Season 3 Episode 21

Greatest Hits

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM May 16, 2007 on ABC

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  • The redemption of Charlie.

    Charlie had become so annoying for his insecure, envious, basically loser behavior. Trying to save Aaron by scaring Claire to death and assaulting Sun just to help him get back at Locke. Not to mention just acting sullen and sulky, one of my favorite characters from the beginning had become an eyesore. Well, there's nothing like sacrificial death to help get you on the audience's good side again, and the episode Greatest Hits a is a moving prologue to what will be Charlie's greatest moment in the season finale, willingly giving his life for the rescue of Claire and the other survivors.

    This episode moved me primarily because it's powerful to see someone quietly accepting their fate, their death. In fact, the hero in Charlie finally comes out as we see that dying for the ones he loves is something profound for him -- he has finally found his role in life.

    It's powerful to see someone who had once been a good person destined for greatness, who then became something of a fool, find themselves again.
  • My personal favorite.

    What can I say... no matter how many times I watch this episode the tears keep coming. "Greatest Hits" really just tugs at the heart strings for those that love Charlie. As you all know this episode is Charlie's "last" episode featuring his flash backs. The flashbacks are the top five best moments of his life. The sweetest thing about these memories are that they are real, they are humbling and they have such special connections with other characters on the show. Numbers 3-1 are when the emotions really start running and don't stop.

    "#3.The Christmas Liam gave me the ring." Charlie leaves the DS ring to Aaron because it was meant to go to his son.

    "#2.The woman outside Covent Garden calls me a hero" He rescues a woman in the alley who turns out to be Sayid's Nadia and she tells him that he is a true hero. The final and best moment (I cried for a good 20 minutes after this one) "#1.The night I met you." From the second the chemistry between Charlie and Claire started you just wanted them together and each bump they would hit in their relationship, you felt like you wanted to crawl into that TV and help them work it out. They had such a sweet, pure and genuine love for one another without screaming it all over the TV. It was the love that didn't even get its chance. I am a hopeless romantic at heart, and being that Charlie was/is my favorite character, this makes "Greatest Hits" my all time favorite episode. I wonder... did Aaron ever get the ring?
  • The first episode in a long time that recalled Season 1.

    The last few episodes of Lost have arguably been the best we have ever had in a row. It has been a long time since Charlie was given the spotlight and the last time was one of the worst episodes of the series. It is fortunate for everyone that the penultimate episode of Season 3 be an improvement on that particular installment. But "Greatest Hist" is more than just an improvement, it is a series classic, an episode which brings back fond memories of Season One. All the characters we have known and loved over the course of the series to this point get a moment to shine and all, bar the Others and Locke, are together in one location - their beach camp, which was the primary focus of the first season. Add the return of Danielle Rousseau to the A-mission, not to mention a warning that the Others are coming plus a second attempt at leaving the island and it feels like the Season One finale, "Exodus" all over again and this is not a bad thing. In fact it is quite possibly just as emotional as the Exodus Part 1 installment, with Charlie's life hung in the balance. The scenes with Charlie, Claire and Aaron are particularly tearjerking and Lost begins to feel epic again.
    Charlie's flashbacks are very good also, the third episode in a row that hasn't used the usual flashback format. We see moments in his life he remembers most fondly and these all add to the emotion of the episode. Even if you hate Charlie you can't help but feel sympathy for him as he heads towards uncertain death or cheer for him as he swims down to the Looking Glass Station and surfaces inside. Talking of the Looking Glass, it was great to finally get confirmed that an underwater DHARMA station existed, something that fans had speculated since Season One. It was also great that we found out where that Cable seen first in the 8th episode of the first season led. It is funny to think that if Sayid somehow followed the cable into the water instead of the jungle, rescue may have been possible sooner. We also get clarification that the island's submarine used the Looking Glass as a dock and also why Danielle Rousseau was collecting dynamite from the Black Rock, which also cleared up what Jack has been doing with Juliet for so long.
    Once again the emphasis is on Leaders. We see the parallels between Jack and Ben, both are struggling to reaffirm their control over their groups. They both seem to be using aggression and force to get things in motion. While it is not surprise that Ben should use this tactic it is with Jack. We haven't seen him this animated before nor this determined to begin a war, soemthing that has been brewing since Season 2 when he approached Ana-Lucia. He snaps at Sayid and anyone else who tries to stop him from initiating the war, and to instead focus on rescue. This episode was full of information, tying up more loose ends and giving enough reasons for the remaining fans to stick around.
    This episode was another brilliant installment for Season 3 which had seen its ups and downs but since "Enter 77" had begun to pick up steam and from "The Brig" onwards had recaptured the magic of the show's early days. If you thought that the last three episodes were good just wait till you see the finale! The War has Begun!!!!
  • A Charlie-centric episode.

    All things considered, I thought that this was an absolutely amazing episode. This is definitely my favorite of all the Charlie-centric episodes that Lost has ever had. In my opinion, this is also the best Charlie-centric episode they've ever had in the history of the show. All of the flashbacks of Charlie's life in this episode were great. Although, I'm feeling pretty sad about the fact that the writers killed Charlie off since he has always been one of my top favorite characters since the beginning of the show. It was great getting to see Rose and Bernard again since I'm very intrigued by them. In closing, I thought that this was a very well written, well acted and well made episode of Lost from everyone involved, and I can't wait to watch the two part season three finale on my DVD set so I can find out how the season ends.
  • If an episode makes you tear up, and not because of how horrible it was, you know it deserves a 10.

    What an episode. I would've never thoguht that I'd end up giving a Charlie episode that is actually a SETUP episode a 10. But I did.

    This episode is the saddest episode of the show so far. Charlie's told his newest "death scene" by Desmond. Only thing is, this time... he has to die. If he does, Claire and the baby's rescued by a helicopter.

    Which leads Charlie to prepare his Greatest Hits.His greatest 5 moments of his life. And we get to see these through the flashback.

    What a tearjerker. I think during moment 4 it was the first time I got teary eyed. And it was all a downhill from there. I was almost literally crying at the end of the episode.

    What was so great about these moments is that they were all realistic. It wasn't like... my greatest moment of life is when I invented the nuclear bomb. The other greatest moment is when I saved the USA. No. Charlie's moments are all easy to relate to.

    Besides this, the episode was a huge set up to the war of the others. Amazing stuff, but it was Charlie's storyline that made the episode.

    The saddest sequence of scenes of the show ever, and, possibly, of TV ever, for me, has to be the scene where Desmond and Charlie arrive to the hatch where Charlie has to swim down to and push a button that disables the radio jammer so that Naomi can contact his people. Desmond offering his will to swim down instead of charlie was an indication of true friendship. But no. Charlie knows what he has to do, and knocks out Desmond. His swim to the bottom was incredible. His shoes came off, which is great symbolism which takes me back to the pilot. And, what a tearjerker once again.

    But guess what. The station isn't flooded. Charlie lives? No.... 2 armed others rush out and hold him at gun point. Oh snap.

    Surely, I was ready for him to die. So the ending was a bit "disappointing".... not. It was a great ending, and I think the majority was aware that this means nothing. THe station can still be flooded, and Charlie will still have to die. But the fact that we accepted his death will ensure that his exit will be HEROIC. Overall, I'm blown away by the amazingness of this episode. A true character driven masterpiece.
  • sad

    Jack learns of the Others' plan to ambush the survivors and kidnap their pregnant women, and he comes up with a plan to kill the Others with dynamite. In order for Sayid to be able to send out a distress signal from Naomi's satellite phone, Charlie swims down to an underwater Dharma station that is jamming all transmissions. Charlie writes down the five greatest moments of his life. This episode was a real emotional episode and one of my favourite characters ever was certianly going to his death, Charlie was the reason I got into Lost becuase I'm a big fan of the Lord of the rings and I saw him on the advert so I decided to give it ago and now look where I'm. Very, very sad episode of Lost.
  • Charlie's greatest hits!

    Charlie has flashbacks to five of the greatest moments in his life. They are: 5) when he heard his song on the radio, 4) when his dad taught him to swim, 3) when Liam gave him the family ring, 2) when a woman called him a hero, and 1) meeting Claire.

    Karl comes to warn everyone that the Others are coming sooner than they expected. Danielle is helping them to stop them by blowing them up with dynamite. Sayid learns of the Looking Glass station underwater, where they'll be able to communicate with the outside world. Desmond has another vision of Charlie's death. Charlie volunteers to swim there and pull the switch and potentially drown. Jack leads everyone else to the radio tower where they might communicate with Naomi's phone. Charlie arrives there, but there are two people standing guard that catch him.

    This episode was great! I really enjoyed the flashbacks! I loved the ending! It was a sad episode...I give it a 10 out of 10!
  • Charlie remembers the greatest moments in his life.

    This was the first and only time I ever cried while watching Lost. Actually, I sobbed. I don't think I ever had that much tears watching a television show. It is absolutely my favorite episode of Lost and it really reminded me why I watch this show. Charlie was portrayed beautifully, and his list was such a great idea to add onto the show. I really hope that Claire can get the letter and the ring soon and remember Charlie and his heroic action. Charlie Pace is a true hero, and Lost will never be the same without him. He will not be forgotten.
  • "memories are all I've got." A really sad but amazing episode that leads up to Charlies fate and a climactic season finale

    This episode is one of my favorite episodes of LOST ever. It has a unique style of flashbacks where Charlie is remembering his "Greatest Hits" hence the name of the episode. As Charlie looks back on his life it is very sad and emotional because according to Desmond, Charlie has to die in order to get everyone off of the island. Its a wonderful episode with great character development and it sets up the season finale which is even better. The last 5 minutes of this episode is great too because its very emotional. Charlie is getting ready to swim down to the Looking Glass station and he has tears in his eyes. "Memories are all I've got." Greatest Hits also has one of the best endings to a lost episode in my opinion, Charlie swims into the moon pool and shouts "IM ALIVE!" and two girls come out with guns drawn and then smash to black LOST!
  • Special episode setting actions for season finale.

    Charlie episode and it has been long since he was in the focus and had flashbacks. i adore that those flashbacks were different - not so much connected to the story going on the island rather than the character. It does not look good for Charlie as he has been in position of possible death almost half season and now, it looks more and more he is not going back. The only problem is, that i thought, if they are going to kill him, he will get more farewells. Anyway, the cable in the beach story got it's answers and we finally will see the radio tower too. Beautiful episode, very emotional. The Charlie theme ofcourse added it, but not only he... Desmond who started to think that maybe he should die instead and Sayid who was so easily read to sacrifice himself to blow the camp. Super episode.
  • Well it was very emotional episode

    This episode was something new when we talk about LOST. Emotional like no one before. Charlie was one of my favorite characters, and i will miss him a lot. Anyway this episode was a great episode for him to die but the producers decided to put that in the finale so...
    The way Charlie remembered about his Greatest Hits was so emotional, but the best scene was when he said goodbye to Aaron and left the ring. Also when he said bye to Hurley, and Claire. I was crying the whole time. There should be more episodes like this one, the show need more emotions, not only mystery and suspense and unanswered questions. One of the best episodes on LOST.
  • I was crying through the whole episode.

    This was a very emotional episode of LOST. I liked how the flashbacks were Charlie's Greatest Hits. I cried through pretty much the entire episode. I was crying so hard when Charlie kissed Claire goodbye and told Aaron he loved him. And then when I saw his ring I cried even harder. I was really sad that Claire didn't see it. When Nadia told Charlie he was a hero I cried some more. Then when Charlie hugged Hurley goodbye I kept on crying. And when Charlie said his greatest moment was meeting Claire I started bawling. I got really happy when Desmond offered to take his place. I was like, "YEAH!". And then Charlie hit him with an oar and I was like, "NO!!" and started crying again. Wow. Really emotional episode.
  • Best in The Series ... Tissues!!

    Charlie Makes A List Of The Best Moments Of His Life. Once Again, Desmond Has Foreseen His Death, But This Time Charlie Decides To Face It Head On. Jack Devises A Plan To Fight Back When The Others Arrive, But Unexpected Developments Jeopardize Everything. Sayid Discovers A Way To Contact Naomi's Ship, But It Requires A Sacrifice. Everyone Is On Edge, As The First Major Confrontation With The Others Approaches.

    The Flashbacks Are Soooo Good And Nothing Like What Has Happened Before Totally Fitting To Charlie He Was An Amazing Lostie And Everyone Loves Him ... The Best One Is Claire On The Beach I Hope She Finds Out
  • Why LOST Is One Of The Best Shows Out There.....

    This Episode About Charlie's Destiny Is Heart Warming. As Charlie Is Saying His Final Goodbyes To Claire And Aaron, You Feel An Urge To Cry And It Really Hits You. Just When You Think The Episode Is Getting A Tad Bit Over-Emotional When You See Charlie Dive Into The Water To Face His Destiny, He Makes It To The Looking Glass Station And Gasps For Air. "Im Alive!" He Screams. Just As He Pleads For More Air, Two Women Come Rushing Out With Guns And Point Them At Him. Charlie Is Shocked. This Is The Beauty Of Lost, How It Can Change From Being Emotional One Second, To Being On The Edge Of Your Seat The Next.... The Series Finale Will Truelly Be Amazing!
  • The day that Charlie was supposed to die.

    It began like any other day, with yet another vision from Desmond, and although it seemed quite easy to avoid this time, it would come with a great prize: neither Claire nor Aaron would ever get out of the island. So Charlie wrote his favourite moments on a paper, kissed his non-wife goodbye and spent a last moment with the son he would never see grow up before he would meet his ultimate fate.

    It’s hard to say which the hardest part was: to know what was going to happen or to watch Aaron caress Charlie’s face good bye. How can a man knowingly walk to his death like this? For as steady and strong as it was this is still Charlie we’re talking about; a couple of months ago he was still an addict, as distant from religion as he was from real human contact, we slowly saw him grow from the pitiful has been that he was into a man anyone would feel proud to shake hands with, the kind of man Claire could rely on, the kind of father Aaron would’ve feel proud of and the kind of man that would die to buy his mates a way out. The kind of man we would miss, deeply.
  • This is my favorite Charlie episode. I'm glad people didn't call it filler... because it really tugs at the heartstrings.

    This episode has to be one of the most emotionally charged episodes of the season. The flashbacks themselves are enough to put a loving smile on my face, plus Charlie's farewell to everyone. Oh my, I think I'm ready to let him go now... oh what am I saying... you can't kill Charlie!

    The scenes between Charlie, Claire, and Aaron almost moved me to tears, he loves them so much. Gosh, I feel like a woman... not that there's anything wrong with that.
    Charlie is very selfless in this episode... doing a complete 180o from his Herion days.
    This episode has some great Jack moments in it... but frankly, I'm getting tired of him... hopefully he will die... sorry, but he's just... I don't know, he doesn't fit anymore.

    Karl is my second fave in this episode, his and Alex's relationship is just sweet, and I like both of them.
    I hope he plays a larger part in season 4.

    Well... thats all for now.
    I just say, congrats Losters on such a great episode!
    Just have more locke next time!
  • Charlies greatest hits

    WOW im mean it when i say that iv never cried so much in my life. I love charlie to bits he is my favorate character on lost and i was convinced that he was going to die. Jack has come up with a plan to do away with the others once and for all and it involves a lot of dynamit. And insteaded of telling people this plan he decideds to show them by blowing up a tree. (great way to keep then plan a secret dont you think?) well the planning is pointless when after ben returens from his visit to jacobs (alone.) and tells the others to move the plan to today a whole day before they are expected. But they are warned by karl who has found a great new hidding place just 20 meters from the others camp. Sayid has other plans while jack plans his war he is trying to find a way to use niomies
    phone to get them off the island. But julliet tells them that there signal is being scrambled by the others using the underwater statation the looking glass which cant be stoped because the station is flooded. while this is happening charlie makes a list of his top 5 greatest moments his greatest hits. Which include when he first hered his song on the radio. when he went swimming with his dad. the christmas his brother gave him his ring and when he save a women from a mugger and she called him a hero (did i mention that the women was nadia the women who sayid loves) Charlie is told by desmond that he has once again forseen chalies death and that this time he has to die. because that is the only way that claire and aaron will be rescued. charlie agrees. and desmond tells him that he will die from drowneding after he flicks a switch. and they realise that charlie must be the one to go down into the flooded looking glass station to stop the others scramble signal. Charlie says his goodbyes to claire and aaron and passes on his driveshaft ring to him. but dose not tell anyone that he will not be returning. As the rest of the camp set out to the radio tower charlie and desomond take alexs makeshift boat and follow the wirer to the station. While harlie adds one last thing to his list the first time that he met claire. As charlie. he gives his list to desmond who he tells to give it to claire. desmond begins to regreat tellingcharlie who cant swim that he must sacrafic him self and agrees to go instead telling charlie that maby he is ment to be the one who dies not charlie. but charlie knows that that is not true and that is him that must sacrafic him self for the good of the whole group. and while desmond is not looking charlie hits him with a oar and dives in himself. But to hims suprise he survives the dive and make his way into the non flooded hatch. but for how long he has little time to get over the shock of being alive when 2 women run out with guns. I loved this episode and i think that it is one of my all time favorates. It was so sad and i was really convinced that charlie was going to die which would have been the worst thing ever. 10/10.
  • Awesome episode

    Never a dull moment! I thought it was really clever that for them to be rescued Charlie would have to die, and it looks like it will be an amazing season finale next week! It was really brave of Charlie to accept his fate like that and it showed his love for Claire and Aaron. His flash-backs made it very moving as well. The others coming to get the pregnant women made it even more exciting, and you can tell that next week will be another class episode that you will not want to miss. It was a real cliffhanger.
  • great episode

    Desmond informs Charlie that he will die, but this time, he needs to die. Jack shares his plan with his fellow survivors. Sayid devises a plan to send out a signal to a ship 18 miles away. Just as the survivors thought that they are a step ahead of the others, they get a visit from one of the survivors, warning them that the others are on the way. This episode keeps us on edge right from the start, the anticipation is long, but there's enough story to fill up the episode. It's so engaging, I enjoyed every minute of it.
  • What is your next hit Charlie?

    Great breath taking episode leaving me knowing that next week will be exactly what I've learned to expect from the writers of Lost; completely left in awe because surprises are going to be thrown in that I did not expect. Someone will probably die and break my heart and I will be left with even more questions to ponder on till next season. Charlie's greatest hit's was such a great touch being the type of person he is. I do not want to believe he is going to die but that is all we have heard this season. I feel kind of brainwashed about it. But I still have faith the writers once again are playing with our minds, as they seem to do in this show. "Lost" is a great name for it.
  • Charlie is a hero...

    A great episode which has set a great tone for the finale. I think most expected Charlies fate to be decided for definate in this episode. Now that it hasn't, what will his fate be with 2 women appearing in what is seen as an unused hatch?
    I love how Jack said that "were gonna blow em all to hell", it came off really good. Good to see Karl back in the mix, and now we know he will be alligning himself with the Losties. I cant help but think, he will talk to Danielle in the finale and will realise shes her mum. I hate to say it becuase i love the character, but im saying that Bernard will die in the finale. It it set up pefect for a couple of "deaths" to big characters in Lost for the finale. The question is...who???
  • Best of the best!

    Awesome! The best of the whole season! Charlie writes his 5 greatest hits and the first one being that he met Claire. It looks like Jack and Juilet will get together I hope because they seem to be staying together and not getting mad at each other. Charlie actually doesn't die!! He drived in and the thing wasn't flooded. Juilet was wrong. Could she being lying or did she honestly not know? Instead there are to woman pointing guns at him. Can't wait till the season finale.
  • tearjerker.

    This was an absolutely excellent episode. It was very emotional. I loved the flashback style. Everything from Charlie and Hurley's hug, to Charlie's Driveshaft ring being left behind was all so touching. This whole episode left tears in my eyes. The new hatch was really cool. We finally find out what the wire on the beach leads to. Charlie became one of my favorite characters again in this episode. Desmond and Charlie had some really good scenes together. The one of them in the boat was very touching. Amazing writing in this one. I loved every moment from start to finish!
  • I knew it!!!!!

    I know it I know it I knew it!!! I knew they weren't going to kill Charlie off in this episode. Now, I'm not saying they wont kill him at all. I just knew it wouldn't be this week. That would be too obvious. Evangeline Lilly saying she doesn't know if Dominic is coming back neck year, making this episode a Charlie flashback episode, calling it "greatest hits" because we all know what happens right before a band releases a greatest hits album, etc. It was too freaking obvious. And except for Boone, all the main character deaths on this show have really surprised me. I mean, totally blown me away. So I doubted that they would do something that obvious. Maybe he'll die next week, maybe he wont. Heck, maybe Hurley or Sayid will die next week. With this show, nobody knows, and it's anyone's guess. That's what keep us all watching. It's sure what keeps me watching.
  • Many truths revealed in this episode if you pay attention. Awesome! Of course some new questions as well (pod-people: who are these women-why are they only women-maybe the pregnant women don't die after all?) But this is mainly Charlie's episode...

    I loved this episode. When other characters have died, it was sad. But we’ve so gotten to know Charlie. And the anticipation that he may die makes us more attached to him. I actually teared up when he jumped off the catamaran--I didn’t do that when Boone, or Shannon, or any of the Tailies (even Mr Echo, who was a great character) died. Maybe it was because he chose, and we knew he would choose, to jump…

    Charlie is my favorite character–if he dies I will be greatly distressed. He represents hope. Charlie is in all of us (our own little “inner-junkie” if you will). We’ve all done Something at some point that we regret (however large or small)–tried to make the right decision, but screwed up, just the same. We WANT him to succeed, because he represents the promise of redemption. His heart is in the right place, no matter how much he manages to screw it up. Charlie needs to live–and in the end, win the day. Desmond struggles with this–he knows Charlie should, by all accounts, die; but he also knows that Charlie needs to be the one to save them all.
  • Without a doubt, the best episode of the season.

    Presumably this is a Charlie centric episode and by its title 'Greatest Hits' we can decipher that this episode decides his fate. To be fair I've never liked Charlie. I always found him annoying and not really important to the show. But this episode changed it all and pointed just how significant each character in the show is. The flashbacks were tear jerking and one of the best. I am not going to post any spoilers here, so to sum it all up,it was the best episode of the season. I cannot imagine any lost fan not liking this episode. This season had started slow but has really picked up pace in the last few episodes, which have been the best and the most entertaining in the series.

    and the simple reason this episode stands out more than any other is because for once this season, every character was truly a part of the episode, sure sawyer and kate could of had a few more lines but for me, it was like watching season 1 again, with the excitment and the interesting story of season 3 added, and the character interaction of season 2. in my opinion, this episode has set up for the best finale of the show, and it looks like its going to be a mixture of exodus, live together die alone, and of course, something new which will come up in the episode. now that this episode shows me that all the characters can be included and still have a strong story, why hasnt every episode this season? i can understand the odd episode now and then but this season it has been so many episodes where not everyone has been included, but i hope it will be sorted out next season. this ep is down as my favourite this season. it had good flashbacks, a brilliant story and a great cliffhanger to leave us with before the finale. the writers have to keep the show like this now though, include everyone in each episode, progress there story, cant wait for next ep...
  • An amazing Charlie-centric episode

    I can describe this episode as emotional. The flashback of Charlie, his greatest hits note, his decision to go to the Looking Glass station, his goodbye to Claire,Aeron and Hurley made the episode very emotional.
    Desmond's vision did not finally come true and Charlie is alive. However the 2 women at the Looking Glass station were holding guns,so they might kill Charlie, even i don't believe they will. This was a surprise, i did not expect someone to be down there! Who are they?
    Back to the beach Clark came (Alex sent him) and announced them that the others were coming that night and not the day after!The losties prepare to kill them with dynamite that Dannielle carried there from the black rock.

    Defenetelly the best Charlie-centric episode so far!
    I can't wait for the big season finale next week!!!
  • Amazing episode, terrific acting and very good music. A massive build up, a flashback to Charlie's greatest moments, his death seemed sure to happen... the shocking thing was that it didn't.

    I must admit, my eyes welled up a little at 2 points in this episode, the first being the scene between Charlie and Hurley, this was suberb and the second being just before Charlie jumps into the water.

    The music throughout this episode was very well composed and it fit ever scene perfectly.

    As well as there being some heart-moving moments throughout this episode with Charlie, the build up for the finale was also taking place, the table is set now for the last episode!

    The ending of this episode was the shocker, Charlie didn't die, and the whole build up throughout the season and this episode suggested that he would.

    "I'm alive" he screamed repeatedly! But I don't think he will make it still which will make the next episode even more of a Tearjerker!
  • For the record, I’m more than pleased with the direction the show has gone this season. With that being said, this was a classic episode in that it felt like the old days of LOST when all sorts of drama would happen on the beach.

    One of the things that made Greatest Hits so great to me was that all the major characters (excluding Locke) were all involved, and they all had such poignant scenes. The exchange between Sun and Jin comes to mind. It was so nice to see every character being true to who we’ve come to know them as.

    Jack’s back being Jack, although he’s still seemingly more irritable than usual, but that’s a sign of realistic writing. His efforts to ensure everyone’s lives had to go unrecognized, which I’m sure lead to frustration. If I had to manage the stress of devising a plan and seeing it through, all while being subject to suspicion by the very people who looked upon me to lead, I’d be a bit on edge myself. I empathize with his feelings of being unacknowledged.

    Speaking of Jack’s plan, I love how they tied in Rousseau and her earlier visits to the Black Rock, which we managed to see during The Brig. Another loose end tied up in this episode was of course the cable on the beach. We only saw a glimpse of this Looking Glass station, but it looks real interesting. Never mind the gun toting women, how does the water not rise up to fill the inside? I’m sure there’s a scientific explanation... Hmm... how “Man of Science” of me.

    I was happy that Charlie did not die. I was even happier that he was man enough to own up to his responsibility and not allow Desmond to go in his place, which obviously would’ve risked altering the outcome of rescue. So now, has Desmond got one wrong? I doubt it. A rescue would mean show’s over, and we officially know that there’s 3 more season’s on the way. It could be speculated that Charlie will still drown inside the station, but then according to Desmond’s flash they’d all get rescued, so I say he doesn’t. Something will alter Desmond’s vision, Charlie will live on, and the survivor’s are stuck for another 3 seasons.

    I’m really looking forward to next week. Ben looks seriously determined, not to mention a bit pissed. Should make for a great finale. I’d expect nothing less, the other 2 have been spectacular.
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