Season 3 Episode 21

Greatest Hits

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM May 16, 2007 on ABC

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  • Many truths revealed in this episode if you pay attention. Awesome! Of course some new questions as well (pod-people: who are these women-why are they only women-maybe the pregnant women don't die after all?) But this is mainly Charlie's episode...

    I loved this episode. When other characters have died, it was sad. But we’ve so gotten to know Charlie. And the anticipation that he may die makes us more attached to him. I actually teared up when he jumped off the catamaran--I didn’t do that when Boone, or Shannon, or any of the Tailies (even Mr Echo, who was a great character) died. Maybe it was because he chose, and we knew he would choose, to jump…

    Charlie is my favorite character–if he dies I will be greatly distressed. He represents hope. Charlie is in all of us (our own little “inner-junkie” if you will). We’ve all done Something at some point that we regret (however large or small)–tried to make the right decision, but screwed up, just the same. We WANT him to succeed, because he represents the promise of redemption. His heart is in the right place, no matter how much he manages to screw it up. Charlie needs to live–and in the end, win the day. Desmond struggles with this–he knows Charlie should, by all accounts, die; but he also knows that Charlie needs to be the one to save them all.
  • Without a doubt, the best episode of the season.

    Presumably this is a Charlie centric episode and by its title 'Greatest Hits' we can decipher that this episode decides his fate. To be fair I've never liked Charlie. I always found him annoying and not really important to the show. But this episode changed it all and pointed just how significant each character in the show is. The flashbacks were tear jerking and one of the best. I am not going to post any spoilers here, so to sum it all up,it was the best episode of the season. I cannot imagine any lost fan not liking this episode. This season had started slow but has really picked up pace in the last few episodes, which have been the best and the most entertaining in the series.
  • My Greatest hit, Noble Heroic

    Ive always wanted Charlie to die but still Im glad we were able to see him leave on a good note are so we think. Ive never liked Jack but honestly sayid was also getting on my nerves they have always clashed even though Sayid and Jack are much stronger when working on the same side. The beginning was great especially to have half the cast. Juliet is still hiding somthing and so is Jack. The real episode was on Charlie and he was remembering all the great memories in his life I enjoyed the different flashbacks rathe then just a story. Desmonds role in the episode was good too sacricficeing his life rather then Charlie. Clarie should be more used! nice to see Rose and Bernard but is thier a salon hatch I dont know about because Roses hair! lol Lost has taken this season and really made it its own So many differences between seasons. As speculated Karl returned to warn them of the Others arival I enjoy the Karl Alex couple its the one relationship thats not confusing. Lockes Fate is unknown but Locke is defently not dead or at least for now. We will finally be able to see this infamous radio tower that Ive been wishing to see since the beginning. Everything in the episode was setting up for next weeks Season Finalie last episode untill Febuary 08 I would rather have 2 seasons with 24 episodes all season long rather then 3 more seasons with 16 episodes starting midseason. I mean 16 x 3 = 48 24x2=48 same amount.
  • You all everybody...

    "Greatest Hits" is the latest album that Drive Shaft released, but only due to the knowledge of Charlie's death. Apparently, the band released a greatest hits album when they found out that Charlie's plain crashed. In this episode though, "Greatest Hits" could be referring to the 5 best moments in Charlie's life, these moments, he listed all throughout the episode, with flashbacks of each one.

    The Flashback:

    Greatest Hits #5:

    "The first time I heard myself on the radio." That was #5 on Charlie's best moments. That was probably a dream come true for his band because they were working hard and playing at small gigs and then one day, *poof!*, they hear their song on the radio!

    Greatest Hits #4:

    "Dad teaching me to swim at Butlins." I have no idea why this was #4 on his list. It wasn't like he was a very good swimmer, he lied about it even. He told Jack that he could hold his breath for 4 minutes, but that was a huge lie. So I have no idea why this was on his list, I guess they just ran out of ideas, or maybe just for the sake of connecting it with what was happening on the island.

    Greatest Hits #3:

    "The Christmas Liam gave me the ring." They finally explain to us why the band's name is "Drive Shaft," but its not like anyone card much for the name anyway. I liked the part in the island where he gave Aaron the ring, that was great!

    Greatest Hits #2:

    "Woman outside Covent Garden calls me a Hero." This was obviously for the sake of connection of what was happening in the island. If this happened to anyone else, I doubt they'd really even remember doing that. Anyway, he wants to be a hero, he can be a hero.

    Greatest Hits #1:

    "The night I met you. (Claire)" This one was quite predictable, but it was great that he put it on his list! This was a great, "Bye! I'm going to kill myself to save you now!" for Claire. You can really tell that Charlie would make a good father for Aaron and a great husband to Claire.

    The Island:

    Karl warns the Losties that the others would be attacking one night earlier. That being said, the Losties had no time to prepare. Their plan was originally to blow up the tents with the dynamite from a distance, but now they'd have to make a bigger risk! Rousseau decided to help them with the dynamite and she got Bernard and Jin to help her activate the dynamites. That's right! Bernard and Rose are back! After about a season, they decided to bring back those two recurring stars. It was good to see them, but it was weird that they suddenly disappeared for awhile! Everyone else will be going to the radio tower while Danielle, Jin and Bernard attempt to kill the others. Jack is finally taking control, but it seems to get annoying.

    Desmond tells Charlie that he will rescue the Losties from the island, but Charlie would have to die. That being said, Charlie risks his life for Aaron and Claire's safety. They follow the cable to sea, but when Charlie gets to the station, he receives a welcome he never expected! This episode had a great cliffhanger; perfect for the season finale next week!
  • Very good episode.

    This episode was all about Charlie. Desmond apparently has another vision, but this time it is of Claire and Aaron being rescued. So Charlie says this is great but Desmond reveals to him that in order for them to be saved he must dround pressing a button. So Charlie reluctantly agrees. Meanwhile Jack and Sayid argue about what to do next. The group believe they have anpther night to set traps for the others. But When one of the others (Carl) comes to the camp and tells them that they others are coming for them that night. So Jack says that they need three shooters to stay behind and blow up the tents. While the other people go to the tranmitting tower where Danielle's signal is playing from. But it is revealed by Juliet that Ben has been blocking the signal by an underwater hatch known as Through the Looking Glass. Jack says that if they can find it they will have to go underwater and swim up through a moon pool. Sayid wants to do it but Charlie realises that he has to do it. So he and Desmond go off to the hatch. When they get there by the cable which runs into the sea Desmond tries to do it but Charlie knocks him out then goes in. He gets to the pool but it is not under water. When he climbs out two women point guns at him.

    Overall i thought this was a great episode. It desfinatly was almost as good as last week. I hope the next episdoes stay at this high quality.
  • Here is a thought....

    Instead of Charlie diving down to the underwater station to turn off the switch, why did they not simply cut the power cable they obviously thought was supplying the power to the station??? There was some issue about why it was still running if it was supposed to be flooded but at least trying to cut the cable before anything else makes sence to me. This is a really really silly series that started out alright but as soon as the money started rolling in to the producers they decided to milk it with silly outcomes. The ONLY reason I watch it is because I'm actually looking forward to see how they decide to write themselves out of this noncence. I just heard there will be three more seasons which did it for me. I'm not going to watch three more seasons of no answers to anything and the bad guys always get away with everything (the others). I'll simply wait for the absolute final but this is just me. The rest of you keep watching and enjoy..

    and the simple reason this episode stands out more than any other is because for once this season, every character was truly a part of the episode, sure sawyer and kate could of had a few more lines but for me, it was like watching season 1 again, with the excitment and the interesting story of season 3 added, and the character interaction of season 2. in my opinion, this episode has set up for the best finale of the show, and it looks like its going to be a mixture of exodus, live together die alone, and of course, something new which will come up in the episode. now that this episode shows me that all the characters can be included and still have a strong story, why hasnt every episode this season? i can understand the odd episode now and then but this season it has been so many episodes where not everyone has been included, but i hope it will be sorted out next season. this ep is down as my favourite this season. it had good flashbacks, a brilliant story and a great cliffhanger to leave us with before the finale. the writers have to keep the show like this now though, include everyone in each episode, progress there story, cant wait for next ep...
  • Pathway to the finale.

    Greatest Hits has been written with an intention to serve as nothing but a pathway to the grand finale expected next week. However, unlike some of the episodes that we were witness to this season , this was emotionally loaded and rightly so.

    Just to reiterate a segment of what happened in this episode, Desmond informs Charlie that the rescue of the survivors is hinged on his death. Hence charlie decides to take a up a dangerous assignment that seemingly will result in his death.So as charlie prepares himself for the ordeal the viewers are taken through moments in charlie's life that are close to his heart.It is in these sequences that the writers have really performed a great job. Charlie so far had been depicted as a poignant yet good hearted junkie.And these moments seek to score on the sympathy quotient as we witness some touching moments of charlie's messed up life. Although at the end, Desmond offers to take up charlie's position in the ordeal ,charlie's decides to risk his life for the safety of all. As was expected charlie isn't dead yet.I think charlie is just too important to this story line to be killed off.However the ending as always only raised more questions.

    All in all a great emotionally laced episoded intended to plug away at the heartstrings.Lost has had this pattern of "set episodes" where one episodes sets it up nicely for a dramatic subsequent episode.And "Greatest Hits" serves to do the same for what should be an explosive,violent and adrenaline guzzling finale.
  • An amazing Charlie-centric episode

    I can describe this episode as emotional. The flashback of Charlie, his greatest hits note, his decision to go to the Looking Glass station, his goodbye to Claire,Aeron and Hurley made the episode very emotional.
    Desmond's vision did not finally come true and Charlie is alive. However the 2 women at the Looking Glass station were holding guns,so they might kill Charlie, even i don't believe they will. This was a surprise, i did not expect someone to be down there! Who are they?
    Back to the beach Clark came (Alex sent him) and announced them that the others were coming that night and not the day after!The losties prepare to kill them with dynamite that Dannielle carried there from the black rock.

    Defenetelly the best Charlie-centric episode so far!
    I can't wait for the big season finale next week!!!
  • Great episode, only let down once again by the appalling British accents in Charlie’s flashbacks.

    In this episode we get a slightly different take on the flashback idea by getting a group of separate events rather than a coherent narrative. The reason for this is explained later on in Charlie’s writing a list of the best moments of his life. Convinced that he is finally going to die and fulfil the visions that Desmond sees of his death, he volunteers for an apparent suicide mission to switch off the signal jamming ability of the offshore “Looking Glass” station. The existence of this station finally ties up the cable on the beach found by Sayid in season one.

    Couple that to a increased urgency in the planned ambush of the others and mini-flashback to Ben returning from his visit to Jacob and you get a very fast moving and enjoyable episode. I think we’re starting to see some real rumbles of dissent among the “Others” and Ben seems to be reaching the tipping point from leader to dictator, but for now he is still in command and sends his men off to capture the women and (probably) kill the men! Of course, being Lost, we don’t get to see the battle quite yet, but it bodes very well for next week’s episode.

    My one main criticism of the episode, as always with Charlie-centric flashbacks, is that the British accents are appalling! Speaking as a English person, and a Northerner at that, I have to say that the makers completely destroyed the pathos and intensity of (nearly) every flashback scene of Charlie’s with terribly distracting incorrect accents. As an analogy, imagine watching the Sopranos and a character was introduced who was supposed to be from Brooklyn or New Jersey, and who spoke like someone from Texas or Louisiana. It ruins the ability of the show to create a believable fictional world, because you are constantly reminded that these people are actors (who need some better vocal coaching)! Special mention should be to Charlie’s dad (assumed) who seemed to veer between Manchester, London and Shrek for his accent inspiration! Anyway, rant over – a very well paced episode and a great setup for the finale.
  • Another great installment to the already fantastic season.

    It was a good episode, highly tensed and very touching because it was expected Charlie's fate will be decided in this one. I wasn't expecting it to end the way it did. Thought it will be like Charlie suffocating in water fighting for his life and then the Lost title card and trade mark ending sound or some other thing leaving us perplexed as to what will happen to charlie but with the way it ended it leaves room for more interesting things to happen.

    The flashback was good, it did its job in making us think that was the end for Charlie taking us through the best moments in his life from his own perspective.The brief conversation between Charlie and Naomi was interesting as Charlie was able to learn a bit of what was happening in the world following the aftermath of the crash.

    Jack's plan for the "others" was expected, I watched the previews so I was expecting most of this but not Rosseau to be involved. It was also nice seeing Rose and Bernard after some while. Its going to be a nail-biting season finale, can't wait.
  • Could've been trimmed down by 30 odd minutes.

    Call me crazy but I was kind of taken "out" of the Lost universe for a while and slightly miffed at the writers that one of my least favorite characters, Charlie, was unexpectedly being fitted for a friggin' halo all episode. I came to accept it, but i tend to frown upon sudden altruism, even if it is for your beloved. Plus they laid it all on so thick it came off as kitsch and melodramatic instead of poignant. But i'm in the minority here, "so let them eat cake", as the saying goes. :-) In the end it wasn't quite as bad as i thought: I was half expecting a gentle rain to fall like solemn tears right before a dole of doves eases Charlie to be at the most sobering peace as the saintly birds nestle smooching on the bow of the outrigger whilst God himself takes to skywriting "Charlie loves Claire" using milky white clouds and peeking sunbeams...

    Lost has been filled with touching moments for me, Desmond in the hatch looking up at the unseen Locke pounding on the external hatch door, Locke pounding on the hatch looking down at the unseen Desmond amidst the light :), even Ben pulling off his mask and looking solemnly at Richard for a moment before reverting back to form. Those moments are special, because the are just that, momentous. This 40 some odd minute homage to the "My Girl"-esque paint-by numbers tearjerker, on the other hand, couldn't have ended sooner.

    The last minute or so inside the unfriendly confines of the submerged "Looking Glass" station was decent, the rest of the island action was typical of the proverbial "calm before the storm". In other words: nothing to write home about. The best part of the episode very well could be seeing that Ben has dropped the Svengali routine and is now an unrepentant sociopath complete with Napoleonic complex! R.I.P. Calculated, Machiavellian Ben
  • Overall, this episode is a powerful prelude to the season finale, setting the stage for the culmination of plot threads that have been building for the past year.

    Throughout the third season, the writers have presented a case for Charlie’s demise. Desmond has saved him at least four times, sometimes at apparent personal cost. That knowledge has pushed Charlie into consideration of his life and his choices, and while the self-centeredness remains, it’s not quite so prominent. Sooner or later, of course, Charlie was going to have to face up to fate, and that moment comes in this episode.

    Coming into this episode, Charlie had resisted true redemption at least twice. He had the opportunity early in the series with Locke, who thought that the island would make his guidance a simple matter. That wasn’t quite true, and Charlie was tempted by his past. Eko was something of a mentor for Charlie, but that situation was borne out of dishonest intentions, and so nothing came of it. Now with Desmond, Charlie has a compelling reason to consider his choices and his self-worth.

    The way of the island has been fairly consistent: those who embrace change live, those who resist change die. Charlie has been resisting change, and so his fate has apparently been sealed. Faced with the possibility of saving Claire and Aaron through the ultimate self-sacrifice, one could argue that Charlie finally makes a critical psychological change, placing the interests of others above his own. And in the way of the island, that presents the possibility of salvation.

    That possibility doesn’t present itself until the very end, which is a nice touch. The writers take it far enough to ensure that Charlie is willing and ready to die for Claire and Aaron, so his psychological choice is made and committed. Selling that reality is an important element of the episode’s success. He earns redemption in a manner that feels satisfying to the audience, and it’s possible that his capture is the result of that possible reprieve. On the other hand, Desmond’s vision could still come true. Charlie is hardly out of the woods yet!

    This is important, because without this important step in Charlie’s character arc, this transitional episode would have been a lot less satisfying. This was really a matter of staging the pieces on the board in the positions necessary for the season finale, and Charlie’s part was just one of several important movements. The writers did an excellent job of letting the character arc drive what could have been rather impersonal.

    Beyond Charlie, there was the reestablishment of Jack as the warrior chieftain of the JackLocke tribe. With Sawyer and Sayid reaffirming their own roles over the past several episodes, this was an important consideration. One might quibble over Jack’s abrasive (and almost petulant) attitude, but faced with stiff opposition, he had to assert his control. It’s practically impossible for Jack to do otherwise, given his psychology. (And in fact, in light of the way of the island, Jack has been in the crosshairs for quite some time for that very reason.) It’s also excellent that Sayid, as the tribal sheriff, takes command of the military action.

    That said, Jack’s plan is hard to argue against, and it’s great to see some of the lingering plot threads coming together. Danielle has been a resource waiting to be employed, and previous episodes this season have hinted at this larger role. This ties in nicely with her scene in “The Brig”, and given that her repeating radio signal from the pilot is getting in the way, the radio tower she mentioned back in the first season comes into play. Together with the underwater station, something that was all but revealed in “Enter Seven Seven”, the radio tower represents a payoff for minor plot points that have gathered for years.

    In terms of the Others, there’s more of a parallel between Ben and Jack than has been shown in previous episodes. In retrospect, of course, it’s all right there on the screen. Just like Jack, Ben has been facing resistance by other sources of leadership in his camp. And like Jack, Ben asserts his control by proposing a plan of action, dismissing potential conflicts of personal interest in the process.

    The difference, of course, is that Jack finds a way to bring his alliance with Juliet in line with the demands of the tribe’s survival. Juliet’s knowledge, while given for unknown reasons, is useful to the survival of the JackLocke tribe, especially with the potential for rescue. Ben, on the other hand, saw his own turncoat as a threat and took him out of the equation. It remains to be seen if that difference plays into the circumstances of the season finale.

    The potential for rescue should not be seen as a red herring; after all, Penny Widmore has the resources and the willpower to see it through, if a signal can be sent. And wouldn’t that be a “game changer” on a level beyond simple speculation? Especially when one considers that the rescue could seem to be going off without a hitch and run into massive complications. It could come down to some of the characters getting off the island, trying to work out a way to rescue those remaining behind. That would provide the writers with a mechanism for exploring the big picture surrounding the island and the Others.

    For now, of course, massive questions remain. Will Charlie be able to escape his captors and stop the signal from being jammed? Will the JackLocke tribe manage to hold off the Others’ latest kidnapping campaign? Will the mission to the radio tower be successful? What about Locke and his current status? Beyond that, there are personal issues to be explored, which more than justifies a two-hour finale.
  • Amazing episode, terrific acting and very good music. A massive build up, a flashback to Charlie's greatest moments, his death seemed sure to happen... the shocking thing was that it didn't.

    I must admit, my eyes welled up a little at 2 points in this episode, the first being the scene between Charlie and Hurley, this was suberb and the second being just before Charlie jumps into the water.

    The music throughout this episode was very well composed and it fit ever scene perfectly.

    As well as there being some heart-moving moments throughout this episode with Charlie, the build up for the finale was also taking place, the table is set now for the last episode!

    The ending of this episode was the shocker, Charlie didn't die, and the whole build up throughout the season and this episode suggested that he would.

    "I'm alive" he screamed repeatedly! But I don't think he will make it still which will make the next episode even more of a Tearjerker!
  • Charlie's still alive!

    Yes, my favorite character is still alive, so it is special.

    The episode of LOST was amazing. It had an interesting plot, though I thought at first the random flashbacks were strange. But after they all came together I loved it. It was one of the first times Charlie didn't appear weak or anything negative like that. It really revealed a lot about him.

    I also must say, I really enjoyed this kiss between Charlie and Claire. Though I was promised a love scene between the two and was looking forward to that. Had that been in there, then this would be a perfect 10. For me at least.

    The rest of the story, with the Others' early arrival, Rose and Bernard FINALLY appearing after a whole season, and very little Kate, among other things, really made this a terrific episode.
  • The flashbacks worked a treat!

    This episode is the latest gem in the strongest run of Lost episodes ever. Also, the nature of the flashbacks totally validated their inclusion.

    I understand that the flashback structure is integral to Lost, but too often they detract from themes and end up muddling the whole picture.

    However, in this episode, because each flashback showed each one of Charlie's 'greatest hits', the structure made complete sense.

    The build up to the denouement was particularly impressive in this episode. For once the Lost music actually added to the moment, as Charlie swam along the bottom of the underwater station. Too often the soundtrack's strings are far too obvious. Not this time, they worked very well.

    The reason I love Lost is because it doesnt always follow the patented Hollywoodism of the industry. Not many other shows would have two main characters being buried alive! This is why I was satisfied when Charlie knocked out Desmond, just when you thought the show was going to pull a 'Spielberg' and cop out by letting him survive.

    Too bad, there was a cop out, of sorts, with Charlie not dying but being taken hostage by two deep sea divas! Aw well maybe some Hollywood touches are good for the soul.

    Incidentally I do hope Charlie dies in the finale. That sounds horrible and bloodthirsty, but one of the main themes of series 3 is rendered utterly pointless if he survives. Roll on the finale.
  • Lost isn't lost anymore.. they'we found their way!

    I was really upset by this episode. But not in a bad way.
    Charlies self sacrefise and his memories were heartbreaking, almost made me cry (and that's not easy for me to do!). I'm really looking forward to see the season finale next week, and (I know a little against the rest of you) really hoping there will be another season.
    This episode was a little similar to Jean Reno's "The Great Blue" and thats increddible!
    Anyhow, there was only one thing this episode left me begging for, and that was just a little hint on whats to come. Yeah I know they talked about "The Others" and how they are comming and ewerything, but thats nothing new in this show... I whould like to see more about the great big box and all those other things on the island.
  • Hopefully this is not Charlie's greatest hits.

    I was not looking forward to the end of this episode to see Charlie die. And the good thing, I wasn't dissappointed. Eventhough I thought he should of been quieter when he did arrive at the Looking Glass. I will be very upset if he dies on this show, he is an interesting character, and he deserves some happiness with Claire too. It's nice to see the 'Others' get there's this time. It is time for the good side to win abit and have the element of surprise. I just hope the 'survivors' don't have any casulties that will be upsetting. Ben is still crazy, but I love his character.
  • The promise of actual action and confrontation spoiled by the Season finale promo.

    Really now, what Lost viewer really thought Jack's big plan to blow up the Others was really going to work before seeing the nexr episode's promo.Since it has been reported that Lost will continue til 2010,much of the anticipation of the upcoming confrontation between the Flight 815 castaways and the Others is lost. Since it hasn't been reported that Terry o'quinn had been arrested for drunk driving like Michelle Rodriguez was, I'm sure John Locke will survive his gunshot wound. I can only hope that some event occurs to wipe the smirks off of both Ben and Juliet.
  • For the record, I’m more than pleased with the direction the show has gone this season. With that being said, this was a classic episode in that it felt like the old days of LOST when all sorts of drama would happen on the beach.

    One of the things that made Greatest Hits so great to me was that all the major characters (excluding Locke) were all involved, and they all had such poignant scenes. The exchange between Sun and Jin comes to mind. It was so nice to see every character being true to who we’ve come to know them as.

    Jack’s back being Jack, although he’s still seemingly more irritable than usual, but that’s a sign of realistic writing. His efforts to ensure everyone’s lives had to go unrecognized, which I’m sure lead to frustration. If I had to manage the stress of devising a plan and seeing it through, all while being subject to suspicion by the very people who looked upon me to lead, I’d be a bit on edge myself. I empathize with his feelings of being unacknowledged.

    Speaking of Jack’s plan, I love how they tied in Rousseau and her earlier visits to the Black Rock, which we managed to see during The Brig. Another loose end tied up in this episode was of course the cable on the beach. We only saw a glimpse of this Looking Glass station, but it looks real interesting. Never mind the gun toting women, how does the water not rise up to fill the inside? I’m sure there’s a scientific explanation... Hmm... how “Man of Science” of me.

    I was happy that Charlie did not die. I was even happier that he was man enough to own up to his responsibility and not allow Desmond to go in his place, which obviously would’ve risked altering the outcome of rescue. So now, has Desmond got one wrong? I doubt it. A rescue would mean show’s over, and we officially know that there’s 3 more season’s on the way. It could be speculated that Charlie will still drown inside the station, but then according to Desmond’s flash they’d all get rescued, so I say he doesn’t. Something will alter Desmond’s vision, Charlie will live on, and the survivor’s are stuck for another 3 seasons.

    I’m really looking forward to next week. Ben looks seriously determined, not to mention a bit pissed. Should make for a great finale. I’d expect nothing less, the other 2 have been spectacular.
  • Jack takes action. Sayid takes action. Charlie and Desmond take action. Action everywhere!

    A few things stand out in this episode. I really like how we are brought back to the cable on the beach, something we all recognize from season 1 and yet, it does not seemed forced into the plot at all. It was a very believeable explanation and connection to DHARMA. Charlie's flashbacks did not make me want to punch him. In fact, I thought they were kinda cool. But Bernard/Rose's first appearance all seas bothers me since it just for plot purposes. I liked how they usually have a slight thoughtful/touching impact on the other survivors. Not here.
  • Great episode, good setup for the season finale. (Contains Spoilers)

    Wow so much to cover, 1st off what about them ending LOST in 2010. That's crazy but I guess it will make the rest of the episodes a little more interesting. I'm sure if somehow if they think of stuff and it's still huge they probably will change but for now I think it's OK even though I will be pissed when it's done. Watch the special After Grey's Anatomy on Lost it looks like it's going to be good. I'm done with the commercials time to talk about the show. Charlie going to get killed by those chicks. Are those the chicks he was having a 3 some with earlier? By the way (way to go Charlie) I would try to get one with Claire & Kate but hey. I also was wondering about the DS ring, in the flash back Liam gave it to Charlie because he didn't think he was going to live to 30 and that he thought Charlie was going to have a family and to keep it going since it was a family heir loom. In a flash back a while back they showed him leaving for the flight and Liam was their with his wife and kid, so why didn't charlie give Liam the ring back before he left. Did I miss something? It was cool Charlie knocked out Desmond so he could go, but I hope he didn't kill him (ha) kind of defeats the purpose. He had to go because of the vision, maybe he won't get to press the button and that is why they won't be saved. It was kind of a funny goodbye with Hurley, and he really doesn't say that much too Claire suprisingly.

    The main group, I'm still not sure that Juliette & maybe even Jack are going to screw over the rest of the group during this ambush. I can't wait to see this little battle it will be quite interesting, maybe we will see little bits of other flying all over the place. It will be interesting to see if any of the group will not make it to the next season either. I have a feeling with the 2010 announcement people might start dying more often. We know something is going to prevent their rescue if the show is going to be on for that long. Russeau is kind of like the professor from Gilligan's Island, she can make bombs and traps but can't get off of the island. I wonder if she has even wondered if Alex is going to be on the mission, one of her traps could hurt or kill her. The special tonight after Grey's Anatomy should be good, I'm sure they will give teasers about next week which is of course the end of season 3, I wonder if they will give away any hints.
  • Another great lead up to the finale. Another shocking ending!

    These writers are genius - that's about 5 amazing cliffhanging, suspenseful endings in a row. And they haven't even touched the Locke scenario since last week's ending. Indeed, it will be an exciting 2 hour extravagant finale. Although not as exciting as last week, it had great plot and character development - and they finally show some characters that we haven't seen for a while! They might actually be saved (but seriously, who are we kidding) with that ship off the coast. But what on earth is going on in the underwater station!? The others abandoned it, so who are the women there? Jack's plan sounds good and I do hope they kick some serious Other-butt. I don't know who's going to die or who's going to live, but it certainly will be revealed next week. I really hope Locke is not dead, because that would be a shame - he's a great character and is really the reason why we know so much about the island and the others. (By the way it's only been only a -few- hours since he was shot, so it is still possible for him to still be alive, naturally, although there could be some supernatural component to it). I really enjoyed this episode because, again, all the characters were involved. Really liked the shocking ending. If I was Desmond I would have accepted fate and died a long time ago, but he gets another chance here. Brother Charlie has taken a sacrifice, but what has he really gotten himself into deep below the water's surface?
  • More action than unanswered questions - finally!

    More action than unanswered questions - finally! Altough mysteries can be good, too, or else I wouldn't be watching this series, this was way much better. Charlie's death was becoming a joke ("you're gonna die" - when? everybody dies one day, so it's a meaningless statement by itself), and finally it can have a meaning. It's a good day to die, the indians used to say. But I'm afraid there's not much of a choice here, they can't be rescued yet. Or maybe some more helicopters come, but none of them will leave. I'm so looking forward to see the look on Ben's face when his team gets kicked in the *ss and blown up, but I'm sure that he won't give up and leave the survivors alone even if this really happens.
  • Ok, Apart From The Ending Which Was Amazing

    I Only Rated This Episode a 10 Because Of The Ending, When Charlie Gets Held At Gun Point. The Episode Was Ok, But I Think All Episodes Before The Finale Aren't That Revealing Because They Are Just Leading Up To a Massive Conclusion In The Next Episode. But It Was Quite Good :)
  • Jack wants to get even with the Others and Sayid wants to send a message.

    A real tearjerker episode with an anticipated, yet hated cliff-hanger!
    As a firm Charlie fan, this episode was fantastic, great script and wonderful acting by Dom. The tops five was a great touch and the flashback were interesting and moving. Number 1 was so sweet and the kiss, finally. On more than one occasion, Desmond's visions have not come true and the writers had better make sure this one doesn't come true and they don't kill off Charlie. He is the character who has developed the most, probably even more than Locke, and killing him off would most certainly not be fair.

    For one thing, Desmond's vision did not seem to include the two women in the Dharma station. It did result in an excellent cliff-hanger!
  • Wow, exciting, thrilling! It has me on the edge of my chair, waiting for the next episode!

    Brilliant flashbacks use from Charlie to make his presumed coming death all the more dramatic. But will it happen? Will Desmond's premonition come true? Will Charlie really be the one to save Clair by sacrificing himself? It's a great work up to an epic battle or conclusion to the season where we hopefully get some more answers. I'm glad they came back from a meager middle episode run earlier on in the season. The last few episodes made up for it more then enough and I can't wait for the next one. Will they make it? Will the ones we expect to die survive? Can Juliet be trusted or not? I just can't wait to find out.
  • this was the first time ever i've cried while watching "lost"

    this was a really wonderful episode, building up for a hopefully great finale. the story surrounding charlie was just beautiful. after his messed up other flashbacks, this one really draw me in and, as i've mentioned before, this has been the first time i actually cried while watching "lost". charlie saying goodbye to aaron and hurley was so really moving. if diving down to the hatch actually is going to mean death for charlie, this has been a great and worthy farewell, showing that he really has grown back to be the caring and courageous person he's been before becoming a selfish, self-centered addict. i admit, that for a short moment there i had suspected desmond to manipulate charlie into doing it but by wanting to take his place, he has proven me wrong (even though i actually had wished that charlie would give in to his offer because he really might have stood a better chance).

    as for the rest of the story, it was nice to watch but merely a preparation for the finale to come and i'm really looking forward to it even though it means that we'll have to wait again for ages hard to bear.
  • Puts you to the end of your chair.

    I described this episode as 'A very special episode' because, opposite to my expectations, this episode had it all. There was action, drama, suspense, new developments, ... This episode kept me chained to my chair from the beginning to the end. And because of that, it was over before I knew it.

    I'm not quite a fan of Charlie, so I didn't look forward to a flashbackepisode of him, but the flashbacks were different this episode, and contributed to the drama-aspect, which was played out very good, almost a tearjerker. It suddenly made the character of Charlie interesting, it created a sad feeling knowing he's going to die, which was not present before (because you saw it coming -> Desmond's flashes).

    The on-island story is becoming very exciting. I really can't wait for the finale, which is going to be like the cherry on a cake, mouthwatering, the best of the whole season, maybe the whole series.
  • Awesome episode! Just when I was beginning to think that the writers had dropped the ball they go and hit us with this. Great job! But did I cry?

    It's not too often that an episode works as well as this one. What a perfect set-up to next weeks two hour season finale! I bet there isn't one person who doesn't want to watch the season finale right now. Jack finally taking charge, Sayid being a bad mo......"watch your mouth!"...I'm just talkin' about Sayid!, Charlie taking hold of his destiny, Desmond showing a softer side but finding the harder side of an oar, the Others interested in Locke, Ben is mad about Locke, Claire /Aaron + Charlie, DS, Hurley gets his feelings hurt but for his own good, the underwater hatch called The Looking Glass and Juliet being foiled again, uhhhhh, just kidding. next week is going to rule! Yeah, I cried a little too.
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