Season 3 Episode 21

Greatest Hits

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM May 16, 2007 on ABC

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  • Another fine addition.

    It's no small wonder this show just keeps pumping out great eps like this. When you've got people like Brian K Vaughn on the staff, what could go wrong?
    There came a point where i'd started to not care for Charlie, but its slowly gone away, and in this episode, well he had me in tears.
    Nice build up of flashbacks, all good, wholesome ones. Beautifully written episode, I think it was his flashbacks, combined with what he wrote down that did it for me.
    When he wrote 'The night i met you' That was it for me, tears overfloweth.
    I don't care what anyone says about losing interest in Lost, I always loved a mystery and its chucking more at me now, what an ending :-P
  • First time I cried on Lost - AMAZING episode, one of the best E V E R!!!

    This episode was so amazing! I just couldn't keep my eyes off of it, it was mind blowing and really the perfect way to start a world altering finale. I can't wait for next week and I'm dying to find out what's happening.
    Charlie was so amazing in this episode. He's sacrificing himself to save Claire and Aaron, the two people that have probably changed his life like no one else. It was brilliant to portray his life like that in form of "Greatest Hits" and I was crying like a baby more than once. And finally, Claire and Charlie kissed, although it's probably been the last time they've seen each other. I don't know though... Desmond's vision hasn't been like that, has it? Either Desmond lied about Charlie drowning or he just forgot to mention the gun pointing women in that hatch. What's with them anyway? Do they belong to the others or are they actually the last survivors of the Dharma initiative?? I don't get it. As usual, I'm totally confused.
    Also, I hate it that we didn't get to see Locke. He can't really be dead, can he?
  • WOW!

    This was a total tearjerker. Although the reveals were minimal, we still learned about the underwater hatch, and actually visisted it as well.(Hope Locke doesn't blow thus one up as well, lol) An underwater hatch has been speculated for quite some time now. And finally we see it. Its really great. And the Charlie scenes were very good. Definetly emotional. Charlie facing his doom was so touching. I definetly think that Lost has not only bounced back but become better than it has ever been. With this episode as a setup, the season finale is sure to be very good.
  • I have never cried during an episode of Lost, but I did tonight.

    I don't whether it was the actual storyline, or the fact that it brough out my emotions like no television show ever before, but Greatest Hits was my favourite episode of Lost. Ever. It was very touching that Charlie was willing to sacrifice himself to save Claire & Aaron and his flashbacks were very touching, this episode could also have been titled 'Flashes Before Your Eyes' which I only get the allusion from the episode earlier in the season. Hurley was very funny this episode, "Dude, that's not cool". I can't really say anything more about the episode, only that it was the best episode yet, but I expect next week to be a perfect 10.
  • What an amazing and surprising Lost like conclusion to charlies fate.

    While it answered the question if charlie would die this episode, it also asks, who the heck are those people pointing their guns at him? and will they shoot in the next episode?
    Besides the awesome shocker/cliffhanger, the whole episode showed charlie in a really good light for once and it was amazingly done. The writers did great in putting charlie in a confrontation with the others since we havent seen him in one since season 1 w/ ethan. Overall it was a fantastic lead in to what I am sure will be an amazing season finale. The Man Behind The Curtain, Greatest Hits, and Through the looking Glass I think will go down to be the three greatest episodes in the series thus far.
  • What an episode that was, bring on "Through the Looking Glass"!

    Around the middle of season 2 of Lost I started to find that Charlie was becoming annoying to watch. However, recently leading up to what I believe will be his inevitable death he has started to grow on me again, adn after today I was really starting to hope that he lived. This episode was filled with action from the word go, even though it was only a small step towards all the things we have been waiting to happen, there was no point where I felt like it was going too slow or uneventful. We saw a wide variety of characters, including R&B who haven't had a lot of screen time since SOS. Charlie's flashbacks were nice as well, going through all the best moments of his life as he wrote them down on the island for Claire. The ending was also just as would have liked it, Desmond showed that he wasn't going to be a coward and yet still didn't die (while I do like Charlie again I still like Desmond more) and the ending came as a nice little "it's not going to be that easy" supprise. Looking forward to the final!
  • In this episode, Desmond tells Charlie that he has to die for the good of the rest of the survivors. We get revealing flashbacks about the best moments of Charlie's life and we see how what Desmond said to Charlie affects his relationship with Claire.

    Warning: If you haven't seen the episode, don't read this. It's full of spoilers.

    I didn't like second season and I haven't liked most of this season. But this episode was one of my favorites of the series. When I say it's a tearjerker, I mean I started crying about ten minutes into the episode and then started bawling about twenty minutes later. During commercial breaks, I was searching for my Kleenex box. We see Charlie saying goodbye to Claire without really saying goodbye to Claire. Needless to say, this is the part when I started bawling so hard I could barely breathe. He tells Aaron he loves him and Aaron to take care of his mom for Charlie. And then he talks to Claire. He asks her to promise not to worry about him. He doesn't tell her he loves her, but it's clear she'll find out later. She asks him to be careful and they share a sweet kiss, which, somehow had me crying even harder. There are a few inaccuracies in this episode. The biggest one is that a fair amount of people saw in episode 104 that Charlie can't swim and then, in this episode, he apparently could swim and everyone believed him. Also, in 103, we see when Charlie and Claire meet. And in this episode we see a completely different way they meet. It's far more touching and beautiful than the first one, but the fact that they changed it was kind of irritating. The new version of the first time they met is probably my favorite flashback in the history of Lost flashbacks. The end of the episode was heartbreaking. Charlie was writing a list of the best moments in his life and number one on that list said "The night I met you." He was out in a boat with Desmond and he asked him to give it to Claire. This simple request suddenly has Desmond telling Charlie that he'll do it instead to hopefully save Charlie. I hated Desmond the entire episode before this moment, when I shouted "I love you, Desmond!" to the TV. Charlie reminds Desmond of Penny, saying "What about your girl." In my head, I insisted that he probably wouldn't see her again anyway and that Charlie would see Claire every day if he didn't go on this suicide mission. Desmond replies, "What about your girl?" He hands Charlie his letter to Claire back. Charlie knocks Desmond unconscious, puts his letter to Claire back in Desmond's pocket, and goes on his suicide mission. At the end of the episode, he's still alive, but likely won't be for much longer. I'll never be able to look at peanut butter the same.

    I promised myself that, if Charlie dies, I'll stop watching, so I probably won't be watching next season.
  • My oh my...

    ZOMG! Aahahha yet again a marvelous episode fulled with huge amounts of suspense. The begining of the episode was great how it jumped right into action instead of messing around at the beach. Then they answered a question! Why they cant communicate to the outside world!... the rest of the episode i was just waiting for Charlie to die.. only to be amazing surprised... that omg there are people down there and Charlie is going to have to deal with them! It was a great flashback on Charlie's part also with his Greatest hits, and really set you up thinking he was about to die. Cannot wait for the finale!
  • Best Episode of Season three....Charlie's fate and life is tested and revealed.

    We've all known Charlie to be the hard core type guy, black outfits, depressed life, drugged up inside....until he met her. It's the reason for his story, It's his reason for being on this island. Charlie is suppose to be with Claire. We've been seeing everyones past trying to see who they are, how they became this person, what will there future bring them from not makeing the same mistakes from the past. This season's phrase when it first began was, "We've seen who they are, now this season they will choose who to become."
    Charlie swims down below, and survives! But also discovers more than he thought he would. Jack has a plan, to kill the others and to bring everyone off the island. but fate may turn for him in the upcoming episode. The Season Finale is just around the corner, and we soon will find out the real truth and fate to all of the islanders...
  • "Greatest Hits" is the BEST EPISODE of Season 3. Period.

    Best edited, best written, best shot, best transitional, best character development-- "Greatest Hits" proves that Lost still has some tricks up it's sleeves. Not only is this the best episode of the season, this may in fact be the single best episode since Season One. An incredibly emotional episode as well, a real tear jerker thanks the decisive acting by the cast-- notably Matthew Foxx and Dominic Monahagan. If anything" Greatest Hits" is a perfect lead-up to the season finale. If Lost continues to be this good and this well-executed (the last couple episodes have been great!), old-fans should definitely come back and watch the show again.
  • Nice set up for the season finale.

    sorry about the english.

    "Gratest Hits" is nothing but a preparation for "Through the Looking Glass". But the guys behind the series did a good job hiding this from us. Centered on Charlie, takes us to 5 of his best memories and it's by far his best flashbacks ever ("The Moth" still is the greatest Charlie-Centric episode though.). Follow his memories was a very emotional experience, and the fact that this time everything indicated that he would die made it even more emotional. And I don't even like the character too much. Well, I can say I like him a little bit more now, and I almost hoping that he still be alive in the next season. On a side note, Jack's "leadership", as aways, seemed artificial to me. I just can't understand why nobody stands up against him. What a bunch of weak minds those survivors. With some exeptions like Locke Sayid and Sawyer, nobody questions him. Kate (A.K.A Jack's bit*h is the worst. Just compare with Ben's leadership and see the brutal difference. While Ben's looks natural, Jack's is nothing but an imposition from the series creators. Don't get me wrong, I like Jack, but is just annoyng to me when he starts to "lead".

    But I guess it's something we'll have to live with. Despite of that, "GH" is a very good way to keep us wondering what the hell will happen in the season finale. This episode made my expectations went even higher than before. And it fooled me completely about Charlie's fate. Well done.
  • Charlie writes his Greatest Hits.

    This episode had the perfect mix of humor, sadness, action, and a good cliffhanger. The flashback was definitely Charlie's most interesting flashback yet, showing the best moments of his life. When he first heard his band on the radio, when he showed his father he could swim, getting his brother's Driveshaft ring, Nadia calling him a hero, and meeting Claire.

    It was a great set up for what looks like will be an amazing finale. I was glad to see Danielle back, I think there will be a reunion with Alex and her in the finalle. It was also nice to see them actually trying to get off the island again.
  • You know when a show hooks you to a character when you try and hold back the tears before he is sentenced to his doom. And then you reach the ending...

    Wow is all I can say after that episode. The whole episode reminded me of the season 1 episodes, mixed together with much more mythology that we got in the episodes from season 2. Charlie is easily my favorite character behind Locke after this episode. His whole character is just fantastic and this episode definitely showed how to make a viewer care for a character.

    So, the title, Greatest Hits, is one of those titles that actually makes its way into the story of the episode well. Throughout the episode, we learn of Charlie's own moments in which he calls his life's greatest hits. The flashbacks were done in a very unique and awesome way in which we saw all these different points from Charlie's life that are his greatest hits. This is probably one of the few episodes this season that made the flashbacks something completely special (although there have been a handful still).

    The episode also does a great job of developing the story of the upcoming brawl between the Others and our own losties. Indeed, it is interesting to see that the dynamite from the Brig is brought back into play as Jack reveals that he will use the dynamite to blow up the Others once they storm the camp. Unfortunately, his plan is ruined once Karl comes and warns the camp that the Others will be arriving not tomorrow as expected, but this night. And yes, this leads to a whole revamp of the plan that involves three of our losties staying back to shoot the dynamite from the treeline as the Others try and steal the pregnant women. This creates much tension throughout the situation as Jack returns as a leader and Sayid becomes the strong soldier that we knew he still had inside him. It's also nice to see Rose and Bernard play a role in the episode. That's another thing about this episode, it made sure that characters each had their good amount of camera time so that the episode wasn't too focused on one aspect. It works incredibly well to create this sort of rush that we find as the losties get ready for the Others.

    On the other side of the conflict, we find that Juliet knows of a new station, the Looking Glass (hint hint), that is underwater and is blocking all transmissions that are outgoing from the Island. This becomes the heart of the story, as Desmond tells Charlie that he is supposed to flip a switch in this station. Unfortunately, he will die trying to do so, yet this will lead to the rescue of Claire and the baby, Aaron. This complication gives the episode some emotional value, as we see Charlie try and make amends with people such as Claire and Hurley before he goes on his own suicide mission to get everyone else rescued. It is also hard to watch Desmond as he struggles to send Charlie off to his death, as he even tries to be the one to take Charlie's place.

    However, the whole dedication of Charlie comes to a stop as Charlie reaches the station to only be taken hostage by two women. This means, however, that Desmond was wrong about Charlie. He didn't die! So, yes, it does make the emotional part of the episode a little less significant when you reach the ending, but it creates this sort of mountain that is the finale. And that's great, considering that it may be not only the best of this season, but of the whole show. I can't wait!
  • Charlie-centric! A great prelude to what should be an exciting and nerve-wracking season finale.

    Though it came off a bit “awkward” with the solemn tone of Charlie’s story mixed in with the anticipation of ‘Through The Looking Glass’ I’ll have to say this episode was heart touching. It seem to be a foreshadowing of events to come. As we get to see flashbacks of Charlie’s life while he creates a list of his life’s “Greatest Hits” if felt almost like what one would describe as your life flashing before your eyes. True to the themes of lost within these flashbacks we also get to see a few more connections, specifically a Sayid-Charlie link.

    Near the end of this episode we see a determined but somber Charlie, knowing full well the risk of his actions, make a heart touching sacrifice. With the value of a good suspense at high demand the producers leave us off here much like they left us with Locke. We’ll have to stay tuned to find out how things turn out for these two ‘Losties’.

    The other focus of this episode was the impending battle between the Survivors and the Others. The plot only thickens as the survivors prepare for the showdown with a surprising twist at the end!
  • Solid episode, but not above average

    Overall, very good for a Charlie episode, the flashbacks feel alittle contrived but relate to the title of the episode so not overly contrived, the beach preparation gets you in the mood of anticipation for what is coming in the final, the ending doesn't pay off sadly in a way, you may already see this coming, and it feels rather mid-point than a cliffhanger or resolved, but that's ok, in comparison to the first few episodes of season 3, this is still a fairly good, but not brilliant episode well worth your time and sets the foundation, for what is sure to be, a memorable season finally.
  • Wow... fantastic episode.

    Flashbacks: These were so touching to watch, because they highlight the greatest parts of Charlie's life; his most fond memories. Charlie writes these down on a piece of paper that, at the end of the episode, we find is being written for Claire.

    On-Island: Things really start happening when Karl comes in and reveals that the Others' arrival is imminent. This throws off Jack's plan, and forces them to improvise. Sayid has plans of his own as he wants to have someone travel to The Looking Glass Station, Charlie volunteers. Also, Jack leads a trek up to the radio tower to turn off Rousseau's signal (so they can contact Naomi's team when Charlie stops the "jamming" from occuring). Sayid, Bernard (who would've guessed), and Jin stay behind to "take care" of the Others. Finally, Charlie ventures into The Looking Glass Station (I really didn't think he was going to make it when he was underwater, great suspense) but he makes it there ok. He catches his breath, when we see two strange people (Others? Dharma? Something else?) come out with guns. Conclusion: This episode was touching, exciting, moving, and entertaining all-in-one. Fantastic episode.

    Jack: When they come... we're gonna blow 'em all to hell.
  • Review

    Solid episode overall. I liked the flashback this time around, going through the five moments in his life that he remembers and cherishes the most. Nadia showing up in yet another losties flashback is kind of cool, I didnt expect her to be showing up in this episode. Everything on the island itself was pretty much a filler to prepare for next week. I still expect and in my mind, need Charlie to die in order for me to be happy with the writing. Everything has set the stage for Charlie to die in the season finale next week, so hopefully next week will live up to all the hype. Overall, it was a decent episode but it wasnt anything that amazing that Im going to want to watch over and over again to get ready for next week. I liked the scene at the beginning a lot with Jack saying that they were going to "blow them all to hell". I liked the mini-Karl flashback that showed how he got to where he was. I liked the scene between Claire and Charlie a lot, effectivly saying goodbye without really saying it.
  • A very well written, directed and acted episode. Exceeded my expectations.

    I was very impressed with the writing (shout out to Adam Horowitz and Edward Kitsis) and direction (shout out to Stephen Williams) of this episode. This was a great episode to lead us towards next week's epic finale.

    The flashbacks I rather enjoyed. It was more of a non-linear timeline of flashbacks, from when Driveshaft first heard themselves on the radio, to the time Charlie (as a pre-teen) first went swimming, to a flashback ON ISLAND of 'The Others' from 6 hours ago, to a flashback of Liam and Charlie in their rock star days (Charlie sober, Liam absolutely 'Desmoned' out of his mind). My favorite flashback was when Charlie (while performing 'Wonderwall' - in a scene directly out of 'Flashes Before Your Eyes') rescued a woman who was being mugged in an alley. The last flashback is on the island, when Charlie sees, for the first time, a very pregnant Claire and gives her a blanket. This flashback he numbers his #1 greatest hit. Very good writing during this scene.

    But Jack is Back, portraying his 'leader' role to an almost annoying level. Sayid literally has to shout to get Jack's attention in order to show Jack how getting rescued and 'blowing all The Others to hell' can be possible. Sayid puts Jack in his place. He tells Jack to 'be the leader he claims he is.' I love Sayid.

    Bernard and Rose are back, if for a few moments of screen time. Although Rose has one of the best lines in the episode.

    Desmond does come out and tell Charlie exactly how he is going to die, and sure enough, the events seem to be processing as planned. However, Charlie is more than willing to die, because it means the ones he truly loves (Claire and Aaron), according to Desmond, will be rescued by a helicopter. Hurley wants to join Charlie, but Charlie insists that he cannot. You know, if Charlie is going to die or not be on the show anymore or not be on the show for a long while but comes back, I will still miss seeing him in any future episodes. Desmond joins Charlie for the mission. Desmond goes as far as offering to do Charlie's mission for him. But Charlie makes sure Desmond does not take his place. A teary-eyed Charlie inhales greatly, then dives for the 'Looking Glass' Station where Desmond's prophecy is to be fulfilled. Once he arrives, he screams, 'I'm Alive!' Which he is - then two females arrive with guns pointed at him. He lives to see another ... episode.
  • Charlie risks his life for the better of everyone else. The castaways finalize their plans for the arrival of the Others. Karl returns with a warning that may alter their plans.

    A very pivotal episode that nicely sets up next week's season finale. Jack takes everyone out to the jungle to along with the help of Danielle show how he plans to deal with the arrival of the others. We see that the dynamite Danielle took from the black rock was for the plan to combate the arrival of the Others by blowing them up. Juliet would mark the tents like she is supposed to only inside will be the explosives instead of the pregnant women. Sayid tries to tell Jack about the satellite phone and the boat that is 80 miles offshore but Juliet tells him an under water station "The Looking Glass" jams all signals. So is up to the illfated Charlie to swim down and turn a switch off and then according to the premonitions of Desmond drown. This episode features some of the nicest and most heartwarming flashback as Charlie counts down the 5 best moment in his life. At the beach Karl arrives to tell all the castaways the Others are coming a night early. Jack and company decide to change their plans and decide on 3 shooters to aim at the tents in order to set off the explosives. They are Sayid, Bernard, and Jin. Jack leads the rest of the castaways to the radio tower. Out in the water Desmond tells Charlie to hang onto his list of memories and that he will go down. Charlie knocks out Desmond realizing it is his time to go. Charlie swims down into the station and into an open area he gets above water and realizes he is alive. He is then greeted by 2 woman in the station with guns. Wow what an ending there and alright folks let the countdown to the big finale next week begin. I can't wait.
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