of making me believe [during the episode] that he may very well die. And he sitll may. There's no reason to believe Desmond's vision won't still come true. Charlie is, after all, in the Looking Glass station. It just needs to be flooded, with him flipping the switch and drowning, for the vision to come true. But there are a few core story elements worth looking at here:

    Charlie: Great job with the flashbacks of Charlie's best moments (greatest hits) from his life, which presented an emotional backdrop of the present-day realization of Charlie's character. Charlie has always struggled with his darker side, mainifested most prominently in his drug use and some level of selfishness (liking Claire and the baby largely for the aspect of an instant-made family). But he has evolved. And Charlie, different from some of the other survivors, has actively sought redemption, rather than being confronted with choices that force it. First through Locke, then through Eko, Charlie sought to be better than he was, sometimes failing, but ever trying. And perhaps his persistent failures at redemption led to his imminent demise, as seen in Desmond's visions. But his final willingness for the ultimate self-sacrifice may have granted him redmeption finally.

    But questions remain here. Charlie's imminent death only came about after the hatch explosion, the same one that gave Desmond premonitions about Charlie's death. And Desmond's premontions, though including related events, have always only been about Charlie dying. Is Desmond partially right in some way? Is he somehow the cause of Charlie dying? Either way, the spiritual evolution of Charlie was played out well here. Interestingly, he entered the episode essentially already ready for such a sacrifice, since he accepted it rather quickly, and no conflict was mirrored in his flashback (as is usually the case). He had already fully evolved.

    Greatest hit #2: This flashback was extremely significant for a couple reasons. For one, Charlie's brief encounter with the woman being mugged (who is Sayid's Nadia) was meaningful, as it allowed Charlie to do something truly good, and be a "hero", as Nadia put it. And Nadia's insistence to Charlie that he was a hero (and that no one should ever tell him differently) was so strong, that it may have been an important part of Charlie being able to embrace being one in deciding to sacrifice himself to save Claire. Interestingly, though, this appears to be the same flashback where Desmond met Charlie, and realized so in his (Desmond's) own flashback--which at the time left us wondering if Desmond was somehow time-travelling via his flashback. It seems as though he may not have been, since that encounter never happened (at least the way it did in Desmond's flashback). So does that mean that Desmond's whole strange "Flashes" flashback was all just a dream, since it clearly did not happen the way he remembered it. And if it had, it seems like Desmond's interaction with Charlie would have delayed him just long enough so that he wouldn't be at the alley in time to save Nadia. And maybe it was just the way it was produced, but Charlie's saving of Nadia, and her reaction, seemed almost pre-arranged. Was it Desmond who sent Charlie on his death journey in the first place with some weird connection to his (Desmond's) flashback, or was it the natural way of things?

    Jack: A good set-up for more about Jack next week. Though there has been plenty of Jack this season, there's been little evolution of his character. In fact, Jack himself has evolved little since he has been on the island. Jack has issues with needing to fix things (be a savior) and has anger issues (extended from his inability to let some things go that he should). The anger issue is demonstrated in his revealing that HE wants to be there to kill the Others for revenge, almost overpowering his making the right decision (to let Sayid stay). But he does make the right decision. Still, how often does he make the right decision because he is a smart man who knows he should, but never really emotionally moves on and personally accepts that he should. His "fix-it" mentality is demonstrated partially by his final full embrace as the leader, and to a lesser extent his strong connection with Juliet, another struggling woman to fix--this could still be his undoing.

    The parallel with Jack and Ben has never been more obvious-both leaders who can be dictatorial at times because they know they're right, but also driven by personal emotion; yet both thwarted and challenged at times by the same man (Locke). And Jack's parallel to Locke is clearer as well, as Jack's inability to let go manifests in anger, just like Locke. Though Jack's experssion of that anger is more subtle. Both Jack and Locke have a sense of self-importance and potential greatness. Locke embraces this and looks for it. Jack, on the surface, tacitly resists this, but seemingly really does embrace it as well, as demonstrated by his confidence in his decisions and fix-it mentality. Still, how has Jack evolved? He has faced new challenges, had to be smart and creative and find ways to lead, but as a person, he doesn't seem all that different than when he arrived on the island, just more battle-wary. While, at the same time, most of the other charcaters have evolved, more clearly recognizing their flaws, and starting to take steps to change (Sayid, Sawyer, Charlie). For the first time I'm wondering if Jack will make it out alive next week, as an unwillingness to change has been the downfall of more than one character.

    This is my favorite Charle episode, as he has always sought redemption, sought to evolve and change, and for the first time it looks as though he truly has. His reflecting upon his 5 best memories illuminated the various dies of Charlie--his proud and self-nterested side (hearing his song for the first time, being called a hero), his strong sense of family (his dad teaching him to swim, his brother giving him the family ring), and his ture love for another woman (meeting Claire). For three seasons he has sought to fully realize all these things, and seems to finally have. Does that mean he is "done" or better prepared to be what he has now fully become--a hero?

    The action and story for next week's finale look great, and the seeds have been more firmly established for an exploration of Jack. Last season's finale was my favorite episode ever, so hopefully this one can come close; but this episode was a great penultimate story.
  • Desmond has another Charlie flash and Charlie decides to accept his fate. Jack devises a plan to do away with the others. Sayid convinces Jack to lead the rest of the Losties to the radio tower while he Bernard and Jin stay behind.

    Bloody Spectacular. The little hobbit that could is a hero in this episode. Watching Charlie on screen and in flashback was epic for this episode. It will be very interesting how his fate runs next week in the Finale. Desmond, however, is still the man. Jack finally seems to come around as camp leader again, and both him and Sayid give good speeches. Still I wonder about Juliet. Kate and Sawyer have really taken a back burner since the beginning of the season, I wonder if they will take on a pivotal role in the finale. Who Will die? My guesses are going to be Sayid, Bernard, Charlie, Mikhail, and (Insert Various Minor Other Here, Maybe Karl or Tom). Most of all I don't want Sayid to, and I do like both Bernard and Charlie. If Charlie doesn't die, I'm sure Desmond will take his place on Boone Hill. Mikhail is my favorite other, yet I still forsee a bad ending to the season for him. LOST Finale will be epic. You're stupid to miss it
  • Charlie is a hero...

    A great episode which has set a great tone for the finale. I think most expected Charlies fate to be decided for definate in this episode. Now that it hasn't, what will his fate be with 2 women appearing in what is seen as an unused hatch?
    I love how Jack said that "were gonna blow em all to hell", it came off really good. Good to see Karl back in the mix, and now we know he will be alligning himself with the Losties. I cant help but think, he will talk to Danielle in the finale and will realise shes her mum. I hate to say it becuase i love the character, but im saying that Bernard will die in the finale. It it set up pefect for a couple of "deaths" to big characters in Lost for the finale. The question is...who???
  • Best of the best!

    Awesome! The best of the whole season! Charlie writes his 5 greatest hits and the first one being that he met Claire. It looks like Jack and Juilet will get together I hope because they seem to be staying together and not getting mad at each other. Charlie actually doesn't die!! He drived in and the thing wasn't flooded. Juilet was wrong. Could she being lying or did she honestly not know? Instead there are to woman pointing guns at him. Can't wait till the season finale.
  • tearjerker.

    This was an absolutely excellent episode. It was very emotional. I loved the flashback style. Everything from Charlie and Hurley's hug, to Charlie's Driveshaft ring being left behind was all so touching. This whole episode left tears in my eyes. The new hatch was really cool. We finally find out what the wire on the beach leads to. Charlie became one of my favorite characters again in this episode. Desmond and Charlie had some really good scenes together. The one of them in the boat was very touching. Amazing writing in this one. I loved every moment from start to finish!
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