Season 3 Episode 21

Greatest Hits

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM May 16, 2007 on ABC

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  • Charlie's "Greatest Hits" revealed!!

    “Greatest Hits” provides a good segway into the season finale. However, I felt this episode was a tad messy. The overall story was captivating, and the end was heart-attack inducing (as per usual), but something was just odd. It mostly has to do with the flashbacks. Once they got going, I understood that each of these flashbacks is one of Charlie’s “greatest hits”. However, like I said, it felt messy going back and fourth so many time periods of Charlie’s life. Plus, the “6 hours ago” (I think it was six) flashback to the Others felt very out of place. Interesting, but out of place. In no way do I doubt Stephen Williams’s direction; he’s proved himself over and over again. I guess he was just taking a new route for this episode?

    Also, I hate to say it, but at times I questioned the relevance of the flashbacks. I certainly didn’t want another “Stranger in a Strange Land” for Charlie. However, the heart-wrenching “hits” they each revealed totally makes up for any kind of “SIASL” similarities.

    I never pegged Charlie as the “greatest hits” type, but his list just makes me love him even more. I knew the #1 hit was going to have something to do with Claire; I just wasn’t sure exactly what. I thought possibly their first kiss, but the moment Charlie picked is simply adorable and truly meaningful.

    I laughed at the DS ring. I can’t remember the name it stands for, but it’s cool that it originally had nothing to do with Drive Shaft. And Liam talking about how he’ll never get married and have kids was humorously ironic.

    The (re-)flashback to the Wonderwall scene made me think. I’m sure other people will notice this, but Desmond did not appear. I know that that has to do with his time travel, of course – but I got to thinking about how each event leads to another, and the whole space-time continuum craziness. Was Desmond really there the first time? Would Charlie remember seeing him (as some drugged-up guy on the street, of course)? Could Desmond’s interference have caused Charlie to be a second too late to help the woman in the ally? If TPTB ever decide to delve into the topic of time travel again, it will be interesting to see if this particular scene is readdressed. And I know most of this is rambling, but I really am fascinated by the concept of time travel!

    I was whole-heartedly expecting Charlie to die. I was sooo happy when LOST appeared and he was still alive! Of course I want him to live, but let’s save any drama for the season finale. I couldn’t go into the final episode knowing Charlie is dead. Anyway, here’s hoping for the best.

    Back on the main beach, I still don’t know where to stand when it comes to Juliet. She didn’t have much character development this episode, but I’m still on the fence about exactly how truthful she’s being. I liked seeing Karl. For some reason he just make me laugh. Plus, if he saves the Losties, he gets major points.

    I’m happy Sayid stood up to Jack and told him to take the camp the tower instead of staying on the beach. The group scenes, especially when Kate said, “Here we go again” strongly reminded me first season glory. It’s so strange that THREE years ago the raft was launched and the hatch was opened. Those were the days…

    Speaking of the hatch, where is Locke?! Is he alive?! The writers sure know how to reel us in for the season finale! And what an explosive finale it looks like it will be – no pun intended.
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